Theodore's World: Mark Levin Calls For Expulsion of Rep. Louise Slaughter From Congress

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March 13, 2010

Mark Levin Calls For Expulsion of Rep. Louise Slaughter From Congress

The chairwoman of the House Rules Committee, Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., has found a new way to ram big government health care down an unwilling America's throat: pass it without a vote.

Mark Levin calls for expulsion of Rep. Louise Slaughter from Congress

According to National Journal's Congress Daily: "House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter is prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill, the chairwoman said Tuesday. Slaughter is weighing preparing a rule that would consider the Senate bill passed once the House approves a corrections bill that would make changes to the Senate version"

“Slaughter Strategy” Is An Affront To The Constitution! The implementation of any ‘Slaughter Solution’ is the circumventing of the Constitution and the legislating of tyranny. Open debate and demonstrated majority consent are no longer necessary.

Here is the Audio Transcript:
"I am calling for the expulsion of Louise Slaughter from the House of Representatives, any member of the the House of Representatives who is advocating power for power's sake in absolute clear and utter violation of the United States Constitution, this isn't a close call, should be removed from office. What the hell is this?

I call for the expulsion of Louise Slaughter, she took an oath to uphold the Constitution, she doesn't even like the Constitution, what she's trying to do here is utterly and completely unconstitutional, she trying to deliver to Nancy Pelosi a rule such as it is, that suggests something was done that wasn't done, they haven't voted on the Senate bill, it violates Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2, not just in one way, but in multiple ways. She knows it, her staff knows it and she still at it and she ought to be removed.

Now what do you think about that!

The fact that she is entertaining this - the fact that she's quoted as saying that once we get the CBO numbers we're going to jump on it tells me we have someone in off ice that shouldn't be in office who needs to be removed .I'm calling on the House of Representatives, the Republican leaders to start to take steps to expel her.

and I know it won't succeed, I know who controls what up there but she needs to be made an example of. This policy stuff you can argue it day and night.....but when it comes to the Constitution.....

Arthur I looked and I can't find another example of this and I can't find another example of an open effort by the Chairwoman of the rules committee you can't find an example of somebody even suggesting something like this in a serious way.

This is the difference between conservatives and radical leftists in this administration and this congress. They will not take no for an answer from the American people or from the Constitution and they keep pounding away --so hungry, so insatiable is their appetite for more power -- they fear if they don't get what they want today they will never get it. So this lady, Slaughter, is prepared to slaughter the Constitution and she doesn't give a damn, and I have about had it up to here!"

As the National Journal's CongressDaily and Washington Examiner have reported, Slaughter has cooked up a way to avoid a House floor vote on the Senate's version of the overhaul. How? By passing a rule declaring the Senate bill already passed in the House. Apparently, all the Rules Committee chairwoman is waiting for is a budgetary scoring from the Congressional Budget Office.

The rules panel's ranking Republican, California Rep. David Dreier, warned that "the American people do not want this health care bill, and they certainly don't want the democratic process turned on its head in an effort to pass it over their objections."

Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, chairman of the House Republican Conference, told Fox News on Thursday that "(Democrats) don't have the votes right now" to pass health reform.


Wild Thing's comment.......

War will be declared on the Constitution if healthcare goes through without a vote.

Slaughter is the woman who told the bizarro story about the “old lady wearing her dead sister’s false teeth”

Posted by Wild Thing at March 13, 2010 05:47 AM


Where are the rest of the legal community berating this woman. Is the conservatives the only ones who care about our constitution ?

I read somewhere, " its too late to work within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards."

We are losing rights by the day, one of these mornings we will wake up to Martial Law and wonder how we got here. This piece of garbage is one of the many reason we are here.

Posted by: Mark at March 13, 2010 01:14 PM

Squad Ready. Squad Aim. Fire!
Problem solved.

Posted by: Glenn Mark Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Ret. at March 13, 2010 01:19 PM

Mark, I agree, where are they, there should be a lot of others speaking out about her( all those lawyers on the TV talk shows too).

Glenn, heh heh yipee I agree.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 14, 2010 01:20 AM