Theodore's World: Veterans Demand an Apology From VILE Person and LIAR Arizona Rep. Linda Lopez

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January 10, 2011

Veterans Demand an Apology From VILE Person and LIAR Arizona Rep. Linda Lopez


Democrat Linda Lopez accuses Tea Party of stirring up people like Giffords shooter. Hardly a few hours went by after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords yesterday when her fellow Democrats began to pounce on sketchy details for what they thought was political gain. Almost instantly after the shooting, Democrats (aided and abetted by the liberal media) began to politicize the crime by inventing the slanderous narrative that Tea Party members (read: patriots) were somehow to blame for Jared Loughner’s murder spree. The woman who may have started it all was Democrat State Senator Linda Lopez, a friend of Giffords. On a phone interview in a TV appearance, she was supposed to talk about her dear friend, but she quickly took the opportunity to attack her political enemies instead.

Veterans Demand an Apology From Arizona Rep. Linda Lopez

Big Government

Yesterday Arizona state Rep. Linda Lopez was on FOX News and blamed tea partiers for the attack at the Safeway. Of course, she had no evidence of this. Rep. Lopez also suggested that Loughner was an Afghan veteran.

While listening and watching all of the activity and coverage of this horrific event, one thing has become even more clear- the MFM has come unglued on the Right, on Veterans, and on grass roots organizations. This vitriol has GOT to stop, in both directions. But blaming Veterans just because it involved a gun is over the top. Especially for someone who should know better than to spread rumors.

The topper statement is from State Congressional Representative Linda Lopez, who is about as far-Left as you can get. Not that that’s a particular issue, but, given her next statement, we’ve got a HUGE problem …

”the shooter is likely, from what I’ve heard, an Afghan vet..”

Ms Lopez, on behalf of ALL veterans, and especially the Afghanistan veterans you have repeatedly defaced, I would like to ask this-


Your demented, irrational view of veterans shows in this despicable statement. You have, as most do on the extreme Left and within the MFM, caused irreparable damage to veterans everywhere- not just those in Arizona. You do a complete disservice to us, to your country, and to your state by repeatedly asserting that there was a likelyhood he was an Afghanistan veteran.

Granted, in the heat of the moment, things can be said that are ‘caustic’, but this goes beyond anything that was said all day (EXCEPT that Rep. Giffords was ‘dead’) and does a greater disservice to your party.

If you are not willing to issue a retraction, and apology, then I am asking those in Arizona to look at censuring and/or recalling someone who would put forth such discpicable accusations without cause nor merit. What caused you to even think that this person was associated in any way with the military?

He had a gun?

He was male?

He was WHITE?

Loughner was turned down by the Army (as stated by both CNN and to posted by Stars and Stripes) for ‘instability issues’. Just because someone used a gun in a despicable act, you want to throw it on the ‘veterans as victims’ pile.

What if one of Breitbart’s contributors had posted that they thought that, since a white Congresswoman was attacked, that the shooter was likely Hispanic/Latino, or Black? Who’s head would be rolling in the gutter then? The shrieking would go on for months.


Wild Thing's comment........

They announced over and over and over that the shooter was NOT a Vet, nor in any service, that he was rejected by the US Army in fact. And this BITCH knows it and still went on and on saying this. Sorry about my language but I swear these lefties have pushed me over the edge in their hate and I have had it with all of them.

We know she won't give and apology, but she should!


Please feel free to contact Congresswoman Lopez at the following:

Linda Lopez

Capitol Address
Arizona State Senate
Capitol Complex
1700 West Washington, Room 315
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2890

Phone: 602-926-4089

Toll Free: 800-352-8404

Fax: 602-417-3029


Her website

Posted by Wild Thing at January 10, 2011 06:47 AM


Well Ms Lopez is quick on the stereotyping trigger. That shows her prejudice. I would not expect an apology. She will just melt back into the Democrat void for a while and surface again later when her bias needs to be vented.

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at January 10, 2011 06:28 PM

They all have been hoping for this to turn it all around in their favor. Blaming the Tea Party, knowing full well they are lying. Nothing they do has ever why not beget a few more failures to their credit. What a bunch of asswipes.

Posted by: Mark at January 10, 2011 07:18 PM