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December 17, 2005

A Follower Of Islam Sends An Email - What No Christmas Card?

Every once and awhile I get an email from a follower of Islam. They are all pretty much the same. They have nothing nice to say about my website nor my blog. hmmmm I wonder why. hahaha
Their spelling is always poor and they think I need to be educated about Islam. One time one of the letters told me I would never have a normal life because I was cartoon doll. I about spit my diet coke out on my keyboard on that one. hahaha
I never answer them, but I do save them just in case. Below is the latest one that I received and I thought I would share it with you. I am posting it exactly as I received it, mistakes and all.
For those of you that do not know. I am a girl, I go by the name of Wild Thing online and my husband goes by the name of Angry Old Salt ( he served in the US Navy). I love graphics and thus I use a lot of doll graphics that I make and other things to express how I feel or just for fun. I collect Teddy bears so I also have used them at my blog and my web site as they are also a part of my personality. No harm no foul, some of my bears ( dressed in military outfits, have been sent to the troops and they have written to me how they have become mascots in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the first Gulf War as well. Funny how simple things like cartoon dolls etc. tend to bother the enemy so much. heh heh
I am also pro Israel and that bothers the little Islamies a lot.

----- Original Message -----
From: "broem none"

Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: islam wil win

i will not greet you cus at the moment you are the enemy of islam. Maybe that will change if allah wills, and if you dont change than that is a pity for you..

In the name of allah the barmhartige der barmhartige

I have seen youre site full of anti islam texts and columns. but i dont find
any real story.

1. you support america
2. you hate islam
3. ????

1. Ok you are supporting america. But where is youre building of youre whole
story. do you know what the history is of america. or is your head full of
reasonless hatred? You are not a neutral person to me, cause if you were,
then you would notice this

-america started the most of wars, beforre that it were the brittains.
-the french revolution is made thanks to free masonry
-william wallace a mason.
-george washington is a mason
-america is the most hated land by everybody.

I said it in short because i dont want to write a whole history abou
to begin by the roots:

in the beginning in the time op the prophet moses may allah grant him peace.
moses brought them to filistin. but the most of them started to worshup the
calf. the calf was a clone of the cowgod amon(egyptian god)that was because
they were used to worship him. even though moses led them to the oneness of
these people were under attack because of their idolness, so they escaped to
another place in filistin, later called the kabalahs. these people used to
live in palestin under secret authority.
The used to make love poems (poems were in that day a way of media) this
love poems made people to have sex before marriage wich is a sin in jewish
because of the peoms and magic people started to notice that there was a
reason. then the secret order was found. they were all killed except for a
few, they escaped to the turkish land of today. There they adopted the
jewish believe even though they were not jewish, but they just used the name
to influence people, we are at the year 800 after christ now. this so called
jews, called themselve the khazaria empire. the went all over europe
firchtiing people to become jew with succes. the killed and raped.. this
khazaria had 13 empires, and they all worked with each other. after having
big power over europe, the britan started to know that it was the kabalah of
then, and the arabs and britan fough them without allieing with eachother.
The clever thing about the khazaria kabala is that they use every religoun
to make thier fight.. so first they were writing peoms. second they used the
jew believe to get global domination.. so they were defeated, so a few of
them went to brittan. nobody knew they were khazars... by the time of 1000
after chrst they used the next religion. christ.. they started to fight this
time under the name of de cross.. The knight templars of salomon as you know
but these people did not want the jerusalem and allah for religion, but
because of global domination. so again they were defeated, and this time
they escaped to scotland.. in scotland they made their first lodge called
the free mason lodge. william wallace was one of the masons... george
washington who went to america was a mason.. so when they went to scot land
they made a firm grip on the world... this time it is not peoms but tv and
media and music wiyh sublimainal messages, since you were born it is learned
to you to hate islam, watching popeye fighting bruto because he was arab,,,
from youre child life you learned to obey the allseeying eye by watching
movies and animations who make the eye beautifull.
But that is what the devil does. makingh bad things look good and
for an example.. childporn is called art in the art industrie, but it is and
stays childporn. now this so called bush is following the skull and bones
sect wich is a freee mason sect....but this time they fight in the name of

you are for Israel and jews and you are stupid to think that way it is
becaus you do not know truth
you choose evil over good when you feel this.

america belongs to the indians..
you lost soul are in fact european because your ancestors emigrated, or a
slave negro who emigrated cus he was in use.
ill give you an advise: learn about youre roots. maybe you have none
since you are a cartoon and not a real person but you are a person
hates islam

now i will finally start about islam. islam is the believe, it is the only
treu believe..
i saw in yer website you do on terrorists and islam that you were quoting a
verse of the 8th chapter of
kuran, about killing infidels. but to read it fast is good, but to
inerpretate without knowleddge is less good..
i will explain. this chapter is called surat al anfal wich means the war
booty. this war was against people who were attacking islam..ATACK, so it
was not from islam. so in this case a war is about dieing. its realistic.
wen you are attacked to fight back. cus if you would not do anything you die
is that right?but if they stop you stop..logics..
so this verse is not a motivation for muslims to fight infidels as you
called yourselve, i rather call you somebody who does not know yet.

