Theodore's World: We Will Never Forget September, 11, 2001

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September 11, 2015

We Will Never Forget September, 11, 2001

A patriotic photo montage set to Michael W. Smith's song "There She Stands", Deticated to heroes of 9/11

Here at Theodore's World we pay tribute to the thousands of lives murdered by the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001. And we also remember their families and loved ones of the victims.

We will remember too how our country joined together as one. Flags flying everywhere, at homes, on vehicles, on buildings, in resort areas like Las Vegas turning their marques along the blvd. into massive American Flags with tributes of their own.

The unity embrassed us in our sorrow, in our shock, anger, hurt and pain. The final words of Todd Beamer "Let's Roll" seared into our hearts. Our resolve could not have been stronger, more determined.

We also pay Tribute to our troops that went to war to fight the terrorists and protect America. You will never be forgotten........NEVER.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 11, 2015 03:31 AM