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February 11, 2006

We All Need To Learn A New Word It Is Dhimmitude

There is an article written by Diane West that all of us need to read.
I am posting the entire article here because too many times an article will not be available
later on online at the Newpaper that published it.Here it is......

Cartoon Rage
By Diana West
February 10, 2006

We need to learn a new word: dhimmitude. I've written about dhimmitude periodically, lo, these many years since September 11, but it takes time to sink in. Dhimmitude is the coinage of a brilliant historian, Bat Ye'or, whose pioneering studies of the dhimmi, populations of Jews and Christians vanquished by Islamic jihad, have led her to conclude that a common culture has existed through the centuries among the varied dhimmi populations. From Egypt and Palestine to Iraq and Syria, from Morocco and Algeria to Spain, Sicily and Greece, from Armenia and the Balkans to the Caucasus: Wherever Islam conquered, surrendering dhimmi, known to Muslims as "people of the book [the Bible]," were tolerated, allowed to practice their religion, but at a dehumanizing cost.

There were literal taxes (jizya) to be paid; these bought the dhimmi the right to remain non-Muslim, the price not of religious freedom, but of religious identity. Freedom was lost, sorely circumscribed by a body of Islamic law (sharia) designed to subjugate, denigrate and humiliate the dhimmi. The resulting culture of self-abnegation, self-censorship and fear shared by far-flung dhimmi is the basis of dhimmitude. The extremely distressing but highly significant fact is, dhimmitude doesn't only exist in lands where Islamic law rules.

This is the lesson of Cartoon Rage 2006, a cultural nuke set off by an Islamic chain reaction to those 12 cartoons of Muhammad appearing in a Danish newspaper. We have watched the Muslim meltdown with shocked attention, but there is little recognition that its poisonous fallout is fear. Fear in the State Department, which, like Islam, called the cartoons unacceptable. Fear in Whitehall, which did the same. Fear in the Vatican, which did the same. And fear in the media, which have failed, with few, few exceptions, to reprint or show the images. With only a small roll of brave journals, mainly in Europe, to salute, we have seen the proud Western tradition of a free press bow its head and submit to an Islamic law against depictions of Muhammad. That's dhimmitude.

Not that we admit it: We dress up our capitulation in fancy talk of "tolerance," "responsibility" and "sensitivity." We even congratulate ourselves for having the "editorial judgment" to make "pluralism" possible. "Readers were well served... without publishing the cartoons," said a Wall Street Journal spokesman. "CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam," reported the cable network. On behalf of the BBC, which did show some of the cartoons on the air, a news editor subsequently apologized, adding: "We've taken a decision not to go further... in order not to gratuitously offend the significant number" of Muslim viewers worldwide. Left unmentioned is the understanding (editorial judgement?) that "gratuitous offense" leads to gratuitous violence. Hence, fear — not the inspiration of tolerance but of capitulation — and a condition of dhimmitude.

How far does it go? Worth noting, for example, is that on the BBC Web site, a religion page about Islam presents the angels and revelations of Islamic belief as historical fact, rather than spiritual conjecture (as is the case with its Christianity Web page); plus, it follows every mention of Mohammed with "(pbuh)," which means "peace be upon him"—"as if," writes Will Wyatt, former BBC chief executive, in a letter to the Times of London, "the corporation itself were Muslim."

Is it? Are we? These questions may not seem so outlandish if we assess the extent to which encroaching sharia has already changed the Western way. Calling these cartoons "unacceptable," and censoring ourselves "in respect" to Islam brings the West into compliance with a central statute of sharia. As Jyllands-Posten's Flemming Rose has noted, that's not respect, that's submission. And if that's not dhimmitude, what is?

The publication of the Muhammad cartoons solicited by Denmark's Jyllands-Posten was an act of anti-dhimmitude. Since no Danish artist would dare illustrate a PC children's book about Muhammad for fear of Islamic law (and Islamic violence), the newspaper boldly set out to reassert the rule of (non-Islamic) Danish law. It's as simple as that. And as vital. The cartoons ran to establish — or re-establish — Denmark as bastion of Western-style liberty. But in trying to set up a force field against encroaching sharia, Jyllands-Posten and the Danes have showed us that no single bastion of Western liberty can stand alone.

So, how do you say solidarity in Danish? If we don't find out now, our future is more dhimmitude.

Wild Thing's comment......
This woman has put into words better then I ever could about this giving in to the Muslims. I posted the cartoons not to anger the Muslims but because I will not give in to them. Thousands of men and women served our country, fought, were injured and many died to give me the freedom I cherish, and I will not spit in their faces by giving in to a cult that workships death and wants all of us dead because we all are the people of the book ( a Non-Muslim).

I will NOT let Muslims dictate to me what I say, think or post on here. I have deleted many comments they make and not allowed them to be posted. I will not allow there lies to be published on my blog unless I am quoting one of them or their ilk. Their emails to me will never be answered so they waste their time writing to me.

