Theodore's World: Herman Cain Speaks At Tea Party Rally To Show Support For Gov.Walker in Madison, Wis.

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February 21, 2011

Herman Cain Speaks At Tea Party Rally To Show Support For Gov.Walker in Madison, Wis.

Herman Cain rallying Tea Party Members in Madison, Wisconsin in support of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Thousands of conservatives descended on Madison to show support for the sanity Gov. Scott Walker is trying to bring to the state’s budget.

The rally was designed to let Walker and the nation know that there is a huge amount of support for what he is doing in the face of protests from the pro-union lobby in the state, which is being aided and organized with the help of the Democrat National Committee and Obama’s Organizing for America.

Cain said Wisconsins elected a “sane, strong leader by the name of Scott Walker,” and he is doing his job. Cain asked “the other side,” “What part of ‘broke’ don’t ya’ll understand?” Cain said Walker is trying to prevent the state from becoming, “dead broke,” because being “dead broke ain’t a pretty feeling.”

Cain proclaimed the battle in Wisconsin as “ground zero for taking back our nation one state at a time.” He ended with his refrain that, “We the people of the United States of America are not going to let the United States of America become the United States of Europe – not on our watch!”

Wild Thing's comment......

AMEN to that ! Herman Cain is such a great speaker, he is always good. He’s got a common sense, business-oriented focus, and it’s refreshing.

Wisconsin handily elected Walker after he ran on this issue, and they handily elected Republicans in both houses of the legislature after running on this’s awesome!

Wisconsin flipped from navy blue to bright red overnight!

The ‘rats and the unions are having a hard time fathoming.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 21, 2011 03:45 AM