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January 24, 2006

John Kerry Promised 359 Days Ago ( tapping my foot here) Well Kerry????

U.S. Veteran Dispatch noted in 1996: “Kerry's testimony, it should be noted, occurred while some of his fellow Vietnam veterans were known by the world to be enduring terrible suffering as prisoners of war in North Vietnamese prisons. Kerry was a supporter of the ‘People's Peace Treaty,’" a supposed ‘people's’ declaration to end the war, reportedly drawn up in communist East Germany. It included nine points, all of which were taken from Viet Cong peace proposals at the Paris peace talks as conditions for ending the war.”

As chairman of the Select Senate Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, created in 1991 to investigate reports that U.S. prisoners of war and soldiers designated missing in action were still alive in Vietnam, Kerry badgered the panel into voting that no American servicemen remained in Vietnam.

Hanoi Kerry was still a USNR officer while he:
* gave false hearsay testimony to Congress
* negotiated with the enemy
* helped the US lose a war
* abetted in the deaths of our troops
* created a hostile environment for all servicemen

Kerry has still not released his full military file as promised on the Tim Russert show. Transcript from the show, dated January 30th, 2005

Kerry promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 AND release his full military records to the public. He has yet to do so. President Bush signed his Form 180 in 2004.

MR. RUSSERT: Many people who've been criticizing you have said: Senator, if you would just do one thing and that is sign Form 180, which would allow historians and journalists complete access to all your military records. Thus far, you have gotten the records, released them through your campaign. They say you should not be the filter. Sign Form 180 and let the historians...

SEN. KERRY: I'd be happy to put the records out. We put all the records out that I had been sent by the military. Then at the last moment, they sent some more stuff, which had some things that weren't even relevant to the record. So when we get--I'm going to sit down with them and make sure that they are clear and I am clear as to what is in the record and what isn't in the record and we'll put it out. I have no problem with that.

MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?

SEN. KERRY: But everything, Tim...

MR. RUSSERT: Would you sign Form 180?

SEN. KERRY: Yes, I will. But everything that we put in it, Tim--everything we put in--I mean, everything that was out was a full documentation of all of the medical records, all of the fitness reports. And I'd call on those who have challenged me, let's see their records. I want to see the records of each of those people who have put up a challenge, because some of them have some serious questions in them, and it hasn't been appropriate...

MR. RUSSERT: So they should sign Form 180s for themselves as well?

SEN. KERRY: You bet.

359 days have passed since you promised America to sign your Form 180 and release all of the information surrounding your discharge from the United States Navy.

After making this promise to America, you then stated to the Boston Globe that had in fact signed it, and further promised that "very, very shortly, you will have a chance to see it."

You have broken these promises John.

You did not release all of the information surrounding your discharge from the United States Navy, claiming that you released what the Navy sent.

America would like to see your signed 180 John. America would like to see whether you did in fact allow for full disclosure. Show us that you checked the box for an "undeleted report of separation," John, and not the one that deletes that information.

Did you release all of your records John, or did you keep some secret?

The answer to that question seems obvious. America knows you kept the discharge secret. America knows you are lying. How did that discharge change after Carter pardoned all draft dodgers and traitors to this country?

The Navy said they had over 100 pages they could not release without Kerry's authorization. The biggest question of all remains unanswered. What type of discharge did Kerry originally receive? Remember, Kerry had his discharge re-issued after Carter granted a pardon to Vietnam vets.

It’s time that he free the rest of his military record, and completely free his 180 to live up to the promise he made to the American people on the Tim Russert show.

You can send your own letter to Hanoi Kerry reminding him of his promise.

Kerry's testimony before Congress was crystal clear: It's part of the Congressional record and tape recorded for posterity. His actions in testifying before Congress and in leading the VVAW gave great aid and comfort to the enemies of freedom. Only God Almighty knows the entire toll Kerry's actions had on the lives of the men he sold out, and on the innocent people of South Viet Nam who perished. My eyes well up with tears when I consider the years so many of our finest and bravest men suffered from injuries that were inflicted upon them by the enemy emboldened by Kerry's rhetoric. The names on the wall. The ones we will never know. Their blood cries out from the ground.

He became a celebrated organizer for one of America's most extreme appeasement groups, Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He consorted with the likes of “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and Ramsey Clark, Lyndon Johnson’s radical former attorney general.

