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May 18, 2006

Traitor Mullah Murtha Enemy Mouth Piece

Army Times article HERE for complete article

Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., discusses the war in Iraq during a Capitol Hill news conference on Wednesday.

Rep. John Murtha, an influential Pennsylvania lawmaker and outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, said today Marines had “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” after allegedly responding to a roadside bomb ambush that killed a Marine during a patrol in Haditha, Iraq, Nov. 19. The incident is still under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and Multi-National Forces Iraq.

“It’s much worse than was reported in Time magazine,” Murtha, a Democrat, former Marine colonel and Vietnam war veteran, told reporters on Capitol Hill. “There was no firefight. There was no [bomb] that killed those innocent people,” Murtha explained, adding there were “about twice as many” Iraqis killed than Time had reported.

The Marine Response:

“I do not know where Rep. Murtha is obtaining is information,” said Lt. Col. Sean Gibson, a spokesman for Marine Corps Forces Central Command in Tampa, Fla. “Thoroughness will drive the investigation.”

Translation of Col. Gibson’s statement: “I don’t know where Murtha cane up with this BS but it won’t cut it around here. We’ll do the investigation right.”

Wild Thing's comment......

MURTHA is an UN-AMERICAN pig who uses his prior service as a shield to cover his lies and undermining of another generation of soldiers who are more man than he will ever be. Don't forget - this old coot is a member of Code Pink too.

When Murtha dies, I hope Chesty Puller kicks Murtha's ass at the gates of Heaven deep into the pits of hell.

Since Rep. John Murtha made his splash in November with his call for an American troop withdrawal from Iraq, there have been no stories about Robert C. "Kit" Murtha in the Post. Robert C. "Kit" Murtha is John Murtha's brother -- a Washington lobbyist whose firm reeled in more than $20 million for its defense contractor clients in the 2004 Defense appropriations bill. And the Pennsylvania congressman is the ranking Democrat on the Defense appropriations subcommittee, which he also chaired for six years before Democrats lost the House in 1994.

John Murtha's comments about the war in Iraq , about our troops make for convenient cover in an increasingly critical ethical atmosphere. John Murtha, an ethically suspect member of Congress, with close, personal connections to lobbyists whose clients are benefited by his committee and using the war and his attacks on our troops in an attempt to distract attention from the real issue of his Abscam past and everything else he has done wrong.

BUT besides that he is a triator to this country and to our military! His rhetoric is a help to terrorists. What does one have to do before they are arrested for TREASON!!! Let the entire Democrat Party lanquish in HELL where they all belong, starting with this idiot John Murtha!!!

His email address :

* Mudville Gazette * Let Freedom Ring * BLue Star Chronicles

Posted by Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 02:07 AM


Another big D hog that's been elevated to above the law, unimpeachable status by the Democrats, he needs the same treatment Randy Cunningham got, with a charge of treason added. Makes me wonder how many more of them are on the corruption payroll. They blame Halliburton as being the Boogey man, were they getting some of Saddams kickbacks too or is it all money funding his mouth?

Posted by: Jack at May 18, 2006 06:27 AM

Tone it down a bit... you dont need to accuse *everyone* who isn't a republican-voting conservative of treason.

Posted by: Suricou Raven at May 18, 2006 06:54 AM

He sure sounds like John Kerry. Maybe he’s hoping to be Kerry’s running mate in 2008.

Not everyone who wears the uniform of the United States Armed Forces is an honorable person. If they were, their would be no needs for a Courts Martial or any discharge other than Honorable. Many career military personnel have betrayed their country; many of them combat veterans. Sometimes it’s not so much what a person did while in uniform but what they did when the uniform was exchanged for civilian clothes that defines their character. Remember, Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, was a decorated (Bronze Star) combat veteran.

Posted by: BobF at May 18, 2006 07:29 AM


Well put. My views exactly. All of us knew some really bad guys in the service, and afterwards a lot of vets adorn their records and rewrite their stories.

The problem, for me, with a guy like Murtha, is that, first, I have doubts about his military record and his awards. He's pulled a Kerry, so we'll never know the validity of his commendations or how we won them.

Second, a man who conceals the details of his service yet uses it to lend weight to his opinions, is probably a liar. You can wave the bloody shirt in lots of ways.

In the end, Murtha is a declining non-entity who seized the chance Pelosi gave him to "be somebody", instead of a minor, unimportant go-along in the House, with an undistinguished record, a fading career, and the kind of celebrity oblivion provides.

