Theodore's World: As the Obama administration crashes and burns, insiders begin to blame Valerie Jarrett

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October 04, 2014

As the Obama administration crashes and burns, insiders begin to blame Valerie Jarrett

As the Obama administration crashes and burns, insiders begin to blame Valerie Jarrett

Are significant chunks of the mainstream media in despair over Barack Obama? This past week, Obama used 60 Minutes to attempt to shift blame for the failure to anticipate the rise of ISIS, endured a cover-up of White House security disasters by the Secret Service, and saw a government-agency report that he had skipped nearly 60 percent of his intelligence briefings.

The reaction from some longtime Obama defenders was swift and harsh. “President Obama this week committed professional suicide,” wrote former CNN host Piers Morgan, now an editor-at-large for Britain’s Daily Mail.

He called Obama’s throwing of the intelligence community under the bus a “shameless, reprehensible display of buck-passing” that will result in some analysts’ exacting “cold-blooded revenge on Obama by drip-feeding negative stories about him until he’s gone.” As for the Secret Service fiasco, Morgan said it was “no wonder the Secret Service gets complacent when The Boss exudes complacency from every pore.”

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Wild Thing's comment.......

So the media that helped build this creature now turns on it.

Obama is one that needs to be held accountable however. For every corruption he has caused and been a part of in any way, for every treasonous act too since he could have said no.

The inclusion of Ayatollah Valerie Jarrett in the Barack Hussein Obama regime should have been questioned long before now.

She is famous as a corrupt Chicago political operative who also happens to be one of ChiTown's most notorious slumlords.

She was not elected to anything.

She is there because she is Obama's brain, along with George Soros, and she dates his golfing buddy and fellow Muslim Bobby Moore (a/k/a Ahmad Rashad). But Obama is right in there as well on responsibility since it is his desires for destruction of a great country they cling to as they push him onward.

Born in Iran, to think she has a security clearance at any level presents a clear and present danger to national security, which is becoming more evident with each new development.

The USA will be lucky to survive having these people in positions of authority. Surviving the greatest electoral mistakes in history will take a miracle.

Posted by Wild Thing at October 4, 2014 12:45 AM


Presidente Obola is still TEFLON and nothing sticks to his Marxist character nor agendas... VOTE in 30 days patriots!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at October 4, 2014 08:32 AM

I hope this is a replay of 1979 when the media turned sharply on Carter and finally admitted that James Earl was a loser. obama's reign is in failure mode and I think it is time to introduce to them the concept og hari-kari.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at October 4, 2014 03:51 PM