Theodore's World: Obama Voter Tells Him 'I'm Exhausted of Defending You"

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September 20, 2010

Obama Voter Tells Him 'I'm Exhausted of Defending You"

Obama spoke at a townhall meeting today in Washington D.C. when this woman expressed her disappointment in the Obama Administration. Notice how the president laughs off her comments.

"I'm one of your middle class Americans. And quite frankly, I'm exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for," a woman told President Obama at a town hall.

From New York Times

She described herself as a chief financial officer, a mother and a military veteran said she was disappointed that Mr. Obama had not lived up to her once-lofty expectations.
“I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration. … I’m deeply disappointed where we are right now,” she said, adding that when she voted for Mr. Obama, she thought he would change Washington. “I’m waiting, sir. I’m waiting. I don’t feel it yet. … Is this my new reality?”

Moments later, a young man offered a similar theme. He noted that the president had ignited a wave of inspiration for young people and students.

“That inspiration is dying away,” he said. “It feels like the American dream is not attainable for a lot of us. … Is the American dream dead for me?”

Together, the comments reflected the erosion of support among the constituency that swept Mr. Obama into office in 2008. And both were rooted in concerns about the struggling economy and its impact on future generations.

Obama told both attendees to remain hopeful. He defended his administration’s efforts to increase money for student loans, impose new laws on credit card companies and insurance companies, and stabilize the economy.

“I am confident that the American dream will continue,” Obama told the young man, adding that “there is not a country in the world that would not want to change places with us.”
He told the woman who said she was disappointed that “there are a whole host of things that we have put in place that do make your life better,” but he quickly cautioned, “I understand your frustration.”
“My goal here is not to convince you that everything is where it needs to be,” Mr. Obama told her. “But what I am saying is that we are moving in the right direction.”


Wild Thing's comment.......

Obama was just taken behind the woodshed by that Democrat supporter. LOL And they did hand pick the audience.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 20, 2010 02:55 PM


This woman is a liberal and is upset that Obama hasn't been able to enact all of his liberal socialist agenda. She's not upset over his policies, she upset that he hasn't enacted enough socialist policies like she hoped.

I wonder how this financial recession has taken a toll on her family. She's the CFO or a veterans organization so you know she makes very good money. She didn't mention what her husband did but I'll assume he has a job of some type. She has her children in private school. Unless her husband has lost his job, how has the financial recession taken a toll on her family?

Posted by: BobF at September 20, 2010 09:17 PM

Bob, thanks for pointing that out, I agree that is exactly what she is upset about. And the man mentioned in the article too, he wants more give me stuff.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 20, 2010 11:52 PM

2X $130,000 pbvopis;y she is rich and eating beans and franks. She just did not nkowhow bad the rich had it.

Posted by: Avitar at September 20, 2010 11:56 PM

It's our new reality. Even with her income.

Posted by: Anonymous at September 21, 2010 07:42 PM