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April 25, 2010

"Defeat the Bastards" Code Red 2.0, March on Washington Tea Party!

Rush from March 22, 2010 Rush: " As we start the radio program, America is hanging by a thread, our freedom has been assaulted. The focus has to be on defeating Democrats in November in these mid term election, we have the people, we have the intellectual arguments, we have the common sense arguments, we have history but they won yesterday, they won because they held Congress and the Presidency, therein lies the lesson, we have to defeat these bastards, we need to wipe them out, we need to chase them out of town."


‘Remember November’: Republican Governors Send Video Message for Fall Elections!


Wild Thing's comment........

Ditto that Rush.

And some good things in the second video too.

Posted by Wild Thing at April 25, 2010 03:40 AM


One of my biggest gripes with glenn beck is he keeps saying, they are not our enemy. I say, If they are out to destroy the country they certainly are our enemy. They need to be soundly beaten, trounced, ass kicked, Open a 'Big' can of Whoop-Ass on 'em, at this point in the election.

The left admonished Bush for the Patriot Act and tapping calls going to islamic countries, calling it Nazi tactics, yet this Soutpiel Puppet does worse and that's ok. Nobody but the rank and file and Rush will touch some of this stuff. The puppet has spent 2 million dollars on hiding his identity, and eligibility from public disclosure If this were Bush how long would the left be silent...Oh about a New York second.

Posted by: Mark at April 25, 2010 06:03 PM

Mark, I agree soooooo much, thank you for saying that too. Also I am tired of hearing Beck say both parties are the same no different and there are still huge differences. I hacve to admit too that I have not listend to Beck in months, I got too angry listening to him say things that ticked me off, the same with the conservative basher Michael Medved. Medved is always screaming at callers that say obama is a socialist, Medved says that is a lie. sheesh

Posted by: Wild Thing at April 26, 2010 12:16 AM