further ther is this jihad.... there is offensive jihad en defensive... the
offensive jihad is only made in islamic state, but this offensive does not
force men to become muslim. it just puts flags. and kills noone untill
attacking.. the muslim will pay zakat ( a way of worshipping allah to help
the poor)but because it is not a worship for infidels we make them pay
now the defensive. the defensive jihad is obligotary. if someone attacks you
attack back until they stop. so the jews dont leave palestine, it will
always be under attack.

Fact that no one denies. palestine is for palestines. The only reaon why
they want the land is because they claim to be the chosen by god wich is a
arrogant title... however all this will stay this way untill they return.

1. america pays taxes and most of it goed to israel, so they are the enemies
to us. so to take the world trade center wich is the big economic closet.
you could put this attack under the categorie defensive jihad.(you will not
agree ofcourse and become mad of me, but try to be neutral the next time you
send a mail ill be reading neutral also)
it was not to kill men, even though there are man on the trade center, but
they are enemie cus they run the money that goes to israel...

america is no longer respected and even the dutch and other europeans who
thank america for saving europe from hitler is starting to hesitate. we cant
be thankfull forever if this happens.

so you are proud of america? but they only kill.. you will say also muslims
look at the trade center.. but then you should look for history
algeria libia lebanon sudan palestine all attacked by america. this is
called patience by muslims. but patience stops at a time. people get on
their nerves. so they start to fight..

the kuran says:
fight them untill there is no more war. so if they stop then stop cause
allah does not like the starters of war..

where will you find such ajustice? only in the kuran ofcourse..

so you are proud of america. it is known that the most people killing
eachoter is in america, alcoholics, rapes etc...

it is a fact that:

0.2 % of the whole muslim land is aids desaesed but almost all of them live
in morocco or turkey.
there is lmost no raping, the penalty to rape is dead , and there is no
lawyer that will help you off this punishment,therefore the price to rape
agirl is too high..
stealing is done most in america. in muslim lands stealing is a thing that
is almost rare. the price is also too high. (chop hands off)
but if you are poor and steal then it is the fault of the government so the
hands wont be chopped. this is called logics..
you will say this punishment is hard....

but search knowledge and you will come back agree with me,,,,,
islam is indeed a religion of peace, except if it is under attack.. allah
ordered us to make peace. but allah ordered us also to fight if we are truly
in danger..

i said TRULY beacuase we had patience since 1920///
america is not TRULY under attack. it is under attack by herselve, stop and
we will stop and if allah wills, we can have peace. if you do not we will come
after you and you be sorry

bye.. i want a reply on this mail

Wild Thing's comment.....

Posted by Wild Thing at December 17, 2005 01:14 AM


Darn, so you are not a neutral person.

And I guess in islam gang banging donkeys and goats is not rape.

They are just jealous because you don't dress any teddy bears in exploding bomb vests.

Posted by: TomR at December 17, 2005 08:26 AM

hahaha now there is an idea........."teddy bears in exploding bomb vests"

Love your post

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 17, 2005 09:56 AM

Your belief in Islam as the one true religion is fine with me- there are lots of folks in the US that feel the same way about their religion as well. But when you try to impose your beliefs(whatever they may be)on me by force... well, then we're gonna have us a big problem dude-

Posted by: Lee at December 17, 2005 12:21 PM

Lee thanks for your comment about the email I got.
The "religion" of Islam can be read about in hundreds of places online. Islam is the only so called religion that has Jihadi organizations
within their religion.Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hizbullah, Horkut-ul- Jihad, Horkut-ul-mujahedin, Jaise Muhamad, Jihad-e-Muhammad, Tahrik-e-Nifaj-shariaat-e-Muhammad,
Al-Hikhma, Al-badr-Mujaheddin, Jamah-e-Islamia, Hijb-e-Islamia, etc.

Islam has become a fearful religion in the whole world today. Islamic terrorists are conspiring to kill innocent civilians, especially
western civilians everywhere in the whole world.
Honor killing is the most inhuman and most disgraceful act by any human standard. This act is condemned by any sane human being today.
But surprisingly—this horrendous episode is only present in the Muslim countries and Muslim societies.
Muslim World: Do you know we have two worlds in the same planet earth?
One is the real world (with every nation except the Islamic nations) and other is the Muslim world (with all the Islamic nations only).