I have never shared about this on here before, but one of the Doctors where I work is a Muslim from Turkey. He says he is not like the terrorists, that he is not a good Muslim because he does not pray 5 times a day.
I have told him time and time again I do not discuss politics or religion in the workplace and yet he continues toi bring up the subjects and will yell at us if we do not dicsuss it with him. Of course being me and also my co-worker being the person she is, we do not let him just say the things he does. We do come back with answers and tell him how wrong he is, of course to no avail, because he is what he is a Muslim.

And yet read some of the things he has said at work:

- we deserved to be attacked on 9-11 because of the way our government has treated Muslims, but he against what the terrorists did on 9-11
- the United States one day will be more Muslims then anything else
- we never should have gone into Iraq, we should have left Saddam in power he was not that bad
- he said this to myself and another co-worker...." I am more American than you are"
- Islam is the only one true religion
- his first wife could not have children so he divorced her. Can you imagine to have a man do that to you.
- he hates Bush and says Bush has killed hundreds of thousands of people
- he hates Jews to the point that if a new patient comes in with the last name that seems to be Jewish he will with no hesitation at all say........" Are you a Jew?"
- he said nothing when the tremendous voting went on, not how he realized they risked their lives many of them to go out and vote and that he hoped they would one day have the freedoms we have in America....he said nothing.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 11, 2006 09:25 AM

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In re your MD friend, this subject came up on Roger Simon's blog. Why doctors can also be the worst and most dysfunctional human beings on earth. Mengele, Zawahiri, Ahmadinejad's sex toy Basahr Assad, Howard Dean, lots more.

What the brainless dickhead Turk doctor doesn't understand, or care to know, is that all the monstrous ideas of the twentieth century (and earlier) were either religions or secular versions of religions, AND THEY ARE ALL GONE.

Every totalitarian fantasy from 1917 to 1989, was indistinguishable from Islamism. There was a doctrine, a heaven and hell, secular heroes, devils and saints, a bureaucratic system to kill and torture non-believers and enemies, and an apocalyptic vision of the great battle ahead.

They're all gone, except for Islamism, so there is unfinished business. The West, even a weakened West, has conquered everything in its path, ruthlessly when necessary, and it will not fail now. Dresden and Hiroshima and Hamburg will, when the times comes, be no different than Teheran, Mecca, or Medina.

Right now these people are dancing on the yet-to-be-excavated grave of their own culture. I know it will be an awful war, but we won't lose it. Your MD acquaintance can go f*** himself, and then toddle off to Turkey.

Posted by: Rhod at February 11, 2006 11:40 AM

I agree Rhod......
"Right now these people are dancing on the yet-to-be-excavated grave of their own culture. I know it will be an awful war, but we won't lose it. Your MD acquaintance can go f*** himself, and then toddle off to Turkey."............

OH how I wish I could say that to him. I have come close many times.

Thank you Rhod and thank you for the information too in your comment!!! If I did not have a wonderful husband that is as passionate about all of this like I am, and this blog and friends like you on here, and my other friends my head would burst with anger when I am at work.

I humbly thank you for all you do and say and comment on it means a lot to me.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 11, 2006 11:48 AM


Thank you. I go on too long, but the subjects are so involved.

Consider this...that in the end, war-making powers are limited by industrial capacity. Armies of scimitar-stooges can be raised, screaming, masked dimwits can be mobilized, and IED's can be buried here and there.

But that isn't war anymore than than a contest between exterminator and a termite is a war. If the Muslim world wants war in the real sense, they shall have it, but not of the kind they expect.

The oil-rich Muslim world has squandered its wealth, and they have roughly twenty years to build a modern society with what's left. They can't do it. All the noise there is the squealing of the doomed pig in the chute. It will still be messy and horrible, but we won't start it. They will.

Posted by: Rhod at February 11, 2006 12:00 PM

I had a Kuwaiti neighbor 10 yrs ago who always wanted to talk to me about Islam. His points were exactly the same as your Turkish MD makes. This man was well educated, his entire family was here, and his main worry was that his then 4 and 5 yr old kids would become too Americanised.

His chatter was nonsense to me then, but he damn near predicted 9-11. And after that islamic terror attack, I began to realize that America is full of these muslims and that they will do what islam and the mullahs dictate.

This is scary, but even scarier is the question,"Is our government really doing anything", as more of these muslims seem to pour into our country.

Thank our God for the 2nd Amendment!

And I have enough experience with doctors to know that they are the most error prone profession!

Posted by: TomR at February 11, 2006 06:27 PM

Hi Tom that is interesting about your neighbor. I agree with you about Doctors too. I am just grateful that the doctor I mentioned is only at the part of my job I work at in the mornings. So I only have to put up with him till noon. The rest of my work day I am at a completely different place and not around any doctors. yipee!

This part of what you said is right on target and I am concerned about it.....
"This is scary, but even scarier is the question,"Is our government really doing anything", as more of these muslims seem to pour into our country."......
Our government has allowed too much of letting Saudi schools set themselves up in our land and we all know, at least it has come out in some arrests of terrorists that their schools on our land use them to teach things against America. And there are other things too that we should never be turning a bling eye and deaf ears about.

Thank you Tom for your comments!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 11, 2006 06:51 PM

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