Theodore's World: While America Sleeps: 1:00 AM Monday Vote Set on Obamacare

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December 20, 2009

While America Sleeps: 1:00 AM Monday Vote Set on Obamacare

The conservative commentator and founder and editor of The Weekly Standard blasted the Obamacare “suicide mission.”

While You Sleep: 1:00 AM Monday Vote Set on Obamacare

The Heritage Foundation

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has set the stage for a major vote Monday morning at 1:00 AM – one that would require the support of 60 Senators. That would, if all goes according to Senator Reid’s plan, set up a late-night Christmas Eve vote on final passage.

Senator Reid also used a rare procedure to block any further amendments from being offered, debated or voted upon.

When it comes time for Senators to cast their vote at 1:00AM Monday morning, shortly after Sunday Night Football ends and most Americans are in bed, they will have had less than 38 hours to understand a 383-page amendment that introduces several new concepts into the health care debate, including:

■A scheme that gives the Office of Personal Management immense power in administering what amounts to a multi-state public plan;

■How much a state “opt-out” of abortion coverage in the legislation erodes the long-standing Hyde-amendment;

■The budgetary impact of ELIMINATING the physician reimbursement fix; and,

■Multiple new taxes, federal regulations and sweet-heart deals aimed toward certain states like Nebraska.

It is important for Americans to understand the process being used by the Senate. Barring any procedural snags (of which there are many in the Senate’s complex rules and precedents), the debate is likely to play out as follows:

■Monday, 1:00 AM – Vote to invoke cloture (i.e. end debate) on the manager’s amendment. 60 votes are necessary.

■Tuesday, 7:00 AM – Vote to approve the manager’s amendment. A majority vote is necessary.

■Tuesday, 8:00 AM – Vote to invoke cloture on the original Reid substitute amendment (the 2,000-page bill). 60 votes are necessary.

■Wednesday, 2:00 PM – Vote to approve the Reid substitute amendment. A majority vote is necessary.

■Wednesday, 3:00 PM – Vote to invoke cloture on the underlying bill. 60 votes are necessary.

■Thursday, 9:00 PM – Vote to approve the underlying bill (i.e. the Senate’s version of Obamacare). A majority vote is necessary.

Last January, President Obama told his senior staff that “transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.” Now, an unconstitutional health care proposal that was drafted behind closed doors and poised to be approved while Americans are not looking will become the touchstone of his presidency. Surely this was not what the American people signed up for.



Graham accused the Obama administration of giving bribes to Democratic Senators in exchange for their votes, calling it seedy Chicago politics.

You know, change you can believe in, after this health care bill debacle is now becoming an empty slogan. And its really been replaced by seedy Chicago politics, when you think about it, backroom deals that amount to bribes, said Graham.

The senator from South Carolina went on to criticize the Democrats method of paying for health care reform. No Congress is going to allow Medicare to be cut $470 billion. we will forgive those cuts to doctors and hospitals. Thats how you pay for the bill. Its Enron-accounting. Its a sham, Graham told CNNs John King Sunday.


States To Award Money For Abortions From Fed


Wild Thing's comment........

This is nothing short of criminal! I hope all of the democRat criminals running for re-election next year can be defeated at the ballot box.

They have bribed and threatened and kicked and screamed. All the while the American Public says STOP.

This bill should haunt the Democrats for the next 20 years if we still have a Republic then and not a Communist state.

As they vote at 1;00 a.m., C Span will be home snuggled confortably in their beds by then ... with visions of more taxpayer money dancing in their heads.

I can see communist Russia ( Washington D.C.) from where I live. It’s about a 858 miles.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 20, 2009 03:55 PM


America now has a socialist dictatorship. A majority of Americans voted for it a year ago and now it is coming to life. The promises made have turned out to be false. The voters voted for a pig in a poke and they got a rabid wild boar. All of us will pay for it.

Posted by: TomR at December 20, 2009 04:35 PM

Here's to President Zhicago and his Barackshevik Manifesto comrades!

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at December 20, 2009 06:59 PM

CNN must have a love affair with obama. CNN also threw out the $139 Billion in deficit reduction...over 10 years or 13.9 Billion per year. They throw that number out like it should mean something. Bottomline when you look at the Current, 2009 deficit of 1.535 Trillion (it goes up every day because of the interest acrues daily) and the interest is 387 Billion(right now), 13.9 Billion is chump change. So any reduction would be roughly, 1.535 Trillion (using their numbers) - 139 Billion = +/-1.35 Trillion or really nothing at all when the big picture is looked at. When you stretch that out over 10 years and there will be another deficit next year because 2009's deficit will be added to the national debt around 14.5 Trillion + next years deficit, this reduction is nothing.

This whole idea that they are going to reduce the deficit is nothing more than Smoke and Mirrors, a Dog and Pony show, while the real show is done behind closed doors, where the People can not see the slight of hand being performed.

When they gave out TARP that was another boondoggle, it was a matter of re-writing from one ledger to another ledger in transferring paper money. The payback is real but the transfer was done via creative accounting.

Also China holds 2.5 Trillion of our debt, they just said there is no more money available to loan to the US. WE are in deep weeds, and it aint getting any better.

Posted by: Mark at December 20, 2009 07:17 PM

Tom, well said.

"The voters voted for a pig in a poke and they got a rabid wild boar."

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 20, 2009 11:49 PM

Darth, may they be taken to Siberia with no coats.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 20, 2009 11:50 PM

Mark, thanm you for the information what
CNN is up to.
Every time I hear Reid say it is all paid
for no one asks him oh really how is that.


Posted by: Wild Thing at December 20, 2009 11:52 PM