Theodore's World: Joe Biden At AFL-CIO Rally in Cincinnati: "You Are The Only Folks Keeping The Barbarians From the Gates"

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September 06, 2011

Joe Biden At AFL-CIO Rally in Cincinnati: "You Are The Only Folks Keeping The Barbarians From the Gates"

Joe Biden At AFL-CIO Rally: "You Are The Only Folks Keeping The Barbarians From the Gates"


Oh and DICTATOR Obama tells the crowd in Detroit "I'll just give you a little bit" of Thursday's speech..."We're gonna see if we've got some straight-shooters in congress."

Wild Thing's comment........

LOL whew, Biden, Obama and the Union thugs have been busy this last weekend.

Democrat Party = the party of threats and lies and attacks on the American people.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 6, 2011 02:47 AM


This one term administration in the end will have done so much to divide Americans with this empty rhetoric and their incitement of class hatred.

Things are going to ugly, really ugly over the next year and a half.

The virulent behavior manifested at the Wisconsin State Capitol that went on for weeks is a sad prescient sign of things to come when these people lose the White House and have no majorities in either house of congress after January 2013.

And so the self destruction and degradation of our labor unions continues by their leadership and the unproductive collectivist ideology they espouse. Labor unions have so severely diminished both in terms of numbers and truly being reflective, much less influential in today's modern day American work life in 2011.

We need very much to destroy the notion that the mere mention of the good and noble word of labor itself is some how indicative or equated with labor unions.

In case you missed it, I wrote further on this very topic on yesterday's Labor Day post:

Labor Day should be a time to reflect positively on labor itself; the goodness and noble work of all labor from the least scholarly educated and lowest skilled labor to the highest educated most experienced highly trained disciplines of labor and how the collaborative efforts of individual labor brings about our prosperity and wealth within our American society still free.

These are some beautiful pictures from Life Magazine's web site in well deserved praise and positive recognition of labor and the American worker:

Labor Day holiday is not Labor Union Day.

Labor itself should not be equated with labor unions and their collective bargaining agreements. In the forthcoming conservative ascendency, we conservatives should expand on this theme and help define this holiday to be true to labor itself.

With negative self destruction, our modern day labor unions have over the years so degenerated and are now so disparate from the historic positive contributions of their Gompers and Lewis origins of a century ago with higher standards for better, safer, productive working conditions and the excellent apprentice, journeyman, master vocational education systems applied to all trades.

We have all witnessed the sad and deplorable thug behavior this past year in the Wisconsin State Capitol: the menagerie of incessant chants, relentless drum beating, damage to property, insulting in-your-face chants of "shame, shame, shame, shame" in the halls of the Wisconsin State Senate chamber that went on for weeks by these people, adults mind you, manifesting such infantile behavior with this huge false sense of entitlement, -all the while being paid not to work.

It is no wonder Americans watching this charade and spectacle are so dismayed and labor union membership itself continues to decline so readily within such a misled collectivist union environment (who but activists and community organizers would want to be any part of it), to the point of unions' now near irrelevancy in our modern American work life with now less than 15% of all American labor belonging to a union.

Significantly, those 15 million American union workers are no longer the traditionally thought of private sector blue collar factory workers with manufacturing jobs and shop stewards, but most of those 15 million today comprise overpaid public sector government administration and bureaucrats with unsustainable, far too often obscene lifetime benefits, not underpaid policemen and teachers which number today so fewer in these ranks.

"Tens of millions of Americans working in the private sector—including many belonging to labor unions—know from first-hand experience that the terms and conditions of future employment can be changed. That is how real life works, and a government job should not confer immunity from real life.

FDR was right. Collective bargaining has no place in the public sector. It inevitably leads to abuse. Favoritism, undue influence, lack of transparency, manipulation of government policy, the relentless mulcting of the taxpayer—this is the poisoned fruit of turning government agencies into union shops.

It goes without saying that public employees ought to be as free as anyone else to join professional associations and affinity organizations. They are certainly entitled to all the protections of the civil rights laws and of a reasonable civil service system. But labor unions should have no right of exclusive representation in any government workplace and no right to negotiate wages and benefits with public officials who crave their votes and political support.

Public-sector collective bargaining has been a mistake—a mistake whose ruinous, expensive, and corrupting effects are climaxing in the onrushing public-pension tsunami. There is no easy way to undo that mistake. But as the gathering crisis makes vividly clear, there are many good reasons to try."

-so writes conservative commentator Jeff Jacoby from Boston.

He writes well in this article "What Public Sector Unions Have Wrought". You will be astonished at the abuses in this long but very good and informative read:

Happy Labor Day to you Wild Thing and all who share here.

Posted by: Carlos at September 6, 2011 05:58 AM

When employment is as high, as it is, a holiday is the last thing we need. This was started by another lib, FDR. Its been proven the day after a holiday is the least productive more so than a normal monday. So whats the point.

This is also the Liberal who helped write the Davis-Bacon Act, where Unions get the top spots in government Jobs, to put smaller contractors out of Business. But originally , in the 1930, it was a legal wedge against ...Black Contractors and the idea was to keep them out of the good paying jobs. Now it keeps small business out of the same market.

Racism and biggotry is alive and well in the democrat party. They are the last bastion of hope, for what Communism.

Posted by: Mark at September 6, 2011 07:13 AM

It's like Obama and Biden are purposely trying to start a class or race war. It apparent that they truly believe that Obama isn't president of the whole country, only those to follow him.

Posted by: BobF at September 6, 2011 07:29 AM

As Carlos says, "Things are going to get ugly, really ugly, over the next year and a half."

We have members of Congress, taking shots at the opposition and threatening violence, at rallies and even on the floor of the House.

Then there is the Vice President of the United States, referring to the opposition as barbarians, and much worse.

Now the President of a Union calls for taking the opposition out.

Now there are those in the Media and in positions of leadership, who will tell you that all of these comments, are merely rhetorical, and are not really meant to be taken literally.

The danger of course is that average Joe on the street does not always think that way and looks at all this, as a call to action, real action. The kind of action that is manifested in the form of vandalism, personal attacks, and at the highest level, violence and intimdation.

In the past if you put a sign in your yard or a bumper sticker on your car, supporting a Conservative candidate, you could expect the possibility of having the sticker torn off or the sign trampled.

With this situation you can expect to have your car or your home seriously vandalized. That's the least that can happen.

If you are spotted getting in or out of your car or coming in or out of your house, then you can expect to be personally attacked both verbally and in some cases physically.

Some may think that I am doing the "Chicken Little" thing here, but I think not.

When the President of the United States refuses to condemn the sort of comments made in the past few weeks, you know that it is a form of tacit agreement.

That is why I am saying what I am saying.

Posted by: Sean at September 6, 2011 11:19 AM

Thank you all so much!!!!!

Carlos, thank you for all of that! And the link to Life Magazine's web site awesome.

Sean I agree, and no way are you being chicken little. That is what bothers me too about these things being said by Hoffa, Biden, Obama etc. it is the person taking those things as instructions or orders what to do. There are unstable people out there that most certainly think like that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 6, 2011 05:19 PM

Chrissie I worked with people who WRITE military grade computer virus and who think it is funny to try infecting other peoples computers. So I spare no expense on antivirus. My antivirus went off big time on Carlos' Jeff Jacoby link identifying a trogon horse threat.

Posted by: Avitar at September 6, 2011 11:51 PM

Avitar, a huge thank you. I deleted the link just now after reading what you said. I really appreicate letting me know Avitar.
(((((( hug)))))

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 7, 2011 12:33 AM