Theodore's World: Obama and EPA Will Be Putting People Out of Work and Breaking Our Economy and Electricity Rates To Skyrocket

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June 09, 2011

Obama and EPA Will Be Putting People Out of Work and Breaking Our Economy and Electricity Rates To Skyrocket

Coal Regs Would Kill Jobs, Boost Energy Bills

US News and World Reports

In January the Obama Administration, for the first time ever, blocked an already approved bid to build one of the largest mountaintop removal coal mines in Appalachian history.

BUT then jump to the latest.

Two new EPA pollution regulations will slam the coal industry so hard that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost, and electric rates will skyrocket 11 percent to over 23 percent, according to a new study based on government data.

Overall, the rules aimed at making the air cleaner could cost the coal-fired power plant industry $180 billion, warns a trade group.

“Many of these severe impacts would hit families living in states already facing serious economic challenges,” said Steve Miller, president of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. “Because of these impacts, EPA should make major changes to the proposed regulations before they are finalized,” he said.

The EPA, however, tells Whispers that the hit the industry will suffer is worth the health benefits.

The industry says the costs and potential to lose four jobs for every new clean energy job created isn’t worth the rules, especially in a job-starved economy.


Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket." (January 2008)


Wiild Thing's comment.......

The anti-American president can’t be thrown out fast enough.

EPA, one more agency that should be disbanded along with several others.

He said he would do this and the stupid idiot jerks that voted for him did not LISTEN or care!

Posted by Wild Thing at June 9, 2011 04:50 AM


And all these Miners voted for this half-witted SOB. Coal is/was a big product in Pa.,now they are trying to undermine it to the point of putting us out of business. Nothing is made in this country and if it is the price is unreachable by the average man. Doesn't matter what it is. Our congress just slithers around on there belly wondering why we are in so much trouble, primarily because they don't have a spine.

Posted by: Mark at June 9, 2011 10:44 AM

This jerkwad is doing all he can to take our standard of living down the toilet and cripple this nation. How could a populace ever have elected someone like him?

Posted by: BobF at June 9, 2011 04:53 PM

In 2008 Hitlery was thrown under the DNC bus when they negated two state primary victories...Socialists and Communists and Baracksheviks and 1969 Woodstock mud-pit babies voted in Hussein ObaMAO! In 514 days we vote him out...

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at June 9, 2011 07:49 PM

There are so many things wrong with this situation that it is hard to begin.
First, the conversion of coal to liquid fuel was accomplished by Hitler's Germany for much cheaper than a barrel of oil sells for today. Add that there are some new processes that might take the cost down to under $45/barrel and the synthetic stuff would have minimal pollutants.
Second, it is much quicker to destroy a job than to build a productive job. Whatever damage Obama does in the next year will take four years to clean up.
Third, I don't care what Ivy League Economists say at this point it should be a national imperative to not buy energy resources from outside the United States or at least not outside of North America.

Posted by: Avitar at June 9, 2011 10:20 PM

Tens of thousands of Americans are employed in the more than 600 coal fired electric plants across this country.

Tens of thousands more work in the surface coal mines of Wyoming, and the underground coal mines of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, our top coal producing states respectfully.

These are stable, good paying jobs, too.

These two industries produce more than half of our electricity, all of it domestically.

We owe a lot to them and should continue to exploit our huge (25% of the world’s) coal reserves.

Met coal is used also in the production of our own domestic iron ore and steel production.

This administration, made up of academia and elitist central planners, has no idea about real job creation, essential risk taking, industry, or the long term creation of a nation’s wealth. It’s all alien to them.

Just as God and Country is alien to them. Not American citizens, they are Citizens of the World and environmentalism is their religion. It trumps all.

They are clearly at war with the private sector and are hell bent on destroying American industry, particularly those involved in coal, oil and gas, refining, lumber, tobacco, cattle and livestock, sugar, and the railroads, shipping and trucking that transport it all.

This is core to the central planners goal of a life by government ration for all of us.

They are despicable, vile and loathsome, and they simply must be defeated.

Posted by: Carlos at June 10, 2011 01:00 AM

Great input, thank you so much.

You all really have wonderful passion and I love it.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 10, 2011 01:00 AM