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December 12, 2009

If Obama Does Not Fire His Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Then Obama Is Pushing Man Boy Love!

Rep. Michael C. Burgess M.D. (R-TX) delivered a 1-minute speech on the House floor calling on the Obama Administration to immediately fire the so-called “Safe Schools” Czar Kevin Jennings, calling him “dangerous for our schools and children.

Burgess calls for 'safe schools' czar to resign

The Hill

Republican Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas) on Thursday renewed his call for White House “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings to resign his post.

In a tweet this morning, Burgess asked followers, “Do we really need this office?” He also shared a link to his one-minute speech on the House floor Wednesday, in which he called for Jennings’ to step down immediately.

“Kevin Jennings needs to be replaced, he needs to be replaced today,” Burgess stressed in that speech. “The so-called safe schools czar appointed by the Obama administration to the Department of Education is dangerous for our school children.”

According to Burgess, the danger Jennings poses students is best summed up by a recent Washington Times editorial, published on Wednesday.

Wrote the newspaper’s editorial team: “The Obama administration is stonewalling serious inquiries about sexual filth propagated by a senior presidential appointee who is responsible for promoting and implementing federal education policy.”

The Times specifically charged Jennings gave sexual advice to minors — an inappropriate decision, they added, that is “part of a consistent pattern by some homosexual activists to promote underage homosexuality.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an editorial in a major newspaper that came with a bolded warning, just like an FDA drug,” Burgess later said, referencing the lengthy warning about explicit material that begins the Times’ piece.

Burgess is hardly the first Republican to demand Jennings' resignation: 53 House Republicans asked similarly of the "safe schools czar" in October, claiming Jennings was "pushing a pro-homosexual agenda."

Back in October of this year here is what Obama said when the Republicans were speaking out back them about his school. UNsafe CZAR.....~ Wild Thing

"I'm here with a simple message: I'm here with you in that fight," Obama told the homosexual activist group. "For even as we face extraordinary challenges as a nation, we cannot and we will not put aside issues of basic equality. I greatly appreciate the support I've received from many in this room. I also appreciate that many of you don't believe that progress has come fast enough. I want to be honest about that. Because it's important to be honest amongst friends."
Obama made a direct reference to his besieged appointees without naming them. "Nobody in America should be fired because they're gay, despite doing a great job and meeting their responsibilities," he said. "It's not fair, it's not right, we're going to put a stop to it.

The Washington Timeswrote another editorial on the childrens sex scandal today. Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkindiscussed this sexual assault on children two days ago.

From Washington Times

Once again, "safe schools czar" Kevin Jennings has been involved in making schools less safe. As always, this one was, whoops, a mistake. It is always a mistake. Whoops, while a teacher, he enabled a teenager to continue a sexual relationship with an older man whom the student had met in a bus-stop bathroom. Whoops, he praised one of the North American Man/Boy Love Association's most vociferous defenders. Whoops, the group Mr. Jennings founded, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, recommended books for children as young as 13 that present sex between minors and adults in a positive light.
The new whoops is a safe-sex guide distributed in a Massachusetts high school in 2005. Included in the book are the addresses and phone numbers of Boston-area gay bars to make it easier for teens to find the businesses that cater to homosexual men over the age of 21. The guide's descriptions of what goes on in these bars is explicit. Over here, there's "dancing, young guys and those who like young guys." Over there, the ambience is "old school, cruisy, sex-charged late at night." At another hot spot, there's "porn on the television, the old, the young. Something for everyone."

Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin broke the media silence on Fistgate, GLSEN and Obama's deranged Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings. Hannity says he won't stop talking about Kevin Jennings until he is fired.

Here is the shocking clip where the GLSEN activists promoted “fisting” at the teen workshop. Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s National Safe School Czar.

This is what Obama and Kevin Jennings want to make our schools safe for our children. They are fundamentally changing our society and they are doing it through the children. Sound the Alarm America!


Wild Thing's comment.......

The silence from the White Crib in not firing, or at least spanking, Mr. Jennings - and given the content of some of his “work” - simply gives much more credibility to Larry Sinclair’s “Wild Limo Ride in Gurnee” stories. Obama seems to be VERY tolerant of that type of behavior.

The public schools.....they ban GOD,yet they let these pervs have access to EVERYONE kids!

Obama has filled administration with people who hold the most outrageous, insane, and frightening views on everything from our climate to our animals and worst of all, the sexuality of our children. And why does this stuff seem to be completely acceptable to parent teacher organizations, the National Education Association

Posted by Wild Thing at December 12, 2009 04:44 AM


Barry Hussein won't fire Jennings because both are lifetime members of NAMBLA. His so called wife is a transsexual, the kids are adopted and the grandmother is just a hollywood prop.

Posted by: cuchieddie(Enemy of the State) at December 12, 2009 10:35 AM

Good Point,Eddy.

or, obama picked this pervert to help destroy the fabric of American idealism. You destroy the education system and brainwash the children then you have conquered have the country. The parents become meaningless. Only the state is NOW important.

obama's manifesto is Saul Alinski and Cloward and Piven, 60's radicals who are now pulling all the strings in government. Everything he has done has a Socialist bent to it. Taking over an Auto company, promoting Unions, spending the country into bankruptcy, now raising the debt ceiling to an unsustainable amount, Health care, Global Warming all this is a precursor to World Government. Redistributing the wealth from the rich nations to the poor nations.

Their philosophy, when the average American worker makes $20 dollars an hour and the average worker in India make 20 dollars a year, how does one fix this inequality, by lowering the wages of the American worker of course. Andy Stern of SEIU has big plans to unionize the whole world, for, "Equal Pay", in other words no body will make anything and their will be no incentive to try to better your lot in life by working harder. Because no one will get ahead of his neighbor because the system stops him.

This is where we are headed.

Obama is the most evil and arrogant son of a bitch I have ever seen or read about. This has to be stopped NOW.

Posted by: Mark at December 12, 2009 11:03 AM

MassResistance is the primary source for much of the damning info on Jennings, including Fistgate and the Little Black Book.

Posted by: Manny at December 12, 2009 11:54 AM

Mark - your first paragraph says it all.

Posted by: TomR at December 12, 2009 02:22 PM

Ditto to all.

Obama totally gives me the creeps as well as this
Kevin Jennings vile person.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 13, 2009 01:15 AM