Theodore's World: Luke Russert Takes On Rep. Charlie Rangel and Questions About Alleged Ethics Violations and House Dem.Calls For Rangel To RESIGN

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July 24, 2010

Luke Russert Takes On Rep. Charlie Rangel and Questions About Alleged Ethics Violations and House Dem.Calls For Rangel To RESIGN

Luke Russert - MSNBC journalist, takes on Charlie Rangel

The Examiner

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: What are you talking about? You're just trying to make copy? What job? The one I got?

RUSSERT: Yeah. I mean, these are really serious violations.

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: I mean, how do you think I got my job? I was elected. How do you think I lose it?

RUSSERT: Well, there's two ways. You could lose it if your colleagues voted you out of here because of ethics violations or if your constituents do not find you upstanding.

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: What station are you with? Well, you're young; I guess you do need to make a name for yourself.

RUSSERT: (chuckles)

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: But basically you know it's a dumb question, and I'm not answering.

RUSSERT: How is it a dumb question?

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: The allegations that were made by some people!

RUSSERT: Sir? Sir? You did not file taxes on properties in the Dominican Republic, allegedly.

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: It doesn't... It doesn't sound like... It doesn't...

RUSSERT: If that comes to be true, is that not a problem?

CONGRESSMAN RANGEL: It doesn't really sound like NBC --


CONGRESSMAN RANGEL -- asking these dumb questions. It just shows what has really happened to a channel that did have some respect.

Luke Russert is the son of Tim Russert, the late and much beloved television journalist who died tragically and suddenly several years ago at a relatively young age.

Anyone who may have thought the younger Russert was simply living off his father's coattails must reassess their position. After this episode it seems clear Luke Russert is willing and able to mix it up with the big boys.

Charles Rangel being confronted by MSNBC’s Luke Russert about his alleged ethics violations that he will soon have to answer for before a congressional committee. Russert shockingly did what journalists are supposed to do with elected officials – without regard to party. When someone in the mainstream media actually does their job these days, it is a shock to us all. Rangel was clearly taken aback, even noting that reporters from his network used to show him “more respect.”


Rush was very pleased to see real journalism happening here, especially from the likes of MSNBC. Don’t get me wrong…he’s not praising MSNBC, he’s praising Luke Russert for asking the tough questions.


House Democrat calls on Rep. Charles Rangel to resign

The Hill

In a major development, Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Ohio) on Friday night called on beleaguered Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) to resign.

Sutton's statement comes one day after the House ethics committee charged the 80-year-old Democrat with multiple violations.

In a statement to The Hill, Sutton stated, "It is regrettable, but Charlie Rangel needs to resign from his seat in Congress. This isn’t about being a Democrat or Republican, this is about preserving the public trust. Our nation is facing extraordinary challenges and we must be focused on building a sustainable economy that will allow our workers and businesses to flourish."

Sutton has built a reputation as a crusader for congressional ethics. In 2008, she led the fight to pass legislation creating the Office of Congressional Ethics, which now serves as an independent ethics body within the House of Representatives.

Earlier this year, Sutton called on Rangel to resign as Ways and Means Committee chairman days before the New York Democrat -- under pressure from House Democratic leaders -- gave up his gavel.

The first call on Rangel to resign from a sitting House Democrat could be the tipping point as an increasing number of Democrats are expressing concern over what Rangel could mean for the party's election prospects this fall.

The House ethics committee is set to release the full charges against Rangel at an open hearing next Thursday.

Rangel held a news conference in New York on Friday afternoon to once again declare his innocence.

Rangel said he was "pleased" that the full evidence against him would be aired Thursday, giving him the chance to defend himself.
"I am so pleased that they have and reported this to the ethics committee," Rangel said. "This is going to be done before my primary election, before my general election."


Wild Thing's comment...........

The ‘Rats are breaking ranks because they are deathly afraid of what is coming in November.

LOL Luke Russert did great! That had to have surprised Rangel...... Rangel was shocked a liberal network would question him.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 24, 2010 06:50 AM


Given the "Racist" attitude, which is so popular right now, I wouldn't put a lot of hope in Charlie Rangel losing his seat.

Think William Jefferson of Louisiana, among others.

Charlie will survive and continue to represent himself first and then his district. As long as can keep throwing all of the pork his district's way the sheep will continue to vote him in.

It's the way the game is played and Charlie Rangel learned from the best, Adam Clayton Powell.

Posted by: Sean at July 24, 2010 11:09 AM

Pielosy will put this to bed she's not going to allow one of her henchmen to go down in a huge ball of flames. Slap on the wrist.

Posted by: Mark at July 24, 2010 05:33 PM

Sean, amazing isn't it. He has done so many things and so corrupt and he will slide right through.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 25, 2010 12:34 AM

Mark, I bet your right, and she is the Queen bee that's for sure.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 25, 2010 12:35 AM