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May 05, 2006

Allah Akbar No Way ~ But Allah Fubar You Bet!

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Iranian Army Chief of Staff Reveals in Interview Preparations for Military Confrontation With U.S.

The following are excerpts from an interview with Iranian Army Chief of Joint Staff General Abdorrahim Musavi, which aired on Iranian Channel 2.


It is followed by transcripts of two Iranian music videos about Iran's nuclear program and uranium-enriching capabilities, which aired on the Iranian news channel.

HERE and HERE ( lots of dancing and ALLAH Akbar going on with this one)

General Abdorrahim Musavi:

"We make our submarines ourselves, and we make them in a way that will serve us in battle with the enemy... with America. In other words, these vessels are not the kind about which the other side gets information even before us. We work on equipment that is locally made, and which is compatible with our own tactics and training."

"This includes various submarines, assault boats, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which we can use in naval battles. We manufacture missiles, torpedoes, mines, naval canons, and sonar. We also make ROVs - remotely operated vessels, which are manufactured by the navy for special purposes."
"Knowing that our number one enemy is the criminal America, we focused on it. We identified its strengths and weaknesses, and prepared the equipment, structures, and tactics necessary to deal with it.
"We studied all the details of America's war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military planning teams simulated American capabilities, based on America's activities in Iraq and in Afghanistan. In this simulation, they predicted the kind of attack the U.S. would employ, if an attack indeed takes place. On the basis of these simulations we developed scenarios, and prepared ourselves for dealing with each one."
"This is why we do not compare ourselves to the countries in the region. We compare our force to that of America, because it is from America's force that we want to protect ourselves. We want to put America in its place."
"We realized that America's military power is greatly overestimated, based on statistics and accurate figures. Our conclusion was that 70, 80 percent... 60 to 70 percent of it is psychological warfare. U.S. military power is only 20 or 30 percent of what is portrayed."
"During the war with Iraq, we felt sorry for our enemies. General Dadras remembers this. I am an artillery officer. When we wanted to carry out effective firing, we would not even look sometimes. You saw how we treated the Iraqi POWs. We viewed them as relatives and treated them as such. But we will not treat the Americans this way."

Iranian Video Clip Celebrates Iran's Nuclear Project

The following are excerpts from an Iranian video clip about Iran's nuclear project, which aired on the Iranian news channel.

Singing: "Our beloved homeland
"Proud, green, and steadfast
"From the attack of wickedness the grace of God protects you.
"A homeland of epics
"The land of love and strength
"Your glorified name brings hope and pride.

"Oh homeland, your honor in the world is eternal
"Every inch of your soil is the arena of heroes
"Science and initiative are the fruit of young men's work
"They are the greatest gift now and forever.

"Nuclear energy is the symbol of our strength
"Iran, Iran, you must remain forever
"Iran, Iran, you must remain strong
"Iran, Iran, you must remain forever
"Iran, Iran, you must remain strong."

Iranian Leaders Watch Dance Celebrating Iran's Uranium Enrichment Capabilities

The following are excerpts from a dance celebrating Iran's uranium enrichment capabilities, aired on the Iranian news channel.

Young men: "Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar."

Speaker: "God is great. It has been proven that God is the great supporter of the Iranian people."

Young Men: "Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar."

Speaker: "Dear viewers, guests, and listeners, this is the cry of Allah Akbar by the zealous young men of the Iranian people. These young people here represent various ethnic groups of the Iranian people."

Young men: "Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar".

Speaker: "On the cold nights, when we were feverishly striving for the triumph of the Islamic revolution, we used to say Allah Akbar. In the days of the war of defense we shouted Allah Akbar. In all moments of collective steadfastness we shouted Allah Akbar. Now we repeat the same eternal slogan: Allah Akbar. Is this not your slogan? Don't you say Allah Akbar?"

Young men and crowd: "Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar."

Speaker: "I'd like to invite the deputy supervisor of the Imam Reza Shrine, my honorable brother, Mr. Alavi, who proudly wears the uniform of the Imam Reza Shrine. I would like to call him to the stage. He will be presented with a container with the first nuclear product of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Mr. Alavi, if you please. Please honor this occasion by reciting prayers to the Prophet and his family.

"With the permission of the supervisor of the Imam Reza Shrine... Deputy Supervisor of the Imam Reza Shrine, Mr. Alavi, will now come to the stage and receive a container with UF6, produced in the nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Oh honorable people, and all who witness this occasion, remember that we have no mystery besides Allah Akbar, and we have no secret besides the greatness of God and this conviction. Mr. Alavi, if you please. Honor this occasion by saying Allah Akbar."

Crowd: "Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar

Wild Thing's comment......

This is something you have got to see if you have not seen it yet. LMAO This is hilarious!!!!!!

