Theodore's World: Please Join Us With A Tribute to Cpl.Brett Lundstrom USMC

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February 14, 2006

Please Join Us With A Tribute to Cpl.Brett Lundstrom USMC

This is a tremendously moving and well deserved tribute to Cpl. Brett Lundstrom. It was created by SparkS and as he said credit is also given to MarcM and SondraK

One of the marvelous things about being online are the friendships that are made and I cherish that. To those of you I have met at my blog and at other blogs you have all touched my heart. I love you all. Your respect for our Military, and our Veterans means everything to me.

And now please click HERE to see the tribute to Cpl. Brett Lundstrom

OK now here is what I found how to make it work.
1. click on the link
2. when it opens up you will see the first page
3. once the music starts then go to the tiny box in the upper right corner to enlarge the screen
4. the music will keep playing all the way through
5. however, if you want the tribute to fill your entire page then just click the back button in your upper left corner and a small box will come up and it quickly loads the file for you


* Blackfive

Posted by Wild Thing at February 14, 2006 01:44 AM