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May 21, 2010

RAT Barack Obama Upstaged by Scurrying Rodent! LOL

In this video the mouse/rodent that upstaged President Obama yesterday by scurrying past the podium where he was speaking.

The video shows the mouse before Obama came to the podium as it runs out and then back into the bushes. But later it apparently took off again right past the podium as Obama was delivering his remarks.

If President Obama thought he heard a squeak of dissent as he announced tough new banking regulations he may have been right.

But it was a small rodent rather than a Wall Street fat cat who nearly upstaged the Commander-in-Chief as he spoke in the Rose Garden yesterday.

The creature no one is quite sure whether it was a rat or mouse, or possibly a vole broke for cover from a set of bushes to Mr Obamas right, passed directly in front of the presidential podium, and then disappeared into another set of bushes on his left.

Last week, as camera crews set up for Mr Obamas statement on the Gulf oil spill, whats believed to have been the same rodent made another dash across the famous garden.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 21, 2010 02:18 PM


Could be a CIA mole too.

This son of a bitch is determined to destroy small business. Only union companies will be able to get business loans.

The market was down this morning this is not going to help generate confidence with this bill/law.

Posted by: Mark at May 21, 2010 02:35 PM

Mark, LOL hahahhaa good one about the CIA mole. heh heh

I agree, this bill is showing it's effects right away.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 22, 2010 04:01 AM