Theodore's World: Democrats Try Attack On Brown and They Fail

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January 18, 2010

Democrats Try Attack On Brown and They Fail


Obama's Mother "very single when she had him"-Michelle Obama 7-10-08

The democrats have sprung a last minute "gotcha" video of Scott Brown saying he wasn't sure if Obama's mother was married at the time of his birth.


"Barack saw his mother, who was very young and very single when she had him, and he saw her work hard to complete her education and try to raise he and his sister."

This took place at a speech at the July 10th 2008 round table discussion at Pierson Auditorium on the campus of the University of Missouri - Kansas City.


Wild Thing's comment........

So this the big bomb the rats have against Scott? LOL

While the discussion was supposedly about Sarah being the best VP choice, the conversation turned to Sarah and her daughter Bristol being maligned by the host for having poor family values and having corrupted morals, though after she mentioned it she said "I am not saying the Palin family has corrupted morals." So why even bring it up? Scott proceeded to defend Sarah and her family from such attacks, saying the father will be there to help out, and at one point he compared the situation to Obama's young mother being 18 years old when she gave birth to him, to which the host interrupted by saying "and married" and Scott smiled and said, "well, I don't know about that."

This is nothing but BS. Michelle has talked about Obama being born from a young single mother, so if they want to make fools of themselves, let them.

LMAO so actually the headline should read...... Democrats accuse Scott Brown of Plagiarizing Michele Obama.

Posted by Wild Thing at January 18, 2010 05:45 AM


They are desparate, reaching for anything to try to destroy this guy. Who cares if obama's mother was married or not the whole damn family is dysfunctional.

Why is it an issue with the dems whether Sarah Palin decided to have Trig, why is that an issue? At the time she was Governor and no aspirations to go any further. She and her husband decided to have the baby. That in itself was a nobel decision. A liberal would take the easy way out and destroy the baby.

If Scott Brown wins and with Sarah Palin running amok, calling out Broke obama and challenging everything they do in Liberaldom this should just about drive them over the cliff. Run Sarah Run.

Posted by: Mark at January 18, 2010 07:45 AM

Mark, your right, they are really desperate.

Posted by: Wild Thing at January 19, 2010 01:31 AM