Theodore's World: Brooklyn/Queens N.O.W. President Supports Weiner ~ Abortion Is Their Obsession

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June 13, 2011

Brooklyn/Queens N.O.W. President Supports Weiner ~ Abortion Is Their Obsession

Brooklyn/Queens N.O.W. President Supports Weiner

FOX Nation

The head of the Brooklyn/Queens chapter of the National Organization for Women said she could separate Weiner's sexcapades from the liberal track record that earned the group's support.

"I wasn't happy to discover that my congressman is a 14-year-old boy," said Julie Kirshner, president of the NOW chapter.

"But he happens to be one of the best politicians out there, so we're in a bad position. We're trying to give him the benefit of the doubt."

Wild Thing's comment.......

NOW is one of the worst organizations! A bunch of women that work to keep abortions going and if you even check out their sites that is what they are all about. ABORTION is all over their websites.

They never complained about Bill Clinton either even after he was accused of rape that time and telling the women to put ice on it comment.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 13, 2011 06:45 AM


The only time NOW cares about women is when it benefits them politically.

Posted by: BobF at June 13, 2011 07:33 AM

I have never had any use for Weiner but how is it
Barney Frank gets a pass when "His Friend" runs a
"Call Boy" service out of their Condo???

Posted by: gator at June 13, 2011 09:43 AM

NOW has become increasingly irelevant over the past few years.

It has very little with the support of women's rights ,except in the area of getting an abortion.

They pick and choose which causes and people, they support and as we all know most of those are of the Progressive/Marxist persuasion.

What they are for the most part, are a bunch of Joy Behars. Narrow minded, uninformed, insensitive, talking heads

Posted by: Sean at June 13, 2011 10:07 AM