Theodore's World: Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

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May 07, 2010

Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

Freedom of expression or cultural disrespect on Cinco de Mayo?


On any other day at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Daniel Galli and his four friends would not even be noticed for wearing T-shirts with the American flag. But Cinco de Mayo is not any typical day especially on a campus with a large Mexican American student population.

Galli says he and his friends were sitting at a table during brunch break when the vice principal asked two of the boys to remove American flag bandannas that they wearing on their heads and for the others to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out. When they refused, the boys were ordered to go to the principal's office.

"They said we could wear it on any other day," Daniel Galli said, "but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today."

The boys said the administrators called their T-shirts "incendiary" that would lead to fights on campus.

"They said if we tried to go back to class with our shirts not taken off, they said it was defiance and we would get suspended," Dominic Maciel, Galli's friend, said.

The boys really had no choice, and went home to avoid suspension. They say they're angry they were not allowed to express their American pride. Their parents are just as upset, calling what happened to their children, "total nonsense."

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous," Julie Fagerstrom, Maciel's mom, said. "All they were doing was displaying their patriotic nature. They're expressing their individuality."

But to many Mexican-American students at Live Oak, this was a big deal. They say they were offended by the five boys and others for wearing American colors on a Mexican holiday.

"I think they should apologize cause it is a Mexican Heritage Day," Annicia Nunez, a Live Oak High student, said. "We don't deserve to be get disrespected like that. We wouldn't do that on Fourth of July."

As for an apology, the boys and their families say, 'fat chance.'

"I'm not going to apologize. I did nothing wrong," Galli said. "I went along with my normal day. I might have worn an American flag, but I'm an American and I'm proud to be an American."

The five boys and their families met with a Morgan Hill Unified School District official Wednesday night. The district and the school do not see eye-to-eye on the incident and released the following statement:

The district does not concur with the Live Oak High School administration's interpretation of either board or district policy related to these actions.

The boys will not be suspended and were allowed to return to school Thursday. We spotted one of them when he got to campus -- and, yes, he was sporting an American flag T-shirt.


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Wild Thing's comment........

How dare they kick the kids out of school for wearing the American Flag..what in the HELL is wrong with these idiots!!!!

They act like this is really Mexico and we are the occupiers.

They should come back wearing a Remember the Alamo t-shirt.

One more thing, this holiday is NOT celebrated in Mexico, and not even in in Puebla. It is NOT Mexican Independence Day, which is Sept. 16. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the defeat of the French in the city of Puebla, Mexico. It is a minor event to most of Mexico as they don’t celebrate it. It seems a little strange, because people in Mexico — or at least, people in Mexico City — don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo. No one has the day off.

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RAC has a website that is awesome. 336th Assault Helicopter Company

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....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

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Posted by Wild Thing at May 7, 2010 05:48 AM


Now wait one darn minute here! They wear their heritage t-shirts, their Che shirts but we're not suppose to be offended? Cinco de Mayo is NOT even a real holiday. They don't even celebrate it in Mexico!! This is just like when the kids in Denver ran the Mexican flag up over the American flag. They don't want equality, they want all the power and turn us to slaves. No thanks.

Posted by: Lynn at May 7, 2010 11:35 AM

It's a for left/libtard "educators" (used loosely) to feel sensitive and muli-culturally "empower" their La Raza student supporters whole feel "blanco" America owes them the entire Southwest-- but that's "social justice," not racism, when they do it.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 7, 2010 11:40 AM

Well Cinco de mayo, their victory over the French was their only victory and that one was suspect at best. The French had already decided to leave. But Mexicos track record in the Wars is out there in plain sight, they lost everything else. Spanish, English and The Americans and all their Indian wars.

About 70% of the country supports the Law passed in Arizona, which by the way was almost copied from the Federal law almost word for word. Now, we are either a nation of Laws or we are not. What is so tuff to understand about that. Obviously, obama picks and chooses the laws he likes and supports them. Again he chooses to side with the Law breakers,

Posted by: Mark at May 7, 2010 01:28 PM

Sorry, I meant "It's a holiday for left/libtard educators..." (Braincramp while typing earlier.)

Posted by: Anonymous at May 7, 2010 01:47 PM

Thank you all soooo much, you all mean so much to me.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 8, 2010 04:51 AM