And BTW, Suricou, whether Murtha is a traitor or not, he's violated codes which still have meaning. Among them is the blackout on inventing weaknesses for political purposes (Army is tired, weakened and worn out) when the guys are still in the field. It aids the enemy, and if this isn't treason, it's just as bad.

Posted by: Rhod at May 18, 2006 07:50 AM

Murtha is another of the seemingly endless examples of the need for TERM LIMITS and a non partisan body as Congressional watchdogs with the power to bring inditements.

Posted by: TomR at May 18, 2006 07:57 AM

Jack you are so right, I wonder too how many others like this.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 09:16 AM

Suricou Raven once again you read words I did not say nor write.
I said this....."Let the entire Democrat Party lanquish in HELL where they all belong, starting with this idiot John Murtha!!!"

There is nothing in there where I said all democrats have committed treason.

I am glad there is a TWO party system! That still does not take away how I feel about democrats. And as far as my toning it down a bit, that will never happen when it comes to my feeling on anyone that commits treason and puts the lives of our troops in more danger then they already are and kisses up to the enemy like Murtha and others do.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 09:22 AM

Bob he sure does sound like Kerry. I agree with you just because someone has served in our military it does not define their character. You are so right.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 09:26 AM

Tom he sure is!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 09:54 AM

Well it still rings true,There is no Fool
like an Old Fool...Some fools have no or
very little control over their thought

Posted by: Tincan Sailor at May 18, 2006 10:21 AM

I love the photo! I can't cut anyone any slack who stands with Code Pink and smiles. Maybe that's just because I have a daughter in the Army and I tend to take these sort of things personally. In my mind he has insulted all of us by the company he keeps for starters.

Posted by: yankeemom at May 18, 2006 11:23 AM

Tincan Sailor yes and his thought process have run out. Hi TS

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 11:36 AM

His thought process have run out but he can
still find work as a poster boy for "Depends"
Say the old Crow is sure quite,damn I ment

Posted by: Tincan Sailor at May 18, 2006 12:50 PM

Tincan Sailor giggle

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 18, 2006 04:00 PM

Yankeemom...Right on. My best to your daughter. Please thank her for us.

Rhod, if your proud of your service, you will be the first to let the facts be known. I didn't know Murtha pulled a Kerry and won't allow his records to be released.

Posted by: BobF at May 18, 2006 06:05 PM


Murtha is not allowing his records to be examined, medical or otherwise. Apparently he has a couple Bronzes and a Purple. He was a Marine Corps Captain, an Intelligence Officer who apparently, if I recall the words of one account, "led an infantry company in Vietnam". What?

Journalists are pretty dumb when it comes to these matters. Infantry? When has the Marine Corps used that term and when did Intelligence officers lead rifle companies? Grunt, rifleman, Burp, other things, but infantry is Army and Intel is behind a desk. At the beginning of Kerry's campaign, the reports were that he served "three tours in Vietnam", when he served on a tender for four months before going home, and four more months before he split. More BS in support of a Donk war-hero-for-hire.

My questions about Murtha, and I don't even like to ask them, are, do the Bronzes have a "V" device, and what was the Purple for? I also find it puzzling that a Marine Corp CAPTAIN who was cited for valor wouldn't have a Silver.

You and I know that there was medal inflation in VN, but there were still patterns. Bronze Stars for officers were fairly common for excellence, but valor? An officer who "led an infantry company in Vietnam" under fire and wounded, cited for valor would have qualified for a Silver. That's my opinion, so I think Murtha is just another poser.

I'd like to see after-action reports at the very least, and the text of the citations.

Posted by: Rhod at May 18, 2006 08:33 PM

Rhod, that’s interesting about Murtha. I know you never call or refer to a Marine as infantry. I do know Murtha, after Vietnam, finished the rest of his career in the Reserves. He initially enlisted in 1952 and entered the Reserves in 1967 after his tour of duty in Vietnam. If you look on his congressional website, it gives his decorations and says he received the Bronze Star with Combat V. By going into the reserves he was able to run for congress beginning in 1974.

He and Nancy Pepsoli already tried and convicted those marines in the Media. It’s still an ongoing investigation and for him to comment on it like that is irrepressible. I guess the good congressman has forgotten the term "Semper Fidelis".

You are so right about inflated decorations. I know of some who received Bronze Stars for the bombing campaign in Kosovo. The thing is these individuals never left the Continental United States. Matter-of-fact, they never left home station and only worked about 10 – 12 hours a day, going home to their families every night. To me, that is an insult to all of those who earned the Medal while facing hostile enemy action.

Posted by: BobF at May 18, 2006 09:55 PM