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February 04, 2010

Control Freak Obama Tells Democrat Senators To Turn OFF Cable News

Obama today talking to Democrats where he told them to turn off "MSNBC" and other Cable TV networks and get out with real people and connect with them. Obama said they need to get out of the "echo chamber" where the topic is constantly politics.

It is no surprise that Obama said to turn off Fox News. That is consistent with the war on Fox. But the people at CNN and MSNBC especially, have to be in shock that he would say such a thing when they have sacrificed their journalistic integrity on his behalf!


MSNBC Cuts Away From Pres. Obama Q&A After He Knocks Cable News


It was (sort of) Presidential Question Time, Part Two today, as Pres. Barack Obama addressed the Democratic Senators at their retreat.

It turned out to be far less of a pull-back-the-curtain moment – but it was interesting to see MSNBC deal with what happened when the President started taking some shots at cable news.

During the Q&A portion, Pres. Obama said:

If everybody here turned off your CNN, your Fox, just turn off the TV, MSNBC, blogs, and just go talk to folks out there, instead of being in this echo chamber where the topic is constantly politics. The topic is politics. It is much more difficult to get a conversation focused on how are we going to help people, than a conversation about ‘how is this going to help or hurt somebody politically?’ and that’s part of what the American people are just sick of.

Well one-minute-ten-seconds after MSNBC was mentioned by name, the cabler cut out of the Q&A. It was quite jarring, only made more obvious by the immediate reference that was made to it. David Shuster joked about it, saying the Pres. was “encouraging all the Senators to turn us off, don’t pay attention to the echo chamber. But we’re going to use our authority to be able to essentially turn off the President’s feed right now.”

And they did – moving on to pundits, discussing the political implications, almost on cue.

It should be noted that at the time, MSNBC and CNN were covering it live while Fox News was not. FNC took even less of the address and subsequent Q&A than they did on Friday. MSNBC, meanwhile, was back with the coverage about 10 minutes later. As a whole, the event turned out to be more of a chance for Democrats in contested races to speak on a big platform with the President – and less of a real give-and-take than Friday.


And this was CNN's report of the day with the Q & A with Obama:

Vulnerable Dems Seek Distance from Obama


Wild Thing's comment........

Oh, a lovers spat!

Guess Obama was mad because Chris Matthews forgot he was black for an hour.

How’s that Hope and Change thing working out for you MSNBC and CNN????

Obama wants the media when he wants his face out there...but he doesn’t want them out there when they are exposing how he is destroying the country day by day. Seems like narcissist Obama believes that this republic would be better off by just letting him and his leftist cronies run the government as they deem fit without any input from the media or citizens.

Obama cannot tolerate dissent. Yesterday he had Reuters censored. Today he is once again going against the press. I think obama is the one who needs to be turned off.

Posted by Wild Thing at February 4, 2010 04:49 AM


obama is angering everyone. Vulnerable Democrat Senators are worried that a backlash against obama may cost them their seats. As members of his own party become angry, obama in turn becomes angry with them.

obama enjoys the solitude of his administration where everyone agrees with him. He considers his cabinet and his czars to be the real government. Everyone else is a nuisance. obama wants a dictatorship run by him.

Posted by: TomR at February 4, 2010 12:00 PM

Yeah, don't listen to CNN, Fox turn those off and listen to State Run Media, so their lies will be consistent with obama's.

What a bunch of mindless dolts. They think Massachusetts was a backlash, wait til November.

Posted by: Mark at February 4, 2010 02:46 PM

Tom, well said, that sure is what is happening.

Mark, yessss wait until Nov.

Posted by: Wild Thing at February 5, 2010 01:57 AM