Theodore's World: Anti-Christian Obama Sparks Controversy With His Christian Comment

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April 08, 2015

Anti-Christian Obama Sparks Controversy With His Christian Comment

Obama Sparks Controversy With His Christian Comment

First of all, the muslim White House chose to celebrate Easter and the Easter Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday which is two days after Easter Sunday (just think about the message this Commie White House sends by doing that)

Then the White House muslim takes another swipe against Christians by saying "And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that's a topic for another day" (to the sound of applause by the liberal assholes in attendance) just like he did at the National Prayer Breakfast when he tried to point out that Christians did some horrible things during the Crusades.

Wild Thing's comment..............

This anti-Christian America-hater is the worse thing ever to have happened to America since its founding. It will take years to undo the destruction he has done to America. And every patriot in this country better band together to undo what this bastard has done to our beloved country! Meanwhile, Obama has nothing but good words for islam as they slaughter Christians.

Posted by Wild Thing at April 8, 2015 12:55 AM


Christianity and America: Obama never passes up a chance to criticize them.

Posted by: BobF at April 8, 2015 09:45 AM

It all makes sense if you think of obama as a muslim.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at April 8, 2015 01:36 PM