Theodore's World: LIVE on C-Span 2 Senate Health Care Debate 12/20/09 - 12/21/09

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December 20, 2009

LIVE on C-Span 2 Senate Health Care Debate 12/20/09 - 12/21/09


C-SPAN2 Live Stream



Posted by Wild Thing at December 20, 2009 07:45 PM


I started watching the clip, then came back here. This is the worst administration and congress since the founding of our country. We just have to keep plugging against this.

Get rid of the current congress starting in 2010 and finish with removing Obama. Otherwise it will be the end of our country as we know it. Wake up, this creep and his tribe of corrupt politicians is trampling on our constitution and destroying our nation and he and they don’t give a flying f%@k!

Posted by: Bob A at December 20, 2009 08:53 PM

Bob A., I agree we have got to vote and remind
people to vote out these people.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 20, 2009 11:48 PM

I agree , it is important to vote these current officeholders out.

A large amount of responsibility rests upon the Republican Party to put forth real "Conservative" candidates instead of the RINOs that they have been sponsoring these past few elections.

If they cannot do that than we are voting in vain.

Posted by: Sean at December 21, 2009 12:21 AM