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November 30, 2008

Govt to Construct Obama Museum in Kogelo

Construction Of A Museum In Kogelo

The government will construct a museum in Kogelo, the ancestral home of US president elect Barrack Obama. Minister for tourism Najib Balala says the government has already set aside 5 million shillings for the commencement of the project.

Govt to construct museum in Kogelo

KENYA Broadcasting Corp.

The government will construct a multi million shillings museum at the Nyang'oma Kogelo home of the United States of America president elect, and Barrack Obama's grand parents, tourism minister, Najib Balala has said.

Already, Balala said, his ministry had allocated five million shillings for the project, adding that more funds will be sourced from both the treasury and the private sector.

He was speaking at the Obama's home in Nyang'oma Kogelo, Siaya when he led a high powered delegation from the ministry of tourism to visit U.S. president elect's grand mother, Mama Sarah Obama.

Balala's entourage included the PS in the ministry Rebecca Nabutola, the managing director of the Kenya Tourism Board, Dr. Ongong'a Achieng and the director of tourism, Wanjiru Munene .

Balala said the government was keen on cashing in on the Obama victory to woo more tourists in Kenya adding that his ministry will liaise closely with the Obama family to develop an appropriate tourist attraction site.

The museum, said the Minister, will capture the history of the Late Barrack Obama senior, father to the president elect, history of the communities in Western region of the country and a reflection of the rest of the country.

The Minister said that his ministry was taking advantage of the interest that people both locally and abroad had in the village in which the world super power's president hails from to open up the Western tourism circuit.

Dubbed "The Obama Route", Balala said that this will stimulate tourist's interests in tourism potential sites such as Kakamega forest, Lake Victoria and numerous game reserves that have not been attracting tourists.

"The international interest that is developing because of Barrack Obama's victory in the United States presidential elections must be structured to take care of both the interest of the family, Kogelo community and the country at large" he said.

Balala said his ministry will soon launch an aggressive campaign in the United States to market the country.

Kenya tourism reportedly slumped by 30% following the post election violence .

In 2007, Kenya earned $620 million in the third quarter from tourists drawn to its white beaches and adventurous game parks.

Officials expect this year's total earnings will reach only $665 million, representing a 23 per cent decline in earnings.

Since Obama's election victory, Kogelo has revelled in immediate upgrades to electricity and roads, while Obama's grandmother has had tightened security at her home

And this..............

African Press International

Also to be stored at the Museum are documentary explanation of the Obama family history and background that those featuring the Kogelo sub-clan as a whole..

Meanwhile A Spiritual leader from the West African state of Ghana last week quietly slipped into Kogelo Village the home of Barrack Obama’s paternal relatives. Peter Anamoh is the first foreign dignitary to pay the homage to the Obama family. The other celebrity is the populist Congolese musician Kanda Bongo Man who visited Mama Sarah Obama ‘s village home two weeks ago, after performing a concert in the heart of Kisumu City, which attracted c lose to 500,000 people.

The Ghanaian spiritual leader said he had traveled all the way from Accra Ghana to come and bless the Obama family. He is credited to have predicted Obama presidential ambition long before he even made his intention public four years ago.

Anamoh appealed to the Kenya government to establish an international conference centre at Kogelo alongside the Museum to serve as the last monument of the victory of the first African American to the presidency of the World most powerful nation on the earth.

Wild Thing's comment..........

OMG I found this while looking for a video on Kenya. LOL oh my gosh!!

"The CEO of World Net Daily has called on the President -elect to release a birth certificate listing the hospital and names of parents, the White House believes this would fully satisfy the Constitutional requirement don't you? "
"I have nothing to say on that Lester, I think we're going to leave it right there."

Look at this!!!!

Question about Obama's birth certificate avoided and then the press conference was shut down!!!!

Posted by Wild Thing at November 30, 2008 03:55 AM


Oh brother! They can not even afford a paved road and these idiots are going to allocate "multi million shillings" for a museum in Kogelo??? What is that exactly....$1.36 ?

By the way, after all these years, I'm using my full name. I figure it will make it easier for obammas Goon Squads to find me when the "Night of the Long Knives" occurs.

Posted by: Steve Gaston at November 30, 2008 05:13 AM

It only shows that Obamammy has broken the constitutional law of providing a real and proper birth certificate. The Dums don't care about playing by the rules or if something is constitutional or not. They want everything. They want to take our income, our homes (eminent domain is on the way, trust me!), our children and our future. Who cares who they hurt along the way? They certainly don't. They have money and we are the cause of America looking bad to the world, not them. But, do we want to be stuck with President Pelosi and VP Hitlery should Obamammy have to leave office because he wasn't an American Citizen?

Posted by: Lynn at November 30, 2008 07:14 AM

On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).

Posted by: Ted at November 30, 2008 10:58 AM

Steve, they are banking on Obama to spread the wealth to Kogelo. As soon as they manage to empty Ft. Knox and fill it with 'freedom fighters' plucked from the injustice of Gitmo.

With the media in the tank for Obama it will take extreme pressure from the population to get even a cursory review of Obama's Birth certificate. The oath of office has become a meaningless spate of garbled words to all Democrats and any allegeances sworn at the time are ignored. The same applies to the RINO's who facilitate these transgressions. don't look to SCOTUS for a proper ruling, they are in the tank too. Will Obama follow Keith Ellison and let it be known he will carry a Koran to his swearing-in ceremony in another act of arrogant hubris?

Posted by: Jack at November 30, 2008 01:09 PM

A nation whose citizens are in poverty, Whom Osama's brother lives on $12.00 per year is building a monument for B. Hussein the Mess ia they are spending money for a monument for him. Spend the money on the people. Are we next?

Posted by: Bob A at November 30, 2008 04:29 PM

Steve, that is a perfect name for them...""Night of the Long Knives".

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 30, 2008 05:07 PM

Lynn, I wish we knew the exact way it would work if Obama was not eligible. It might be McCain/Palin but I am not sure really.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 30, 2008 05:13 PM

Ted, thank you so much for the video on this.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 30, 2008 05:15 PM

Jack, I am wondering that too. Once in office will Obama just come out full as being a Muslim.

I keep having a feeling that even if the court says this is wrong, Obama does not qualify, they will still say it is ok since they might not want to be held accountable for riots not only in America but in every country that has been chanting his chant. I don't agree, I say do what is right and the heck with riots, but it is just a thought what might happen in the courts thinking.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 30, 2008 05:21 PM

Bob A., I agree, they should take the 5 million that want to have for the museum and build roads and do positive things to better the conditions in their country.

Posted by: Wild Thing at November 30, 2008 05:23 PM

If BHO is disqualified, all hell will break out.

So what?

What matters is adhering to our Constitution!

Posted by: Always On Watch at November 30, 2008 09:42 PM

Well, it looks like that guy will never be called on again. That's how it works with Obama, right?

Posted by: Miss Chris at December 1, 2008 03:39 PM