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May 24, 2010

Choose Your Battle Wisely....SB 1070 or HB 2281

From Jim here at Theodore's World....."Cochise County is in the far southeast corner of the state, bordering New Mexico and Mexico."


Choose Your Battle Wisely; SB 1070 or HB 2281

by Paul Johnson

"Because it has not been enforced, let's just use that as the reason to not enforce it." And so, the battle over Arizona's new immigration law wages on and stoops to new lows.

The nation, in an uproar over Mexico’s President being allowed to go unchallenged when denouncing the Arizona immigration law before the US Congress has left Liberals and Conservatives alike with a new understanding of whose side the Obama administration is actually on. It is not America’s side if you’re wondering.

Matt Liam, a Cochise County resident and until now, devout Liberal and Obama supporter was clearly disappointed. “I have had it with the president! How can a true American allow his own country and his own laws be denounced without challenge. No less by a president that has tougher immigration enforcement laws than our own. I am embarrassed that I have wasted a vote on this man who is incrementally destroying a great nation. His lies were one thing, but to not defend your own country is too much. He set out to destroy the Tea Party through his lies. An elected official stated he was called the N word when setting forth to vote on health care reform. Fifteen videos and sound clips from the location and time it was said to have happened failed to produce even a single profanity, let alone the N word. That never made it to the mainstream media though, because the liberal media machine buried it. Of course they kept the false accusations in circulation. Then on top of that, you have the $100,000 contribution to the United Negro College Fund if anyone could prove this actually happened that has gone unclaimed. And of course, no mention of that either. The lies, the deceit, the misleading information from this man are all tolerated because people have become so emotionally attached that they cannot; excuse me, refuse to see what is happening. The next thing you know he his turning directly on his own nation and his followers do the only thing they know how to do; follow. He is not a Liberal, he is at best a Leninist Marxist and his followers are too undereducated to understand the danger he represents. This was the straw the broke the camel’s back in my support of this president.”

Little did Matt realize things are getting worse by the minute.

“I don’t think the Arizona law, or laws like it are the answer,” said John Morton, assistant secretary of homeland security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Morton feels the solution lies in a comprehensive federal approach. He is correct in that assertion that much is hard to argue, but the federal government is doing everything but a comprehensive approach. In fact, ICE has the right to refuse to detain and deport illegal immigrants even when the referrals are from within ICE.

"ICE has the legal discretion to accept or not to accept persons delivered to it by non-federal personnel," Napolitano said. "It also has the discretion to deport or not to deport persons delivered to it by any government agents, even its own."

This is to directly state that referrals from Arizona can and most likely will be refused. This coming from the former Arizona Governor and now Secretary of DHS. Because they do not like the law, they are simply now justifying their right to not enforce federal through an already broken system within ICE. And we wonder why we have a problem.

Complicating the matter is the Obama administration which has been contacting every ICE agency and informing them they have no intention in cooperating with the Arizona law.

In essence, the Obama administration is saying, “we have ignored the problem and so should the states.” This sentiment of ignoring the problem because it has already existed is echoed by supporters of the administration and those opposed to the legislation.

“Enforcing this law is like coralling [corralling] a lot of horses in a fenced area and forgetting to close the front gate! AMERICANS ARE AT FAULT!!!! Our children's appetite for drugs and small businesses need for inexpensive labor fuels this exodus!!!! You can build the biggest wall and they will build a larger ladder to scale it.” John Malon, a respondent to a recent article on the topic.

The ideology is that if it is broken, don’t attempt to fix it. The resistance to the Arizona law is taking increasingly lower forms from apathetic perspectives of the problem to unconstitutional interstate commerce violations, to claims of racism that the bill itself speaks directly against – all directed at insisting nothing being done in this case is better than upholding federal law. As the debates deteriorate, worse is actually happening in Arizona.

HB 2281, a travesty of Arizona legislation is going virtually unnoticed in comparison to SB 1070. Governor Jan Brewer, through these debates over immigration enforcement surges ahead in polls. This is due to the fact that more immigration enforcement debates wage, the further off topic they become which only proves her to be the right woman for the job. The whole time this is happening, a quick look at HB 2281 will make a voter think twice about her long term agendas against Mexicans and Mexican Americans. The best thing a Liberal can do is draw attention to HB 2281 and away from trying to justify not doing the right thing. Perhaps, within the confines of HB 2281 is a far more telling story as to the character and intent of Gov. Brewer. Oddly, Conservatives are more vocal about HB 2281 than are Liberals.

Amazing. Still, despite the obvious, people are talking about ignoring it. Did they not stand in protest of Bush for "ignoring the issues" and now they (liberals) have a chance to foster "change" on a program IMPLEMENTED ORIGINALLY BY LIBERALS and they (John) insist that ignoring it is the right thing to do. Are all liberals this hypocrisy laden? Amazing. First they want change, [and] then they refuse change because their messiah Obama says it is wrong - no independent thought, no values - even to their own Liberal programs. Read the bill, then decide... but that would require self thought and thus the Liberal is at a loss. Patti Sue, another respondent to a recent article on the topic.

In Arizona, the wrong fight for the wrong reasons is being fought while no one seems to want to fight the right fight for the right reasons because the Obama administration has not told them to do so. One would think that if the Obama administration were so concerned about civil rights violations within state’s legislative efforts, they would focus on the latter, not the former.


Wild Thing's comment.......

Interesting and realy good article about this.

"Matt Liam, a Cochise County resident and until now, devout Liberal and Obama supporter was clearly disappointed. “I have had it with the president! How can a true American allow his own country and his own laws be denounced without challenge."

Let's hope that more and more democrats that voted for Obama are paying attention This is out and out breaking our law and rubbing it in the faces of every American.....and worse yet done by a President.

.... Thank you Jim for sending this to me.

Posted by Wild Thing at May 24, 2010 06:47 AM


Good morning Matt. Many of us knew obama's Marxist leanings the moment he announced his candidacy for president. It was blatantly obvious.

Posted by: TomR at May 24, 2010 11:00 AM

I just hope that there are very few unlimited yellow dog Democrats.

Posted by: Avitar at May 24, 2010 05:33 PM

On O'Reilly, Meghan Kelly explained the Federal Law vs. the Arizona law very clearly. Repost the video if you wish, but take a look if you haven't already seen it.

Posted by: Bob A at May 24, 2010 07:31 PM

Tom, good one, it sure was obvious. None of us are surprised at what obama is doing your so right. It is just that we are angry about it and that he even got in office to do his destroy America agenda.

Avitar, I sure hope so.

BobA., thank you for the link and video, and information.

Posted by: Wild Thing at May 25, 2010 01:12 AM