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October 14, 2005

Colonel David Hunt Backs Up Louis Freeh's Book

Last Sunday on “60 Minutes” Louis Freeh was interviewed. I already posted about Freeh’s book coming out on another post here on my Blog ( further down the page)

Khobar Towers, Freeh was informed the by the Saudi ambassador the only means he could get at the prisoners was to have Clinton request the Saudi crown prince to let the FBI to meet with them, but at that time, Clinton didn't help Freeh and the FBI. So Freeh went to Clinton's predecessor, the elder Bush for help.

The reason why Clinton stepped in was to get money for his Presidential Library.

'60 Minutes' Mike Wallace failed to press Freeh on suspicious, weakly sourced Clinton accusations

Also, on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox news, I saw the interview with Lannie Davis.

Lanny Davis is one of Clinton's attack dogs who smears anybody who gets in the way.

Davis' attempt to cover Slick Wilie's behind, but didn't do a good job of it. And Davis didn't answer O'Reilly's questions, as well as stating Freeh is a Republican. Insinuating because of his party affiliation is the reason he went after Clinton.

O'Reilly asked Davis why didn't Clinton fire Freeh since was not doing a good job. Davis didn't answer the question.

Davis stated Freeh wasn't credible. What makes Davis oh so believable?

Last but not least, If the statements in Freeh's book are not true, why did Clinton call on Sandy Bergerto refute Freeh's book, and why are Clinton's cronies and the left doing overtime in spinning their webs to defend Slick Willie?

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson authored the book "Dereliction of Duty," a book about Clinton, why wasn't he attacked and smeared?

Last but not least, here are some interesting quotes from Colonel David Hunt, who authored the book, "They Just Don't Get it."

What Hunt states in his book more or less backs up Freeh.

Quoting from the book.

Richard Clarke faults Bush for not doing anything to counter terrorism

Former White House coordinator for counter terrorism, Richard “It-Ain’t-My-Fault” Richard Clarke. He authored a book charging the Bush administration did nothing for its 232 days in office before 9/11–even though Clark himself worked on national security and terrorism issues in the Clinton White House for more than 2900 days, during which time he did next to nothing. When he testified before Congress, Clarke did the apology thing, but it came years too late. Paragraph 3, page 6 “They Just don’t Get it”

Taking credit for something they didn’t do

The Clinton Administration has pointed to two “victories” against terrorism to justify its policies: the discovery of the “Millennium Bomb” plot and the discovery of plots to blow up the Lincoln and the Holland tunnels. In the book Against all Enemies, Richard Clarke wrote that he and others coordinated a “massive”government effort to foil al Qaeda from blowing up Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Eve 1999, and he has reiterated these claims during any number of TV appearances. Yeah, right. What really happened is a stupid SOB named Ahmed Ressam filled his trunk with explosives in Canada and tried to drive through a customs checkpoint in Washington State. A well-trained and very competent border guard spotted the nervous, sweaty Ressam and hauled his ass over to the side to inspect him and his vehicle. She found the trunk full of nastiness. Paragraph 2, page 28 “They Just don’t Get it”

Clarke and others attempted to take credit for this find, which might have worked except that an alert press corps just asked a simple question of the brave and alert border guard: So is it true that you found this terrorist because of the massive effort on the part of the U.S. government, sending out notices, alerting you to the possibility that this deadly terrorist might cross the border?
Paragraph 3, page 28 “They Just don’t Get it”

“I don’t recall any specific threats,” answered Diana Dean. “I don’t recall anybody saying watch for terrorists.” Customs officials confirm that no alert had gone out to the field. Paragraph 4, page 28 “They Just don’t Get it”

Bottom line: we got lucky. Neither Clarke nor anyone else in D.C. had diddly to do with catching Ressam. It was blind luck–good for us, but it was blind luck just the same. Paragraph 5, page 28 “They Just don’t Get it”

Now, far as the Clinton Administration having anything to do with uncovering the plots to blow up the Lincoln and the Holland tunnels, uh, that would be a big no. The FBI and the NYPD got wind of this one through solid police work. Nice going, guys. I am very happy we caught them. But this had nothing to do with anything but great cops doing a great job. It was not the result of coordinated antiterrorists campaign. We were so desperate for a success, we could not even give credit where credit is due. Paragraph 1, page 29 “They Just don’t Get it”

You have to understand something: not only was the Clinton administration not doing anything, it was taking credit away from underpaid, overworked, competent, and brave public safety officers who could not put their hand up and say, “Bullshit.”
Paragraph 2, page 29 “They Just don’t Get it”

Failed to get bin Laden

1996 CIA tracked bin Laden to a ranch in Afghanistan. It had in its sights. The agency only needed permission from the Clinton White house to pull the trigger. So what did the passive-aggressive Clinton administration do? It would not give the order. A government official from the United Arab Emirates was present at the camp with bin Laden, so we chickened out. The reason this order the other guy was hanging with bin Laden couldn’t have been good. Did we think they were forming a church group? Did we think they were planning to turn themselves in? No? Then we should have killed them both. We could have paid retribution for any real or perceived harm done to innocents. This was a camp out in the middle of nowhere. We could have turned it into a puddle. Bin Laden would have been dead, maybe, just maybe, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. These guys let him go. The response should have been, “Nice job guys, now you’re fired!” But it wasn’t. It wasn’t because we don’t ever fire anybody from failures tied to terrorism, not even when almost three thousand Americans are killed. Hell, under Clinton, missing bin Laden probably meant a promotion. Paragraph 2, page 30 “They Just don’t Get it”

