Theodore's World: Dictator Obama To New Gov.'s " Call Us Before You Go To The Media"

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December 03, 2010

Dictator Obama To New Gov.'s " Call Us Before You Go To The Media"

Obama, Biden To New Govs: Calls Us Before You Go To Media

HERE is the VIDEO of this statment from Obama and Biden.

Obama and Vice President Biden ask newly elected Governors to call the White House before they "are really mad about something" and go to the media.

"We prefer not to read about it in the press," Obama said.


And this thing about Biden and other cabinet officials wanting to hear from the Governors. Just exactly how many times did Governor Jan Brewer and Governor Rick Perry request meetings with the president only to be snubbed continuously? Anyone remember when Obama traveled to Texas for fundraisers in Dallas and Austin? Rick Perry requested to meet with the President and Obama didn't have 5 minutes to spare for the Governor, Perry ended up handing him a letter where it was given to Valerie Jarrett who was coming off the plane.


Wild Thing's comment.........

What total jerks!!!!!!!

Obama making a veiled threat. In other words, please do not upset Der Fuhrer.

And most of the new gov.'s are Republicans. Hello Obama the States do not answer to you.

Hey Obama, Go BACK to Hell where you belong.

We have seen how good Obama is at responding to Gov.'s. Thinking back on AZ. Gov, and Bobby Jindal . Jindal has been so ticked about Obama and how he handled things and his lack of response with the oil spill he wrote a book. heh heh I bet it is not one of Obama's favorite's.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 3, 2010 04:45 AM


Now nearly into 2011, this elitist administration in Washington cares more about themselves, their hold onto power, and their perception in the media than the real world Americans are living with, as well as the heavy burdens of Governors like Chris Christie in New Jersey.

The City Council of Camden, New Jersey (second most dangerous American city) will now lay off half of its police and fire departments:

It is noteworthy and poignant how the corruption and collusion of unions and Democrats in local governments have destroyed high crime cities like Camden, Newark, Detroit, Gary, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.

Two years in, this current White House still cannot stop whining about how it inherited so many problems.

Democrats with full control of the House, Senate and the White House has been a recipe for disaster because their world of human life by government ration and their collectivist policies lose sight of the truly legitimate purposes of government, growing the bloated burden of the public sector unsustainably, while killing and diminishing the very private sector that pays for everything and sustains us all including the public sector of all government, federal, state and local.

The real inheritance will be what will be left for the next White House in 2013 as this administration continues to dig us into a black hole which becomes increasingly harder to recover from every day that passes.

We need to grow the private sector now, not government and public sector unions that are killing America from within !

Posted by: Carlos at December 3, 2010 09:46 AM

Hey Hussein and Joe. Read The Bill of Rights. It contains a very distinct Tenth Amendment. Obey it!

Posted by: TomR,armed in Texas at December 3, 2010 10:01 AM

Carlos, thank you so much for the information and the link too. That was great.

Tom, LOVE it, thank you!!!!!

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 4, 2010 03:56 AM