Theodore's World: Krauthammer: Obama Deceived Americans On Libya

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September 28, 2012

Krauthammer: Obama Deceived Americans On Libya

Krauthammer: Obama Admin Deceived Americans On Libya

Krauthammer: There are two parts of this deception and the first has to do with the fact that they pretended that it was a demonstration. Obama actually carried it on with a speech he gave at the United Nations three days ago. He spoke endlessly about the video and he denounced it at least seven times, as if that’s what the issue is here. But the other half of this deception is, every time they’ve been asked a question about what actually happened on the ground, the lack of intelligence, security, and preparation, they deflect it and say they can’t answer because there is an ongoing inquiry…..At every level this administration wanted a suppression of the story because it went completely against its story line of the great success it had against Al Qaeda.

Wild Thing's comment...........

Thank God for Krauthammer, Limbaugh, Levin and several others. There is the liberal media of course but we do have some outstanding people that are not that truly love America and want to speak the truth.

I like Bret Baier too, he is very fair.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 28, 2012 02:45 AM