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December 02, 2009

Obama and His Speech At West Point Regarding The War

A U.S. Army cadet reads a book entitled "Kill Bin Laden" as he waits with other cadets for U.S. President Barack Obama to deliver an address on U.S. policy and the war in Afghanistan at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York December 1, 2009.


Obama announced that 30,000 more troops will go to Afghanistan and then they will come home 18 months later.


Krauthammer and Hayes Slam Obama's Weak Afghan Surge Speech

Krauthammer said a timetable for withdrawal sends a bad signal to our allies in Afghanistan.

Charles Krauthammer: I thought it was a rather strange speech. It was defensive and it was a lot of hedging. the president said at the end that our resolve is unwavering. He said in August this was a war of necessity. And then he gives us all of the reasons that we need to start leaving in a year and a half. And among the reasons he gave was that it was a very expensive war and we have a bad economy and that’s at least of equal importance. It’s not exactly the kind of speech you would have heard from Henry V or Churchill. And it’s not exactly the kind of speech you heard from George Bush when he announced his surge.

Stephen Hayes: The most important role of a president is Commander in Chief. This felt very small to me. The president in one sentence called this the common security of the world is at stake. And literally in the very next sentence he said we’re going to get out in July 2011. If it is the case that the common security of the world is at stake you don’t say that we need to figure out the problem in 18 months or we’re out of here.


MY NOTES During Speech:

Obama is screwing over Charlie Brown. What the hell did Charlie Brown ever to do him. I watch that Charlie Brown Christmas show every year.

Obama's lips are looking especially blue tonight. yuk!

The camera panned the audience and I swear it was checking out all the various people asleep during Obama's speech.


Obama mentioned the successful War in Iraq but for some strange reason he forgot to mention Bush or the fact that he was against the Bush Surge. He also forgot to thank General Petraeus, who was sitting in the audience.

Obama blames former administrations for their Pakistan policies.

Islam, one of the world's great religions"

"Tolly Bon"...."Paah ki stahn"....there he goes into his Muslim speak. I guess he thinks this is how he speaks a foreign language. Besides how he also can say the other things related to his precious Islam.

20:08 Blames President Bush for losing Afghanistan.

He is not foolinng the Corps of Cadets with this tripe.

He compared Afghanistan to Vietnam. His comparison with Vietnam is so flawed it is laughable. He says we faced a broad based local insurgency. BS. It was a communist inspired insurgency aided and abetted by North Vietnam. The overwhelming majority of South Vietnamese were against the communists.

Obama said he spent this year renewing our alliances.

OMG how he LIES

Give me Charlie Brown and Linus instead of this creep Muslim America and troops hater.

"Let me be clear"...."Let me be clear"...."Let me be clear"

ME, ME, I, mine, my, I me, ME, ME, MEEEEEEE!!!!

I wish those wonderful Cadets could get up and walk out...or boo...or turn their backs to him

20:11 Pres_ _ent Obama blames GOP for war. (smirks), calls them “partisans”, then talks about how HE has visited military caskets, etc.

OMG- He has sent letters of condolence to the families of the fallen...........AND HE wants to be SURE we KNOW IT.

“He’s seen first hand the terrible wages of war” which means he watched some Oliver Stone movie about ‘Nam.

I-I-I-I again! I write letters! I visit Dover! Someone should count up the “I”’s. He’s said about 20 in the last minute. It’s ridiculous. NARCISSIST.

18 months a pull out............ he just told the enemy they have 2 years to kill as many Americans as they can (bonus 30,000 troops), then he has to pull the remaining ones out, so he can shore up his anit-war base to win another 4 years.

He is giving the Generals 30,000 troops. Too bad the Generals asked for 33% more than that.

20:17 Pres_ _ent Obama’s goal is to “end the war”.

Pres_ _ent Obama wants to stop the “momentum” of the the “Talley—ban”, not kill and destroy them.

Again he says it. .....He said he would pull out troops in July 2012.

I’m measuring 22 head flips per minute, an all time record stress level is maxed out

Teleprompters must be running on fast speeded up or something. haha

Obama is not used to giving speeches that aren’t interrupted with orchastrated applause. I think he might actually be boring himself to death.

The Taliban are thinking; WTF! This guy is so stupid, he’s telling us his plan. All we have to do is wait for 18 months and we will be back in business.

Quoting Ike now about the need for “balance.” He should have quoted Ike’s prophetic warning about the dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex.

I never thought I could lean to hate....
This man is creating his own reality......

Arhhhhhhggggg ......I wish the troops would rebel against this traitor!!!!!! ECOMCON NOW!!

Loved the shot from the camera of one cadet yawning!!!!!!!!

