Theodore's World: Justice Department Declines to Appoint Independent Counsel for Sestak Case

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May 26, 2010

Justice Department Declines to Appoint Independent Counsel for Sestak Case

Congress Demanding Special Prosecutor For White House Bribe ....this video is AFTER "Justice Department Declines to Appoint Independent Counsel for Sestak Case"


Justice Department declines to appoint independent counsel for Sestak case

The Department of Justice doesn’t need any outside help investigating the White House — at least that’s what DOJ says. In a letter to California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich attempts to tip-toe around the congressman’s request for an independent counsel to investigate a bribery claim made by Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak.

“You have asked that a special counsel be appointed to handle the investigation of this matter,” Weich writes. “The Department of Justice, however, has a long history of handling investigations of high level officials professionally and independently, without the need to appoint a special counsel.”

Sestak first made the bribery allegation in February, telling a Pennsylvania radio host that a White House official offered him a job in exchange that he not run for Senate, and has reiterated that claim multiple times in the last week.

In response to the DOJ letter, Issa released the following: “The attorney general’s refusal to take action in the face of such felonious allegations undermines any claim to transparency and integrity that this administration asserts. The bottom line is, if what Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod said is true and nothing ‘inappropriate’ or ‘problematic’ happened, then why doesn’t the White House disclose what actually happened, who was involved and what was promised. Either Sestak is lying, which is the only way nothing ‘inappropriate’ happened or the White House is and Robert Gibbs is lying.”

The DOJ’s letter, dated May 21, comes three weeks after Issa’s initial inquiry, and two weeks after Attorney General Eric Holder claimed in a May 16 hearing that he had already responded to Issa’s concerns.

Wild Thing's comment.........

The stonewalling has begun.

It is a a FELONY.

18 USC 211 - Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office Whoever solicits or receives, either as a political contribution, or for personal emolument, any money or thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. Whoever solicits or receives any thing of value in consideration of aiding a person to obtain employment under the United States either by referring his name to an executive department or agency of the United States or by requiring the payment of a fee because such person has secured such employment shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than one year, or both. This section shall not apply to such services rendered by an employment agency pursuant to the written request of an executive department or agency of the United States.

Sestak case deepens--did White House commit a felony by offering a job to Sestak?

In explaining the law on Fox Business Network's 'Happy Hour' program, Judge Andrew Napolitano stated,

Well the ramifications are potentially enormous. I mean to offer someone something of value in order to affect their official behavior as a member of Congress is a felony. We call it a bribe. To offer someone something of value to affect the outcome of an election is a felony. Each of those carries five years with them. The government has an affirmative obligation to investigate this.And Congressman Sestak who is a decent guy, we've all interviewed him. He sent you handwritten thank you notes after he was on your show, whether he agrees with you or not. Congressman Sestak has an obligation to tell the truth. Who offered him a job? What was the quid pro quo and what was the job? If he doesn't say that voluntarily a federal prosecutor should bring him before a grand jury and the grand jurors will inquire of his knowledge as we like to say.

It's time for Sestak to do more than admit the offer was made, he must now name names.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 26, 2010 02:15 PM


Rahm "dead fish" will surely be thrown under the bus in this issue. Congress may have to wait until after the elections to bring this issue to the floor. But it certainly sounds like their thuggery is catching up with them.

Posted by: Jim at May 26, 2010 03:53 PM

Hmmm...another fly in the ointment. Remember back after the soutpiel's immaculation, Governor Blagovich took the hit for trying to sell a certain Senators seat. How much you wanna bet the same people were involved. Blago will take the hit on this and probably be sent up for it only to have obama pardon him later on.

Now Sestak was offered a job, bribe as it were. Could this all be related or just a coincidence, I think not. And Holder won't assign a special prosecutor...surprise surprise.

Posted by: Mark at May 26, 2010 09:40 PM

Jim, I was wondering about that. Rahmyes he would be the one obama will use. I had not thought of that, yes they could still go after this even after the elections as well.

Mark, oh yes, old Blago. I agree and once again they will do all they can to avoid doing what is expected of them and demanded of them.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 27, 2010 01:20 AM