Theodore's World: New Black Panther Party Leader Malik Shabazz Heaping Praise on Osama Bin Laden

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July 10, 2010

New Black Panther Party Leader Malik Shabazz Heaping Praise on Osama Bin Laden

This is the New Black Panther Party Leader praising Osama Bin Laden just 6 months after the September 11th terrorist attack. Shabazz called Osama “a brother” and “a bold man” before praising him for “standing up” and getting Bush “shook up.”

These are the kind of people Barack Obama and Eric Holder are protecting.

Wild Thing's comment........

Obama draws no line with evil. He seeks it out, to defend or protect these people in any way is to agree with them and what they say and stand for.

When that demonic mosque opens by “ground zero”, that will empower people like this.
Not only have I not heard one muslin say they object, I have never heard one muslim object to terrorism, including 9/11.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 10, 2010 05:50 AM


Indeed, we have evil in the white house and it permeates the whole government. Through every fiber of the government.

Posted by: Mark at July 10, 2010 07:04 PM

Mark, ditto that, every part of our government.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 10, 2010 11:04 PM

Mayor "Napoleon" Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg and his backstabbing cronies must have a $tupendou$ rea$on which they can't reveal for wanting a sharia-hugging mosque near Ground Zero!
But the sharia "cobra" they're toying with can quickly grow its fangs and then say "Smile, you're on Candid Scimitar and will soon be buried in a scimitary, ha ha ha!" - proving that one good backstabbing deserves another!
God-haters and America-haters may not realize how high the collective temperature has now risen in the hearts of true American patriots - many of whom are now willing to die for America right here in America if they get pushed completely over the line!
Since the nation's headquarters for treason is the White House, readers can enjoy related material if they Google "Obama Supports Public Depravity" and also Google "Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman" in addition to Googling "Obama...destined to become a black-slavery avenger."
And by all means visit Googleland and type in "Government-Approved Illegals" and "Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham."
I hope Mayor Bloomberg, dressed as Napoleon, will thoroughly enjoy his mosquerade party!

A Kansas Patriot

(I'm Angel and read the above on the web)

Posted by: Angel at July 11, 2010 01:07 AM