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December 27, 2009

Father Of Terrorist Tells US Authorities of Concerns Six Months Ago

Father of terrorist Abdul Mutallab Says He Reported Terrorist Son to US Authorities Six Months Ago

Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former chairman off Nigeria’s First Bank, was said to be worried about his son’s increasingly ‘extreme’ religious views, a Nigerian newspaper reported.

The young man, who yesterday night attempted to ignite an explosive device aboard a Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan in the United States has been identified as Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old son of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former First Bank chairman. Mutallab, a former minister and prominent banker recently retired from the bank’s board.

The older Mutallab, as at the time of filing this report, had just left his Katsina hometown for Abuja to speak with security agencies, family sources say. According to the family members, Mutallab has been uncomfortable with the boy’s extreme religious views and had six months ago reported his activities to United States’ Embassy, Abuja and Nigerian security agencies.

The older Mutallab was said to be devastated on hearing the news of Abdul Farouk’s attempted bombing arrest. A source close to him said he was surprised that after his reports to the US authorities, the young man was allowed to travel to the United States.

The family home of the Mutallabs in Central London, is currently being searched by men of the Metropolitan Police. THISDAY checks reveal that the suspect, Abdulfarouk Umar Muttalab who is an engineering student at the University College, London had been noted for his extreme views on religion since his secondary school days at the British International School, Lome, Togo.

At the secondary school, he was known for preaching about Islam to his schoolmates and he was popularly called “Alfa”, a local coinage for Islamic scholar. After his secondary school, the young man, family sources said went to University College London to study engineering and later relocated to Egypt, and then Dubai. While in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, he declared to his family members that he did not want to have anything to do with any of them again.

His father, Muttalab is a regular visitor to the US where he visits for medical check up and holidays. He is expected to issue a statement later today.

Al Qaeda members and supporters in Yemen held a massive rally 4 days ago in a remote area of the poor Muslim country. The members declared war against the US just days before the attempted plane bombing on a flight from The Netherlands to Detroit. The plot to blow up an American passenger jet over Detroit was organized and launched by al Qaeda leaders in Yemen.

Men claiming to be leaders of al Qaeda have made a rare public appearance in Yemen, telling an anti-government rally the fight is against the US, not the country's army. The statement was made at an al Qaeda training camp in southern Yemen.

Airlines: New rules keep passengers in seats


Some airlines were telling passengers on Saturday that new government security regulations prohibit them from leaving their seats beginning an hour before landing

The regulations are a response to a suspected terrorism incident on Christmas Day.

Air Canada said in a statement that new rules imposed by the Transportation Security Administration limit on-board activities by passengers and crew in U.S. airspace. The airline said that during the final hour of flight passengers must remain seated. They won't be allowed access to carryon baggage or to have any items on their laps.

Flight attendants on some domestic flights are informing passengers of similar rules. Passengers on a flight from New York to Tampa Saturday morning were also told they must remain in their seats and couldn't have items in their laps, including laptops and pillows.

The TSA declined to confirm the new restrictions.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a statement Saturday that passengers flying to the U.S. from overseas may notice extra security, but she said the measures "are designed to be unpredictable, so passengers should not expect to see the same thing everywhere."

A transportation security official speaking on condition of anonymity because the official wasn't authorized to speak publicly said passengers traveling internationally could see increased security screening at gates and when they check their bags, as well as additional measures on flights such as stowing carryons and personal items before the plane lands.


Wild Thing's comment.............

"Father reported him to US Authorities six months ago"

"Mutallab has been uncomfortable with the boy's extreme religious views and had six months ago reported his activities to United States' Embassy"

Barack Hussein Obama the Muslim President who is responsible for renaming terror as manmade disasters was in charge on June 25, 2009.

A source close to him said he was surprised that after his reports to the US authorities, the young man was allowed to travel to the United States.

Regardijng the new rules for flying, TSA morons did not check this guy out.

Why doesn’t the rest of the civilized word copy the safety procedures that the Isrealis use? OH that's right, our country is more worried about being PC, and the Israeli procedures are politically incorrect. I stand by what I said, I would prefer the procedures that the Isrealis use.

Posted by Wild Thing at December 27, 2009 02:50 AM


Again, why don't we use our fine young men and women in the military to secure our airports. Tell them what can and CANNOT happen and that would be the end of the matter. There would be no "wink wink" about contraband. They would do their job. Period. End of story.

Posted by: TexasBarb at December 27, 2009 08:42 AM

Maybe I'll change my screen name, How 'bout Punxsutawny Phill, I still got two front teeth and facial hair, look just like him or Schyllkil(pronounced: Schookul) Sam...Sheesh between the Indians, Quakers and Pennsylvania Dutch this state is more screwed up than Hogans
Goat... whatever.

This is more mismanagement of obama in failure of his oath to keep America safe. Actually he knows not what to do; he can't apologize and can't find anybody to give OUR money too, so he's run out of options.

Posted by: Mark at December 27, 2009 09:11 AM

See what the infidels have caused from supporting comedian Jeff Dunham and his pal - Achmed The Dead Terrorist?

Posted by: darthcrUSAderworldtour07 at December 27, 2009 09:41 AM

TexasBarb, I agree. Ditto what you said.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 27, 2009 05:01 PM

Mark, LOL that is so funny about change in
screen name.

I agree too what you said about Obama.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 27, 2009 05:02 PM

Darth, hahha yes we infidels are horrible to speak
truth and laugh at the smelly terrorists.

Posted by: Wild Thing at December 27, 2009 05:04 PM