Theodore's World: Gov. Jindal Blasts Obama Inaction, Moves on Sand Booms

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May 24, 2010

Gov. Jindal Blasts Obama Inaction, Moves on Sand Booms

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says with oil pushing at least 12 miles into the state's marshes and two major pelican rookeries coated in crude, the state is working on a chain of sand berms to protect the coastline from the leaking crude oil. (May 23)

Gov. Jindal blasts Obama inaction, moves on sand booms

Jindal tired of waiting for approval, to build sand booms

H/T Michelle Malkin blog

This is leadership on the front lines, not just on the sidelines. Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal has been working non-stop over the past month to protect his state from the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill — and from the bureaucratic delays in the Obama administration.

Click HERE to watch the full video of his latest press conference as Gov. Jindal explains what he is doing to contain the damage:

Gov. Jindal was critical of the amount of boom his state received to ward off the oil seeping toward the coastline. But his major gripe comes at the expense of the Army Corps of Engineers, who have yet to give the go-ahead for the building of sand booms to protect the Louisiana wetlands. He used photographic evidence of oil breaking through hard booms, soft booms and another layer of protection, before being finally being corralled by a sand boom built by the National Guard.

"It is so much better for us. We don't want oil on one inch of Louisiana's coastline, but we'd much rather fight this oil off of a hard coast, off of an island, off of an island, off of a sandy beach on our coastal islands, rather than having to fight it inside in these wetlands," Gov. Jindal said, making the case for sand booms.

The governor said he has been forced to protect Louisiana without the approval of the Army Corps of Engineers, which is weighing the ecological impact of the construction of more sand booms.

"We are not waiting for them. We are going to build it," Jindal said.
"We can either fight battle -- we can fight this oil -- on the Barrier Islands 15 to 20 miles off of our coast, or we can face it in thousands of miles of fragmented wetlands," Gov. Jindal said, clearing favoring the first option. "Every day we're not given approval on this emergency permit to create more of these sand booms is another day when that choice is made for us, as more and more miles of our shore are hit by oil."

The oil spill, which has lasted 33 days since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, has yet to be stopped by British Petroleum at the source. The situation is dire for Gulf coast states.

"It is clear the resources needed to protect our coast are still not here," Gov. Jindal said. "Oil sits and waits for cleanup, and every day that it waits for cleanup more of our marsh dies."

At least one federal official is taking some responsibility:

The oil mass continues moving west, and as the toxic sludge begins to make landfall in Terrebonne, Capt. Edwin Stanton, who heads up the Coast Guard’s response, is taking blame.
“The governor is right. It’s too slow, and if it’s anybody’s fault, it’s mine, for not pushing (BP) hard enough perhaps,” Stanton said.“We did have a problem with getting boom down here to begin with, but there seems to be boom that is in the staging areas that needs to be put out.”

Then, in an exchange with a reporter, he went further.

Stanton: “It’s my job to direct this response in Louisiana.”
Reporter: “Why didn’t you do it?”
Stanton: “Well, the why — is that really important?”
Reporter: “Yes sir, we live here.”
Stanton: “Well, I guess I’m just slow and dumb.”


Louisiana Officials Threaten Action if Spill Response Proves Inadequate

Gov. Bobby Jindal recited a timeline of his requests to BP and the Coast Guard for containment boom, skimmers and other supplies, saying that the resources were still far from adequate weeks later.

Around 65 miles of Louisiana coastline had been “oiled,” he said, as local officials held aloft pictures of oil-coated pelicans and a porpoise.

Saying that promises of more supplies frequently fell through, Mr. Jindal said he was going to send members of the Louisiana National Guard and Wildlife and Fisheries agents to monitor the oil and even to locate boom and other response supplies, which he and other officials said were available but sitting unused.

Mr. Jindal also urged the Army Corps of Engineers to immediately approve a plan to build artificial barrier islands out of sand to hold back the oil, a plan widely praised by local parish officials but questioned by some experts. He said he would raise the issue with President Obama in a conference call on Monday.

In response to increasing criticism that the White House has not acted aggressively enough on the spill, the Obama administration is sending Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano into the region on Monday at the head of a bipartisan Congressional delegation.

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ABC News Absolves Obama of Oil Spill Blame by Bashing Sarah Palin...from Newsbusters

ABC News on Sunday marvelously absolved President Obama of any blame concerning the Gulf oil spill by bashing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

After "World News Sunday's" opening segment about the crisis and how local citizens are being impacted, anchor Dan Harris said, "As we reported, the President is turning up the heat on BP, but the President is also feeling some heat himself with many critics questioning the way the White House is handling this crisis."

He then asked senior Washington editor Rick Klein, "Is there any evidence to substantiate the claim that the White House has been somehow abdicating responsibility and allowing BP to pick up too much of the heavy-lifting in this crisis?"

Strangely, Klein's response involved Palin .



Wild Thing's comment........

Considering that Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama all went for McCain in 2008, it is clear Obama does not give a crap what happens to those states and their coastal industry. It also explains why Tennessee hasn’t gotten much help with their flooding.

Jindal is the only government official taking decisive action, and the obamanoids don't like it. They have instructed the media whorehouse to raise a blanket of silence against his creative and innovative steps, and the obaman EPA will do everything in its power to see that the environment suffers maximum damage.

If Bush was President they be crucifying him for doing nothing! Obama, again, gets a pass from the MSM!

....Thank you Mark for sending this to me.

3rd Mar.Div. 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment
1/9 Marines aka The Walking Dead
VN 66-67

Posted by Wild Thing at May 24, 2010 06:49 AM


Where are all the Environmentalist whacko's screaming at the White House for action, where is Mary Landrieu, where is any left wing environmentalist screaming about this oil spill and washing off all the Pelicans. Why is Bobby Jindal all by himself. Jindal is going to win this thing, and will come out on top of his game. This man is a leader.

Most important of all where is Hussein Obama, the half breed usurper who was really, really concerned about our security.

Obama only shows concern when he hasn't read the law and a Governor goes against his redistribution scheme. When real concerns and threats loom his is absent without leave.

Posted by: mark at May 24, 2010 08:35 AM

In this crisis, O only wants to squeeze money out of BP. They couldn't care less about the coastline and the economy of those states affected. Idiotic. How much revenue is the government going to lose from that?
Now, Jindal will get a ration of crap and probably a lawsuit from the EPA. Government gone wild.

Posted by: Jim at May 24, 2010 01:27 PM

Louisiana has a good man in Governor Jindal.

You don't think Obama is dragging his foot on this because the governors of the Gulf Coast States are Republicans? Correction, one of them (FL)is nothing but a worthless RINO.

Posted by: BobF at May 24, 2010 09:52 PM

Mark, yessss where are all those Environmentalist's. Just like the Code Pink people too they are not doing anything yet to Obama like they would be if it was Bush.

Jim, I think so too, the left hates Jindal he is not a rino so they can't have their way with him.

BobF., yess see that is what I was thinking too, they hate the states that did not go for Obama. I agree Bob too that our guy here in Fl. is a total worthless rino.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 25, 2010 01:05 AM