Click HERE to see Muslim Rave Party

Posted by Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 02:35 AM


Idiot. If the US wasn't tied up in Iraq, they would probably have attacked him by now. And if he keeps that up, they will attack anyway - they dont have the resources or the political situation needed to invade Iran, but a few bombs on the nuclear facilities are feasable.

Posted by: Suricou Raven at May 5, 2006 05:13 AM

Boy would I love to put a 308 round through that guys head.

Posted by: Jack Hamilton at May 5, 2006 06:33 AM

Shoot, if they make their own stuff, then we definitely don’t have anything to worry about. When have you ever heard of an Arab nation producing anything technical on their own?

Posted by: BobF at May 5, 2006 08:06 AM

Suricou Raven in my lifetime I have never seen such "please come and attack" us mode, at least that I can rememeber anyway. Every few days saying things just begging for a military response from us. hahaha

There are two militarys I would never want to tick off, the U.S.A. and Israel. And these Iranian leaders just keep pushing the buttons.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 10:44 AM

Jack I would love you to. heh heh


Posted by: Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 10:44 AM

Bob I never have heard of it either.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 10:46 AM

There's an interesting thread over at Little Green Footballs about the Iranian General who claims that the American military is only about "20 to 30%" of its claimed ability, that the Iranians will be very cruel with American soldiers, and that the Iranians have figured out all our military strategeies. Maybe he can count the barrel-rolls of the F-22 that will fry his ass before it happens.

I think he also said that Iranians manufacture their own submarines, whatever that means. Maybe fart bubbles in your yearly bath qualifies as submarine manufacturing. Who knows?

Considering that these goofballs can't even refine kerosene or gasoline, we have to also realize that the Iranian army is probably somewhat more efficient than Saddam's...which means it might take twelve days to destroy them rather than ten.

Ahmadinjead also sees green flames flickering from his head, suffusing his audiences with a green glow. WTF? This would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous. Iranian "soldiers" have made incursion over the past days into northern Iraq to square off with the Kurds. A casus belli?

I think these assholes actually believe their own propaganda. Nobody wants a war with Iran, but when it comes, it's likely to have its sweet side, too.

Posted by: Rhod at May 5, 2006 12:10 PM

Rhod, I agree it would be funny if it weren't so dangerous. And I also think as you said that they actually believe there propaganda.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 05:06 PM

Rhod I just checked it out at Little Green Footballs, thank you for letting me know they also have the same information. My hope is that more and more people see this so the more blogs that post about it the better. That is excellent, thank you again I really appreciate it.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 06:55 PM


I think I made a mistake. I scrolled down to your post about the Iranian Nuclear project and the video, and continued through the dance to the end. I completely missed the info you had already provided about the Iranian General, and my remarks were redundant.

I do this a lot. Sorry, WT. Little Green Footballs is pretty pale compared to Theordore's.

Posted by: Rhod at May 5, 2006 07:29 PM

No no no your comment was not redundant. You did great and I was hoping so much that others would post about this so when you let me know I was and am thrilled. You did GREAT Rhod, I love it and you.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 5, 2006 07:53 PM

For our visiting moslem turds...

FUBAR = Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

Just so you know...

Posted by: LindaSoG at May 6, 2006 10:49 AM

I do not know why all of you are saying such evil things? Iran and Islam are the lands of peace and love.
We want to be friends with you, but if you say such evil things you will be punished.

Posted by: Muslim Unity at June 2, 2006 04:17 PM

Muslim Unity you lie then lie some more. You do not want to be friends. You do not care that your Muslim so called religion is destroying lives, killing and beheading people. You hate Jews and that alone makes you our enemy. America is a friend to Israel something that we will never be with a Muslim country.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 2, 2006 05:17 PM

Just went to the movies to see "DaVinci Code", loved it! Dan Brown is a genius with a pen...and I must say, wish I had copped the fictional tale around it all first....but you learn.

On with my post. Prior to starting the movie, I viewed the preview of the World Trade Center Movie, starring Nicholas Cage, due to be released in August 2006.

I've seen tragedy before, many times, within my family, friends and the world at large. But...when I watched the preview of that movie, my heart skipped a beat.

It's so evident that we are not dealing with "humans" in the arab nation. These creatures call us "Infidels"....and make outrageous claims of eradicating entire countries of people, such as Israel, all
in the name of "evil" for hates sake.

Our government would be wise to approach
these people as they would an outbreak of
cholera....track down the source, isolate and eradicate immediately.

This Ahminidinejad-goon is a complete idiot, to say the least. He's mad...and we are trying to
reason with him. You can't reason with a mad man, that's like Marshall saying to Hitler before we stormed the beach..."Hey Hit, wanna fire this up and chill for a while before we get down to business"? Please...nuke those sons of bitches where they breathe!

ahem, I got a little carried away there, but as a veteran of the US Navy, A Jewess Witch and a Southern Bell with an attitude..."I feel justified, sanctified and think those arab bastards need to be fried!"

Posted by: Jewitch at June 14, 2006 04:24 PM