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May 10, 2010

Elena Kagan To Be Obama's New Supreme Court Nominee

NBC News is reporting that Obama will nominate U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan to be the next Supreme Court Justice.

Kagan would be another liberal, replacing the liberal Justice Stevens who is stepping down. The balance on the court would remain a precarious 5-4 conservative majority, with Justice Kennedy sometimes voting on the liberal side of the ledger.

U.S. solicitor general, 2009-present; dean, Harvard Law School, 2003-09; professor of law, Harvard Law School, 2001; visiting professor, Harvard Law School, 1999-2001; deputy assistant to President Bill Clinton for domestic policy and deputy director of the Domestic Policy Council, 1997-99; associate counsel to President Bill Clinton, 1995-96; professor, University of Chicago Law School, 1991-95; worked in private practice, Washington, 1989-91; law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, 1987-88; clerked for Judge Abner Mikva of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, 1986-87.

EDUCATION — Princeton University, bachelor's, 1981; Worcester College at Oxford, master's, 1983; Harvard Law School, law degree, 1986.

QUOTE — "I like to think that one of the good things about me is that I know what I don't know and that I figure out how to learn it when I need to learn it."

Kagan was credited by the ACLU with “shaping Clinton’s policy on hate crimes,” Wright noted.

“The Clinton Administration treated pro-life activists like violent criminals, creating a task force in the Department of Justice and a grand jury to investigate peaceful pro-lifers. This raises serious concerns that she shares the hostile view that religious beliefs are a form of ‘hate,’” she said.

Kagan may be sympathetic to the views of internationalists, those who would impose international norms on Americans, including an unlimited abortion right.

From The Weekly Standard:

Elena Kagan's senior thesis, written almost thirty years ago while an undergraduate at Princeton. The title of the thesis: "To the Final Conflict: Socialism in New York City, 1900-1933"'

"In our own times, a coherent socialist movement is nowhere to be found in the United States. Americans are more likely to speak of a golden past than of a golden future, of capitalism's glories than of socialism's greatness. Conformity overrides dissent; the desire to conserve has overwhelmed the urge to alter. Such a state of affairs cries out for explanation. Why, in a society by no means perfect, has a radical party never attained the status of a major political force? Why, in particular, did the socialist movement never become an alternative to the nation's established parties?"(pp. 127)

Even Wikipedia boasts that Kagan is a gay activist: “During her deanship, Kagan supported a long-standing policy barring military recruiters from campus, because she felt that the military’s Don’t ask, don’t tell policy discriminated against gays and lesbians. According to Campus Progress,”

More significantly, perhaps, when Kagan became Dean of the Law school she put through a change in the basic law program. Beginning law students at Harvard no longer got the basic course in Common Law that had been taught for more than a century. Instead, they were taught postive law and activist law—changing the law in accordance with progressive ideas.

She reminds me of PAT...remember Pat???


Wild Thing's comment........

Note also she has never served as a Judge.

She could care less about common law, natural law, tradition, or the Constitution. It would be her job to remake the country in a leftist image.

When she was at Harvard, she opposed military recruiting and other presence on campus because she opposed "don't ask, don't tell", not because it allowed some homosexuals in the military, but because it "discriminated" against them. I imagine she's not too fond of the Boy Scouts either.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 05:55 AM


She is about 5 minutes older than my brother! She has never been a judge, so how can she judge? Let's see he's put a latina and now a gay activist judge on the panel-does he think this is American Idol? I hope to God she does not make it. I hope she is scrutinized 6 ways from Sunday!

Posted by: Lynn at May 10, 2010 11:27 AM

What is it with bull dykes serving during left wing administrations? Maybe she can bunk with Neopolitano @ the Y. Me bad!

Posted by: Eddie (A libs worst nightmare) at May 10, 2010 12:02 PM

And of course cornyn will bend over backwards to get this commie on the bench; like the p*ssy RINO that he is, just to be "fair".

Posted by: JohnE at May 10, 2010 01:25 PM

Another extreme Leftist. Let's pray that nothing happens to any of the conservative judges.

Posted by: TomR at May 10, 2010 02:11 PM

Hey, it's the "I lost another loan to Ditech" guy!

Posted by: Anonymous at May 10, 2010 07:25 PM

All day long the white house has been defending or lying that she is not gay. Which is a pretty good indication that she is a full blown "Bull-Lesbo". I mean what other part could she play.

Unlike obama she has thesis's papers left all over the place explaining her views. And they all lean way over to the left and farther if she could reach that far.

The only good news in all of this she can't tip any balance but maintain the status quo.

Posted by: Mark at May 10, 2010 07:30 PM

Lynn, LOL good one. "does he think this is American Idol"

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:32 PM

Eddie, hahahaa

There is something how Obama does pick women that are not feminine to say the least. Maybe because Obama is so feminine. hahha

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:33 PM

JohnE., I know what you mean, I sure hope he doesn't go rino on this. Republicans need to stand strong on every single thing conservatives don't want.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:36 PM

Tom, good point and I agree we need to pray for our conservatives on the bench, good healh and that they don't retire. Scary to think of them not being there.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:38 PM

Anonymous, Hahahahahaha good one.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:40 PM

Mark, well said. Their propaganda machine is in full speed to try and stop anyone from saying that.

I agree Mark, that is the good news that the balance will remain the same. whew thank you God.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 10, 2010 07:41 PM