Theodore's World: More Desert Eagle 1911s Coming Soon

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August 11, 2014

More Desert Eagle 1911s Coming Soon

New Desert Eagle 1911s from Magnum Research & Cabela’s

Guns & Ammo

Magnum Research, Inc. has partnered with Cabela’s to offer four new designs to their Desert Eagle 1911 line of pistols.

The first two models are the .45 ACP Desert Eagle 1911G and Desert Eagle 1911C pistols, model numbers DE1911GSBCAB and DE1911CSBCAB. Both models feature a precision-cast frame machined from carbon steel and a slide machined from solid steel billets, and both sport a matte black finish.

The “G” model is a full-size 1911 with 5-inch barrel and 8.625-inch overall length (OAL), while the “C” model is a commander-size with 4.3-inch barrel and 7.87-inch OAL.

These two models also incorporate an exclusive gray frame treated with a high-temperature ceramic Cerakote coating and are accented with black appointments. Either model is available now for $948.

The other two new models in the Magnum Research and Cabela’s offering are similar .45 ACP Desert Eagle 1911G and 1911C pistols, model numbers DE1911GCH and DE1911CCH. However, these models (pictured below) feature a case-hardened steel frame developed using Turnbull’s bone charcoal process. Either model is available now for $1,120.

Wild Thing's comment........

Wait until the lefties hear this gun is made in Israel.

Beautiful gun, expensive but beautiful.

Posted by Wild Thing at August 11, 2014 12:55 AM


WW II and Korean War Gunny Vader (DAD) was issued a 45 and a Thompson / BAR for LETHAL knockdown force... It's about time TODAYS military had this lethal firepower!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at August 11, 2014 05:40 AM

If they're made in Israel, you know they're going to work.

Posted by: BobF at August 11, 2014 09:11 AM

Yes, expensive. They are good quality. I like Springfield Armory's 1911s and Colt. Gun sales are still high and manufacturers are just now catching up with demand. America is arming.

A good place to find guns at good prices is Buds Guns.You can orde on line and have it shipped to a local FFL holder listed by Buds.

Don't forget ammo. Some calibers are still in short supply.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at August 11, 2014 01:30 PM

PS: Ammo? My pals are MAKING their own ammo!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at August 12, 2014 05:52 AM