Cao has formed a blogburst group regarding this called Free Kerry's 180. If you want to join the blogroll for Free Kerry’s 180 just go to Cao's Blog and join, or email Cao
The blogburst is every Tuesday. All you have to do is encourage Kerry to set his 180 FREE.

You can make whatever post you like about it, in your own words how you feel or whatever you want to say. I truly feel it is important for us not to let Kerry off the hook. We all know if the tables were turned, the media and the rest of the left would never let us hear the end of it.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 24, 2006 02:07 AM


Wild Thing as a Vietnam vet. I doubt that I can ever forgive John Kerry for what he said about other verterans and the false claims he made and the meetings he had with the enemy. Since he was still a officer in the Navy at the time he is a traitor just like Jane Fonda the American Traitor Bitch. And I would certainly like to know what type of discharge he was intially given.

Lets not forget the United States signed it's peace accord/settlement with the North on 27 January 1973. The last troops departed 29 Mar 73.
Vietnam fell to the North 30 April 75, two years after we had left. Have always wondered how we lost the war when we had been out of the country for two years before it fell to the North? John

Posted by: John 5 at January 24, 2006 12:29 PM

Hi John thank you for commenting.

John thank you for serving our country and I know it is years later but I want to say...

I agree with your post and thank you again.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 24, 2006 01:50 PM

I came home from VN in '67, and remember very well Kerry's appearance before the Senate, and anywhere else he could plant his ugly face. I don't remember being particularly offended by Kerry's remarks because the same and worse was being said on every street corner. Kerry was just the latest assh**e on camera.

The disgust I felt with Kerry was that he was a gutless, Kennedyesque poseur. Same hair, the exaggerated Massachusetts accent (which Kerry lacked, for the most part), the starched and pressed denim shirt and bell bottoms. He was the perfect symbol of the elite Left preening with working class pretensions.

I've watched him over the years here in the Northeast, even before he ran for President. Millions of words were expended on Kerry on the vets' blogs during the campaign, the best being the now defunct Useful Fools. He's worse than many of us know.

Kerry has proven several things. First, that being an oily, neurotic, simple-minded, lying dimwit is no barrier to private school admission in the Northeast if you have the name and background (Massachusetts Winthrops).

Second, even an oily, simple-minded, lying dimwit can be trained to speak in facile polysyllables, and therefore impress the lefty listener who will mistake it for intelligence. Kerry is an utter moron, incapable of any complicated thinking, but snobbery is more important to The Left than quality.

Third, but not last, is that moral corruption, fantastic thinking, opportunism and compulsive lying is never a political disadvantage in Massachusetts as long as you can claim a certain ethnic background. I know because I'm part of that group.

Posted by: Rhod at January 24, 2006 03:24 PM

Rhod well said............. and repeating this............
"moral corruption, fantastic thinking, opportunism and compulsive lying is never a political disadvantage"

Thank you for commenting!

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 24, 2006 04:06 PM

Rhod, I couldn't agree with you more. Moral corruption, brings to mind what Kerry did to seal the fate of POW/MIA while chairman of the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA affairs.

The Kerry committee's final report, issued in January 1993, delivered the ultimate insult to history. The 1,223-page document said there was "no compelling evidence that proves" there is anyone still in captivity. As for the primary investigative question —what happened to the men left behind in 1973—the report conceded only that there is "evidence . . . that indicates the possibility of survival, at least for a small number" of prisoners 31 years ago, after Hanoi released the 591 P.O.W.'s it had admitted to.

With these word games, the committee report buried the issue—and the men.

This gutless wonder disgusts me.

Posted by: RightToCarry at January 25, 2006 05:43 AM

RightToCarry,thank you for that information.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 25, 2006 10:26 AM


Wasn't McCain involved in that travesty?

Posted by: Rhod at January 25, 2006 11:31 AM

Rhod, McCain certainly was involved.

It had become clear that Kerry, Zwenig, and others close to the chairman, such as Senator John McCain of Arizona, a dominant committee member, had gotten cozy with the officials and agencies supposedly being probed for obscuring P.O.W. information over the years. Committee hearings, for example, were being orchestrated to suit the examinees, who were receiving lists of potential questions in advance. Another internal memo from the period, by a staffer who requested anonymity, said: "Speaking for the other investigators, I can say we are sick and tired of this investigation being controlled by those we are supposedly investigating."

Posted by: RightToCarry at January 25, 2006 05:15 PM