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October 28, 2005

"A World Without Zionism".... I think NOT!

Addressing a meeting titled, "A World Without Zionism", Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad provided with a look into his demented mind, the way Hitler did in Mein Kampf.

He declared "The world arrogant powers founded the Zionist regime at the heart of the Muslim world as a base for their own expansionist intentions."

He added that a world with out the United States and Israel is a possibility.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood by his call for Israel to be 'wiped off the map', as thousands of Iranians marched through Tehran on Friday chanting 'death to Israel' and 'death to America'. My words are the exact words of the Iranian people," said the hardline President.

An Iranian protester shouts slogans against the U.S. and Israel during a Jerusalem Day demonstration outside Tehran university, before Friday prayers, in Tehran October 28, 2005. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood by his call for Israel to be 'wiped off the map', as thousands of Iranians marched through Tehran on Friday chanting 'death to Israel' and 'death to America'. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi

Iran 'lets al-Qaeda roam free'

From correspondents in Berlin
October 27, 2005
IRAN is permitting around 25 high-ranking al-Qaeda members to roam free in the country's capital, including three sons of Osama bin Laden, a German monthly magazine reports.

Citing information from unnamed Western intelligence sources, the magazine Cicero said in a preview of an article appearing in its November edition that the individuals in question are from Egypt, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Europe. They are living in houses belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guards, the report said.

"This is not incarceration or house arrest," a Western intelligence agent was quoted as saying. "They can move around as they please."

The three sons of Osama bin Laden in Iran are Saeed, Mohammad and Othman, Cicero reported. Another person enjoying the support of the Revolutionary Guards is al-Qaeda spokesman Abu Ghaib, the report said.

Iran first said late last year that it had arrested and would try a number of foreigners suspected of having links to al-Qaeda, a loose network of military groups that Washington blames for the attacks of September 11, 2001 and bomb attacks in Spain, Indonesia, Egypt and elsewhere.

The report in Cicero also accused the Revolutionary Guards' secret service of offering logistical support and military training to senior al-Qaeda leaders.
Iran has repeatedly denied any link to or support of al-Qaeda.
Britain and the United States suspect Iran of supporting insurgents in Iraq, a charge Tehran has vehemently denied.

Wild Thing comment....

Islam and most of the Arabs have made it clear that they want the world at any cost beginning with Israel, then America and the rest of the free world. When the Muslims live in any free world, they demand their own way of life, schools, courts, say it and then the rest of the governments bow down to their demands. The Muslims are not interested in peace, They want to convert the rest of the world to Islam period. Open your eyes wide and see what is happening around you and do not be fooled.

It is a mistake to view the antagonists in the Middle East as the Palestinians against the Israelis. The fact is that it is the Palestinians and their allies against the United States and Israel. As Abbas went off to meet President Bush, official Palestinian radio was denouncing the United States because it had placed Saddam Hussein on trial.

Our leaders, and all the American people need to equate Palestinian terrorists with bin Laden and the Taliban. If we don’t then our war on terrorism is hypocrisy and will never be successful. He cannot fight one terrorist and coddle another and expect that we will believe he is sincere. Israel's enemies are OUR enemies here in the United States.

I have news for you, you cowardly, sniveling, moon god worshiping hostage taker and torturer. The real God is in charge. And you are not even a speed bump to Him. Enjoy Hell--you earned it.

You can also read more about this at the awesome site Jihad Watch

Posted by Wild Thing at October 28, 2005 06:25 PM