Up to 24 flips per minute.......we’re in uncharted territory here

Now he’s tying it to the economy.

He claims "we much rebuild here at home" while he is bankrupting the nation daily/hourly.What the heck ,triangulation, smells of Axelrod all the way. He is losing it. The economy? This is the wrong audience.

some more cadets looking down/closing eyes

The cameras can’t get a good shot of the audience without showing someone asleep. LOL

America has forged a new beginning with the Muslim world????

OMG, he can so bite me.

On and on the speech goes. He sounds like a third world dictator, e.g., Castro, who just drone on and on spewing platitudes and grand theory. Now comes the self-congratulation. He is crediting himself for setting up a new relationship with the Muslim world. LOL. Iran, AQ, Pakistan, the Palestinians, and the rest of the Middle East are not drinking his Kool-aid.

Ok Obama you’ve made your point. Now say goodnight Gracie.

Holy Crap! EVERYONE in the audience is dozing, nodding off...

Hillary, Gates, cadets, generals...they’re all in the zone.

It’s amazing- it’s snooze... punctuated by what the heck moments.

He’s a frikking word machine. Not a brain in his head. I think his teleprompter has mixed up a bunch of different speeches and it won’t stop!


He stopped, waited for applause.

They finally applauded — they thought he was finished.

He wasn’t.

The cliches keep coming, quoting Lincoln now.

More references to diversity and multiculturalism. Stresses the need for unity yet he is the most polarizing President we have ever had.

They’re clapping because it’s finally over.

They were falling asleep and they looked like there were not thrilled at all at the poser usurper in chief, Fairy Barry


Chris Matthews calls West Point the "Enemy Camp"

MSNBC's Chris Matthews referring to the assembled cadets at West Point to hear President Obama's speech on Afghanistan as the "enemy camp." Incredibly, Matthews was critical of the fact the cadets were not supportive enough of Obama during his speech, saying he saw "if not resentment, skepticism."

Matthews has made some really bizarre statements over the years, but this is one of the worst,


Few Marines in Afghanistan wake for Obama's speech

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan — Only a handful of the thousands of troops in the U.S. Marines' main base here thought it worth the effort to get out of bed for President Barack Obama's speech on Afghanistan, which began at 5:30 a.m. local time.

In the workout gym — one of the few public places with TVs — only two Navy Seabee engineers were watching when the speech began, and they were sharply divided on the wisdom of the president's plan.

"I didn't really hear a good reason," said E3 Steven Lewis, 23, of Boise, Idaho. "I think it's all gone on too long. 9/11 happened a long time ago."

Lewis had been riding an exercise bike close to the dusty, 21-inch TV when the speech started and sat through half of it, including the announcement of the size of the buildup, before he got up to leave.

Next door in a weight room, Marine Sgt. Alvaradoj Imael of San Diego was doing abdominal exercises. He said he hadn't needed to watch the speech because the basics had been leaked in advance.


Wild Thing's comment...........

When Bush announced the surge in 2007 he did it in the White House LIbrary. NOT as a photo op like Obama did at West Point.

Get politics out of WAR and let our troops do what they do!

Our troops in the war zone need their sleep a helluvalot more than they need to be even further depressed by the idiot-in-chief.

Our military men and women already KNOW what’s going on.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 2, 2009 05:55 AM


Maybe he thought he could impress the cadets since the officers and enlisted folks aren't?

These poor cadets were forced to interrupt their studies to sit in an auditorium and listen to Obama read his teleprompter.

Posted by: BobF at December 2, 2009 07:49 AM

He hasn't earned the right to speak at Westpoint or the Naval or Air Force Academies. Yeah, he's sending 30k troops so he can start the withdrawal process. They will have their hands tied so hard behind their backs, they won't be able to do anything. And the Taliban and Al Qaeda will just hide and wait until those 18 months are up and then attack as we're leaving. Just like a dummycrap to repeat the mistakes of Vietnam and Lyndon Johnson. We watched The Santa Clause 3 last night and made brownie sundaes. I was NOT in the mood to hear more blah-blah-blah.

Posted by: Lynn at December 2, 2009 08:01 AM

Wow Matthews has sunk to an all time low. He actually referred to those fine young men and women at West Point as the "enemy camp". What an idiot!
Is there a phone # or email address to complain, LOUDLY, about such an offensive comment?

