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July 29, 2010

Awesome Rep. Paul Ryan: The Choice of Two Futures

What kind of a nation are we going to be in the 21st century?

Paul Ryan on the threat posed to our nation's exceptionalism should a growing majority of takers become dependent on an increasing minority of makers:

This would mark a transition away from the traditional American idea of an entrepreneurial economy based upon limited government and free enterprise, and a move over toward a Western European-style, cradle-to-grave social welfare state, where the majority of people are dependent on the government for their very livelihoods. This saps us of our creativity, our entrepreneurial spirit, and our prosperity. This results in slow growth, fuels greater dependence on the government, which drains people of the incentive and the will to make the most of their lives. The point I'm trying to make with this tipping point -- this choice of two futures -- is: do you want an opportunity society with a safety net -- or -- do you want to switch over to this cradle-to-grave welfare state, where he have a culture of dependency, slow growth, lower livings standards, and less prosperity? That is the choice before us.

Wild Thing's comment.....

Gosh he is soooo good. You know he reminds me of Bobby Jindal in his way of speaking. That kind of fast paced and to the point no frills ...let's get her done kind of thing. haha

Like Jindal when he was telling Obama off during the oil spill and listing his plans telling Obama to LISTEN and Do something!

Anyway, Rep. Ryan is very smart and I love how he explains things. He is articulate, very knowledgeable, and very well put together. He also seemed to have an uncanny knack for putting complex issues in simple terms for the people like myself to understand.

He also made mince meat of Obama when they had that meeting with him about Obamacare. I loved that too.

Ryan has a plan to preserve the foundations that this country was founded on, maintain our freedom, and to stop the economic free fall, stabilize, and increase the prosperity of the economic engine that has been key in making this country what it was and what it could be again.

Posted by Wild Thing at July 29, 2010 06:47 AM


Yes, Bryan is good. He is very articulate and presents conservatism well. I hope he moves up in the leadership of Congress.

Posted by: TomR, armed in Texas at July 29, 2010 10:58 AM

Tom, that would be wonderful.

Posted by: Wild Thing at July 29, 2010 04:57 PM