The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace. It was founded, built and maintained on the basis of open warfare - against other Muslims and against Christians. Its "prophet" Mohammed, a rich trader turned savage warrior, shed the blood of fellow Muslims who refused to follow his new religion. He and his savages conquered proud cultures such as Persia and Egypt and reduced them to slaves of Allah.

The Quran states clearly that the right of the believer is to kill, in exchange of which he will go to Paradise : "Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur'an" Quran 009.111

It is my opinion that there is no religion more despicable, and which must be more opposed, than this "religion of peace". Its violent doctrines have destroyed the hopes of an entire region, and almost took over the world. Islamic traditions, like all other religious oppressions, must be rejected by any sane society.

Sorry to go on about this, but I have read tons of things about this so called religion and it is most dangerous.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 17, 2005 02:17 PM

You're absolutely right. I too have studied the teachings of this "religion" quite a bit. Here's a link for those who doubt the teachings of the quran:

Posted by: Lee at December 17, 2005 09:24 PM

Lee this is great! Thank you so much for the link. Thank you too for your contribution to the post.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 17, 2005 11:23 PM

Aw jeepers. its seems your abdullah forget to tell you about this:

And sure, Bluto was once portrayed as an arab jewel thief, and also as an arab mystic swami, but then again, he was a portrayed as frenchman a lot more than he was an arab.

You should consider sending the email and the IP information to the FBI. Just in case this supporter of terrorism is actually in the United States.

Posted by: LindaSoG at December 18, 2005 07:57 AM

Oh, and by the way, don't miss the latest insanity from allah's faithful:

Posted by: LindaSoG at December 18, 2005 08:01 AM

Thanks Linda, thank you for the links and also for the advice to send it on to the FBI.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 18, 2005 09:57 AM

Yeah, I was going to mention that as well. That last line or two of his email should put him on a watch list.

Posted by: Lee at December 18, 2005 03:03 PM

Hi Lee, thank you. I never thought of doing that. Kind of hate to bother anyone. haha
But I think you are right it is a good idea.
Thank you again so much for your comments.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 18, 2005 03:56 PM

Hi....haha I was one of the lucky ones (^__^)
He lost way back there with the cows ... ;)
The mispell and the tossing of history at you, reminds me of letters I'd received, once... His name was Mama... (now what kind of man has a name like, Mama??)...Anyway, I received five links to the Koran each day, in an email... (Maybe he thought there was hope for me.)
God, let's hope not...
...byee. M.B.
(your blog is precious!)

Posted by: MB at December 19, 2005 04:20 AM

Hi MB, wow thank you so much.
That is so funny about getting emails with links to the Koran each day. heh heh
Thank you for commenting.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2005 09:15 AM

Bismillah(in the name of God)
Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmit Allahi wa barakatu(Peace be upon you)

First of all I would like to start off by saying I am a Muslim. And I appologize for the rude email by my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. Indeed, Arguing is not part of Islam(nor fighting).

The basis of Islam is to believe that there is NO object worthy of worship except for Allah(arabic word for God, even christian arabs use that word) and that Muhammad is the final messenger of Allah.

its that simple. No trinity, no believing Muhammad was anything more than a prophet, none of that.

indeed this website is full of misconceptions of Islam. and no suicide bombings is something condemable in Islam. Righteous Muslims do not support that. (p.s. i like your teddy bears :) )

anyway InshaAllah(God Willing) I hope that you all will learn what REAL Islam is, and let me know. You cannot judge a religion by what certain individuals do.

The most important concept in Islam, is believing that God is the only one worthy of worship, and that you dont associate any partners with him.(He does not have a son or daughter). We believe in Heaven and Hellfire, and we believe in the Angels, the books that came before(new testament, Torah, Quran), and we believe in all the prophets that came before (revering them all as equal) such as Adam, Moses, Abraham,Noah, Jesus, and Muhammad and many many more.

Indeed, those who accept Islam sincerely in their heart, never turn back. Subhanallah(Glory be to God) it's amazing. my email address is given to you, if you would like to learn more about Islam, or if you are ready to accept, email me.

Wassalamu alaikum (and peace be upon you all)

Posted by: Egyptian Gumbo at December 19, 2005 02:52 PM

Egyptian Gumbo, I am pleased that you like my teddy bears. My reply to you is best said in this song.......

I am glad you do not support suicide bombings because they really can ruin your day and it kills innocent peoople. I mean why take a chance on meeting 72 virgins, they might be really ugly and who would want that even if they were virgins.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 19, 2005 03:15 PM

-america started the most of wars, beforre that it were the brittains.
-the french revolution is made thanks to free masonry
-william wallace a mason.
-george washington is a mason
-america is the most hated land by everybody.

Oh no! America is hated by everybody, Darn, I must be the only one in Denmark who loves America and its people... HAHAHAHA. America, you are not alone :)

Posted by: Robert D at February 2, 2006 10:42 AM