Theodore's World: " Damn Few " by Lieutenant Commander Rorke Denver

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March 29, 2013

" Damn Few " by Lieutenant Commander Rorke Denver

Damn Few by Rorke Denver and Ellis Henican goes on sale February 19th. The book is a dramatic look inside the training of America's premier special-ops commando teams. Never before has such a high-level SEAL officer written with such candor and insight about the making of U.S. Navy SEALs. With his action-packed mission experience and top training role, Lieutenant Commander Rorke Denver understands exactly how tomorrow's warriors are recruited, trained, motivated, and deployed. In Damn Few, he explains the unique psychology behind the SEALs' legendary training program and reveals the modern techniques that turn these chosen men into lethal warriors. From his own SEAL training and wild missions overseas, Denver details how the SEALs' creative operations became front-and-center in America's War on Terror—and how they are altering warfare everywhere.

Lieutenant Commander Rorke Denver, author of DAMN FEW: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior.

Navy SEAL and ‘Act of Valor’ star Rorke Denver joined us to talk about his new book, the New York Times bestselling ‘DAMN FEW: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior’. Denver spent 13 years as Navy SEAL, the last four of which he spent leading all aspects of SEAL training–basic and advanced. DAMN FEW takes readers on a riveting journey inside the training of America’s premier special-ops commando teams, where Denver shares how soldiers are recruited, selected, sculpted, motivated, and deployed to become modern-day warriors.

Wild Thing's comment.................

Excellent book.

Posted by Wild Thing at March 29, 2013 01:55 AM


I would also suggest American Sniper by Chris
Kyle, The red Circle ,Brandon Webb "Navy Seal
Sniper Head instructor.. And from the Army
Outlaw Platoon. It is an unbelievable story of
the 10th Mountain division in the Hindu Kush. I don't remember any book getting me so riled up as this one. Shorthanded and fought so hard against
overwhelming odds makes one proud to be an American...
I read it in 3 days, just couldn't put it down...

Posted by: Gator at March 29, 2013 05:07 PM