Theodore's World: Harry Reid Threatens To Keep Congress Into Next Year So He and Democrats Can RAPE America Some More!

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December 15, 2010

Harry Reid Threatens To Keep Congress Into Next Year So He and Democrats Can RAPE America Some More!

White House Press Secretary telling the Press Corps that many members of Congress will be up late reading the 1924-page Omnibus Spending Bill between now and the 22nd or 23rd of December. CBS News’ Mark Knoller asked Gibbs if he really believed they would read that, and Gibbs responded that he “takes them at their word.” This drew laughter from the White House Press Corps.


Reid threatens to keep Congress into next year (New spending bill totals $575.13 million per page ....nearly 2,000-pages...$1.1 trillion )

"We're not through. Congress ends on Jan. 4," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat.

Washington Times

New spending bill totals $575.13 million per page!!

Forget about going quietly into the night.

Senate Democrats on Tuesday unveiled a broad agenda for an end-of-session sprint that, in other years, could be a whole year's worth of activity — ranging from an arms-reduction treaty with Russia to a major immigration bill to overturning the ban on gay troops.

And that's not to mention the nearly 2,000-page, $1.1 trillion massive spending bill Senate Democrats said they'll try to push through. The bill contains hundreds of pork-barrel spending projects and new rules governing everything from airport baggage to detainees at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

"We're not through. Congress ends on Jan. 4," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat.

The omnibus spending bill is likely to get the most attention, spanning 1,924 pages and spending an average of $575.13 million per page.

It stands in contrast to the House, which last week passed a streamlined bill freezing fiscal 2011 government spending at 2010's level. The Senate bill, though, boosts spending by $16 billion — a tough sell at a time when deficits and debt already are dominating the policy debate in Washington.

In some cases the spending bill not only rejects President Obama's proposed cuts, it actually boosts spending. For example, Mr. Obama earlier this year told Congress to cut funding for the health and welfare package targeting Mississippi's Delta region, which in 2010 received about $26 million. But the Senate bill includes funding and actually increases it to nearly $35 million in 2011.

The push comes as many lawmakers already are eyeing the door.

Mr. Reid, though, said Congress will stay until he tries to tackle issues he says have been unfairly stalled by the GOP.

"I hate to report all this to you — but you know, there's still Congress after Christmas," he told reporters. "So if the Republicans think that because they can stall and stall and stall that we take a break, we're through, we're not through."

Senate Dems Unveil $1.1 TRILLION Spending Bill

The Hill

Senate Democrats have filed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that would fund the government through fiscal 2011. The 1924-page bill includes funding to implement the sweeping healthcare bill Congress passed earlier this year [ObamaCare].

The 1,924-page bill includes funding to implement the sweeping healthcare reform bill Congress passed earlier this year as well as additional funds for Internal Revenue Service agents, according to a senior GOP aide familiar with the legislation.

"The attempt by Democrat leadership to rush through a nearly 2,000-page spending bill in the final days of the lame-duck session ignores the clear will expressed by the voters this past election," Thune said in a statement. "This bill is loaded up with pork projects and should not get a vote. Congress should listen to the American people and stop this reckless spending.”


Wild Thing's comment.........

This is utter madness! This is blatant corruption.

This makes me sick, angry and sick at the same time.

This can be officially called the Screw the people bill, the Democrats were voted out and they hadn’t put the budget in place back in September when the supposed to and the voters could punish or reward them. Now they put forth another monstosity 3 weeks from the new congress taking office.

Kill the bill! Run out the clock on Reid and his socialist/Marxist pals!! These arrogant bastards hate you, hate your children, hate America and hate freedom. Until a stake is driven (figuratively, of course) through their marxist hearts they will continue to rape us. To hell with them.

If the GOP had any guts they would delay this vote and all others until the new Congress is seated.
Wishful thinking on my part.

When will they stop destroying our nation..When will these people wake up and realize that we are living on borrowed money ..and borrowed time? When will China call in the loans?

I would sooo much enjoy standing there and telling Dingy Harry that I was going to try my best to filibuster till Hell froze over, or until he ran screaming from the sound of my voice, whichever came first.

DeMint and Coburn are going to force a reading of this monstrocity on the floor before the vote. I hope they can run out the clock until Jan 1st until reinforcements arrive. This budget is a real rotten POS. Thank God for DeMint.
DeMint threatens to force a reading of omnibus bill

We need to Reinstitute the House Committee on Un-American Activities We need to confront the communists in our government, including our current President.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 15, 2010 04:55 AM


This was done intentionally by Hairy Read and his communist party. They had months to do it yet waited until the end so tyhey could cram it down our throats again. I'd like nothing more than to cram my size 10 down that maggots throat until he ceased breathing.

Posted by: Eddie (Enemy of the State)jj at December 15, 2010 08:01 AM

Eddie and I would cheer you on big time. I have never been so outraged in my entire life.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 15, 2010 11:27 AM

Every minute that they hold the reins of power, the further we sink into the morass of insolvency. How many decades will it take to undo all of the damage they've done? Can it be done? Lord help us all.

Posted by: Jim at December 15, 2010 01:29 PM

Oh, NOW, they read the bill (unlike Obamacare).

Posted by: Anonymous at December 15, 2010 03:21 PM

If they keep it up we may be bowling on Pennsylvania Ave with their heads.

Posted by: pontiff alex at December 15, 2010 03:48 PM

Another POS we could do without. Damn Unions.

Posted by: Mark at December 15, 2010 06:19 PM

RAPE is the operative word for sure, Chrissie!!!! :(

Posted by: jan at December 15, 2010 07:02 PM

Thank you so much all of you for being here and your input.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 16, 2010 12:09 AM