Mogadishu Disaster and SAPs

An infamous example of an SAP that became all too public came in 1993, during the Clinton administration. We had decided to go to the “dark side of the moon,” a place called Somalia, to help country in trouble. The place was being run by warlords who were stealing, raping, and otherwise hurting the population. The most powerful warlord was a guy named Mohamed Farah Aideed. We targeted him (Oh, and by the way, for those of you keeping score, Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda murdering goons were associated with and helping these warlords, including Aideed.) Paragraph 3, page 82 “They Just don’t Get it”

Try to capture Aideed, we sent in the Joint Special Operations Command with Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta and Task Force 160—the Night Stalkers and the First Ranger Battalion. The major portion of the operation was an SAP. But when Delta Force and the Rangers went in, things went terrible wrong. Simply put, our leaders got arrogant and thought that we could do a daylight operation against guerrillas without an adequate back up plan; the Paragraph 4, page 82 “They Just don’t Get it” greatest military in the world blew it Delta Force and the Rangers got caught in a deadly gun battle with Aideed’s forces—a disaster that has been the focus of a best-selling book and a major motion picture, Black Hawk Down. These great soldiers paid the price despite heroic efforts; their bosses screwed this one up. We lost very brave men in a very public way. Paragraph 1, page 83 “They Just don’t Get it”

The political fallout from this humiliation changed the way the Clinton Administration approved SAPs for the next six years. Translation” The Clinton White House put the equivalent of permission slips in the system. Suddenly the government required an endless series of phone calls, e-mails, written orders, and other reporting procedures before any SAP (special access programs) could be approved. It was all designed to slow down—not speed up—the process. It was all designed to give the Clinton administration cover, the ability to say, “It’s not my fault.” Whatever the reasons, the result was that operations no longer had the ability or authority to do their jobs. Paragraph 2, page 83 “They Just don’t Get it”

This need to keep blame from being laid at the door of the White House infiltrated all things dealing with intelligence and the military. When I served in Bosnia in the mid-1990s as part of the NATO peacekeeping force, we were actually told that we were not allowed to go hunting war criminals. If they happened to come up to tone of our roadblocks, we could detain them, not kill them. That is, we could not kill on sight one of the men who had ordered the massacre of more than seven thousand men and boys in a town named Srebrenica. Nope, just detain them. That is much better. Oh yeah. Paragraph 3, page 83 “They Just don’t Get it”

Avoiding Direct Confrontation Attitude and Not Taking Responsibility

The Clinton administration’s “no-one-gets-hurt” mentality played a big role in getting us in the mess we’re in today, but something else has factored heavily into the problem: our national intelligence community was trying to fight terrorists in the way they had fought the Soviets during the Cold War. Paragraph 4, page 83 “They Just don’t Get it”

The runaway bureaucratic structure has not only prevented us from doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done, it has also created a lack of accountability. It is time to demand accountability of our leadership. We have watched commission after commission study what went wrong. We have officials from every walk of life saying, “It ain’t my fault,” or “It’s no one’s fault, it’s the system.” We even have former government officials stuffing secret documents down their pants! Paragraph 1, page 83 “They Just don’t Get it”

“It Ain’t My Fault”

This story is so farcical, so out there, so unbelievable that you are going to think it has to be a bedtime story. Brace yourself. Once upon a time there was former national security advisor to the president of the United States. The adviser’s name was Sandy “I-Ain’t-Going-to-No-Stinking Vietnam” Berger. The president was Bill “I-Did-Not-Have-Sex-with-That-Woman” Clinton. Mr. Berger’s job was to protect our nations’ secrets while he advised the president on the most sensitive matters in the world. During his tenure (he spent six years as either deputy national security adviser or national security adviser), he had to read our nation’s most classified papers—documents so sensitive that he wasn’t even allowed to removed them from his office. Paragraph 2, page 102 “They Just don’t Get it”

Mr. Berger even had to have special telephones that scrambled his conversations in his car, home, and office to protect America’s vital secrets. In fact, in this bedtime story it is fair to say that everything Berger did in his professional life was a secret. Now comes the really ludicrous part: Mr. Berger was caught stuffing classified documents in his pants and socks in the National Archives. Could this be true? Yup. You had to wonder, why would this very smart guy do something so stupid as to smuggle out sensitive documents he knew weren’t supposed to leave the secure room at the Archives? Maybe because the documents showed that he and his boss had done little or nothing to try to stop terrorism for eight years. Paragraph 1, page 103 “They Just don’t Get it”

But the truth is, even if Berger did try to cover up his own failures and the Clinton administration’s failures, it would have worked. The reason it would have worked is that we all know he and the Clinton administration screwed up. But they weren’t the only ones. There weren’t in office when 9/11 happened, of course. No one in Washington says it because everyone there is looking ahead to the next election, but our government screwed up. On September 11, 2001, nineteen Arab men killed more Americans than did the entire Japanese fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That’s a big screw-up. Paragraph 2, page 103 “They Just don’t Get it”

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