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December 21, 2009

Worst U.lS. President O-bow-ma Finds Someone To Bow To In Copenhagen

Obama does it again

New York Post

Obama reportedly was reluctant to attend the final day of the UN's Copenhagen climate-change summit unless it was front-end wired to be a major political success.

But he went anyway, was twice humiliated in public by the Chinese premier and then finally settled for what the White House hailed as a "meaningful agreement."

Really? A top aide admitted that the deal was basically just "an important first step" that was "not sufficient to combat the threat of climate change."

Then Obama himself dropped the other shoe: The agreement contains no specific commitments on carbon emissions, only pledges that "will not be legally binding."

So what the hell was the point?

One would think that Obama had taken a lesson from his last trip to Copenhagen -- when he thought his presence alone would win the 2016 Olympic games for Chicago.

That is, that he would have learned that it is a mistake to publicly commit presidential prestige to an outcome that isn't locked up in advance.

Obviously, not.

So much for two years of work and a supposedly broad international consensus that was to make the Copenhagen conference little more than a formality.

Clearly, yesterday was about squabbling over how much money we'll borrow from the Chinese so that we can give it right back to Beijing and other Third World countries in exchange for their promise to . . . well, that was never clear.

And twice yesterday, Obama was kept waiting in public by China's premier.

This is scary stuff.

Obviously, the rest of the world has taken measure of Barack Obama -- and decided he's a pushover.

On the merits, not unfairly.

Now, we're not going to feign heartbreak over the outcome itself.

The conference was a UN-sponsored effort to pick the West's pockets on behalf of its own bureaucrats, plus assorted Third World kleptocrats, and it deserved to die ignominiously.

As for Obama, it was clear from Day One that he was on a very steep learning curve.

But who imagined it was this steep?

O-bow-ma Finds Someone To Bow To In Copenhagen


After his brief, listless and cliché-ridden speech in Copenhagen ["time for action, not words," "we should live in the future, not the past"] that aired live on Morning Joe today, Pres. Obama makes the hand-shaking rounds on the podium.

He continues the glad-handing off the podium, until he spots someone and breaks into . . . a bow [screen cap after the jump]. With all the mulling around, it's hard to determine exactly what's going on. It looks like he might have been exchanging bows with a man in the scrum surrounding him. But PBO's bow seemed to go beyond the perfunctory head-nod that in the circumstances surely would have satisfied, say, Japanese etiquette.

What is it with our head of our state and Commander-in-Chief that sends him diving toward his shoes whenever a foreign dignitary hails into view? Will the MSM cover this latest installment in the adventures of Pres. O-bow-ma?

Wild Thing's comment...........

Obama’s foreign policy of apologizing and denigrating the US has created an image of weakness. And now with a blizzard hitting the northeast, Obama looks stupid for brokering a deal on Global Warming, even though the deal has no substance.

I am glad the “deal” is meaningless. That being said, I would have been happier if there was not even the illusion of a deal. No deal at all of any kind.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 21, 2009 03:47 AM


Copenhagen is America's good luck charm so far. Whenever he goes there, obama is humiliated. Hot damn, let's get him back there as often as possible.

Posted by: TomR at December 21, 2009 12:48 PM

But Tom, he keeps coming back here.

Posted by: Mark at December 21, 2009 04:29 PM

Tom and Mark,LOL Yesss

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 21, 2009 06:51 PM