Theodore's World: Krauthammer: IRS Scandal ‘Left Cincinnati And Is Now In D.C.’

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July 19, 2013

Krauthammer: IRS Scandal ‘Left Cincinnati And Is Now In D.C.’

Krauthammer: IRS Scandal ‘Left Cincinnati And Is Now In D.C.’

Back in May, the IRS Chief Steven Miller blamed two “rogue” agents in the Cincinnati office for going “off the reservation” to target Conservatives. Everybody knew that was bogus. It's obvious it came from the top as no 'rogue agents' would ever be permitted to act without authorization. Krauthammer says, after today's testimony, the scandal left Cincy and is now in Washington

Charles Krauthammer said today on Special Report that new evidence from the investigation into the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups demonstrates that the scandal was orchestrated out of Washington.

“The locus of the story left Cincinnati and is now in DC,” said Krauthammer.

Krauthammer argued that today’s House Oversight Committee hearings demonstrated that “the management from DC demanded oversight, demanded that [tea party] applications end up in DC.”

He explained that the goal was not simply to delay conservative groups, but rather “it was to get through the 2010, 2012 elections with these applicants unable to get approval and thus raise funds.”

Wild Thing's comment................

If they really do keep at it little by little the truth and the liars will be exposed. Then I guess it depends on what they do with the guilty and if people will be punished or not.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 19, 2013 12:45 AM


A story the MSM wants to avoid. It would be an easy expose' for them but they just add this story to their list of obama coverups.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at July 19, 2013 11:49 AM