Theodore's World: GOP Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Allen West Supporting Boehner's Bill

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July 28, 2011

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan and Rep. Allen West Supporting Boehner's Bill

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan making the case for supporting House Speaker John Boehner’s bill to raise the U.S. Debt Limit, and cutting spending by more than the Debt Limit is being raised.

Ryan said the bill is not all he or other GOP leaders want it to be, but it is far better than anything envisioned when they started the process. It does not have tax increases, and it requires spending cuts that more than equal the amount the Debt Limit is being increased.

Ryan thinks the Democrats are blustering about the Boehner Bill being dead on arrival in the Senate because they don’t want any House Democrats to vote for it. Ryan believes if the House passes the Boehner bill in an expected vote tomorrow, it does have a good chance of passing in the Senate, and that Obama would have to sign it.


Rep. Allen West Supports Boehner’s Plan; Calls It the “70-75% Solution”

Congressman Allen West tells Neil Cavuto that he supports John Boehner’s plan even though it’s not 100%. West said, “We can sit around and we can kvetch about coming up with the 100% plan, but we’re wasting time. I believe this is the plan that gives us the 70-75% solution.”


This is taken from Speaker Boehner's website


“Listen, it’s time to do what is doable, and this bill isn’t perfect. … That’s what happens when you have a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democrat in the white House. This bill was agreed to by the bipartisan Senate leadership, and we believe we can get this on the president’s desk, and make it law. Listen, we’re not going to give him a $2.5 trillion blank check that lets him continue his spending binge through the next election. That’s not going to happen.”


“I think what people want is Cut, Cap, and Balance. It’s what I want. The House passed it last week. The Senate demonstrated they can’t pass it. At this point in time we’ve got to find a vehicle that will pass that will insist the cuts in spending are bigger than the increase in the debt limit. … The path we’ve been on here for the last four days I think is a reasonable path that will solve the problem, that will begin the process of the making the tough decisions that need to be made to cut spending here in Washington. … The plan we have got on the table is the best opportunity we have to hold the president’s feet to the fire. He wants a $2.4 trillion blank check that lets him continue his spending binge through the next election. This is the time to say no.”


Wild Thing's comment........

On FOX News on TV someone was saying that no one has seen Reid's plan... except maybe Reid himself. LOL

This is all so embarassing as a country besides everything else about it. For other nations to see us going through this and obama being what and the kind of person he is.....damn obama and his spending and taxing us into such weakness and debt. And damn the voters that put him in power.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 28, 2011 06:50 AM


It’s as plain as the nose on a frogs face, come the eleventh hour Fearless Leader will inject the fourteenth
Amendment. He will then throw down the gauntlet and say see you folks in Court.

Posted by: Gator at July 29, 2011 11:39 PM