Posted by: Texas Barb at December 2, 2009 08:03 AM

What a poor excuse for a C-in-C! If I had spoken like that in High School; I would have failed the class. barack HIMSELF obummer is failing America.
And poor bitch boy Chris Matthews; We denigrate and belittle him, all the while not seeing that he is no more than a poster boy for American Liberalism. He speaks for the liberal left when he says that America's premier military academy is "The Enemy Camp" to their C-in-C. Matthews is not the exception here boys n girls. That is the feeling that these liberals have about the military. I didn't watch the speech, preferring to see the videos of it and the sleeping audience today instead.
The cadet reading "Kill bin Laden" wears the Combat Infantry Badge. I wonder what he felt when he heard obummer say that he had seen this all first hand. The only thing obummer has seen first hand is his personal well-worn copy of the Qur'an, and his teleprompter.
What a slimy administration, headed by an even slimier imposter of a leader.
"Never Forget Ft. Hood Texas 11/5/09!" because The Commander-in-Chief has!

Posted by: Frankly Opinionated at December 2, 2009 09:08 AM

How can they, the Troops, not be depressed. They are being told to put their lives on the line, not for our freedom or a Victory as much as for some fuzzy PC agenda of the left. And the left wants nothing to do with this.

obama is like every other no-nothing democrat, he is a downer to listen to, all his ideas have been tried and have failed. He offers nothing positive, all negatives. It is no wonder the left is in a constant state of depression. Ever see a democrat laugh or smile they are in a constant state of hopeless turmoil. This is where the people of this country sit now.

He granted, after too long a delay, only a 1/3 of the Troops McChrystal wanted and then produced a time table to get out. This should be encouraging news to the enemy, just wait them out.

To make matters worse especially for the Troops, he blamed Bush. The Troops won't go for that, most of them knew Bush and where they stood with Bush. They are now seeing that they are being used as POLITICAL pawns in obama's ultimate Socialism scheme and I am sure that the Rumor of obama letting the "Hague" try our troops for War Crimes doesn't sit well with them either.

Posted by: Mark at December 2, 2009 09:41 AM

This whole administration is so transparently stupid.

To top it off we have extremely ignorant men like Mathews. How does he retain that job after repeatedly making horrible comments. Talk about desperate networks.

I remember as a kid thanking God for creating me and allowing me to live here in the United States. I am grateful and I will never feel entitled.

Posted by: Greg at December 2, 2009 10:07 AM

Feckless, pusillanimous Democrats, always trying to pick up excrement from the clean end!!!

Posted by: Jack at December 2, 2009 10:50 AM

No, I did not watch the speech. I feared I might be bored and was sure I would be angry. My anger will not solve anything until Nov 2010. I also cringe to hear obama's speech pattern of ending each sentence in a higher voice and speeded up. Like you WT, I also hate to hear his "muslim speak" and all of his first person pronouns.

Now that obama has given the enemy our overall timetable I guess his worker bees will slip the more detailed plans out over the next few months. And the ultimate failure will still be Bush's, unless we accidentally win, then the victory will be obama's.

Chris Matthews called our troops rabble. Well, they sure weren't roused this speech.

Posted by: TomR at December 2, 2009 11:02 AM

Obama's speech, meh. He said what I expected him to say, so I'm not really dismayed. "I Me Mine" as the old Beatles song goes.

Chris Matthews, on the other hand, was sickening. What an un-American scumbag. I suppose I should not be shocked. He always believed our troops are "the enemy" in his Commiecrat worldview and in the past he just was smart enough not to say it. But somehow it still shocks me.

Now West Point cheerleaders actually ARE called "Rabble Rousers" at West Point in an affectionate sort of way. And West Point athletic teams are also called "Rabble" in an affectionate sort of way. But Matthews didn't explain that, and he meant the term pejoratively and as demeaning, to be sure.

Saturday is Army/Navy.... perhaps Chris Matthews is just a Middies fan? Nope, not likely either.

Posted by: Curmudgeon at December 2, 2009 11:43 AM

Stuff ho-baama,matthews,reid paloose all in a seabag.shake an bake.empty contents,the only thing worth keeping is the bag!

Posted by: Chief at December 2, 2009 03:23 PM

The Soviet Union Red Army and Air Force threw everything they had at the islamos in the 80's for TEN YEARS and bugged out! So much for 30,000 US troops and rules of non-engagement, da comrades? Lay down US Air Force for AIR POWER costs too much, eh?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at December 2, 2009 05:33 PM

Lynn I agree, he has NOT earned the right
to speak at West Point. I would love to say
that to Obama in person.

Thank you eveyone so much.

Cyrmudgeon. Yipeee "Saturday is Army/Navy"

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 2, 2009 07:17 PM

I suspect the young cadets were required to attend this event and most would have liked to be elsewhere. Obama is becoming more and more of a joke, but a dangerous one.

As for Chris (wet pants) Matthews--he is an unpatriotic jerk and that should insure his position at MSNBC.

Posted by: Ron Russell at December 2, 2009 07:43 PM