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September 26, 2008

Are You Dizzy Yet? The Debate Is Back On.

The debate is on. McCain heading to Mississippi

Fox News

The statement from McCain’s campaign:

John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign was made in the hopes that politics could be set aside to address our economic crisis. In response, Americans saw a familiar spectacle in Washington. At a moment of crisis that threatened the economic security of American families, Washington played the blame game rather than work together to find a solution that would avert a collapse of financial markets without squandering hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money to bailout bankers and brokers who bet their fortunes on unsafe lending practices. Both parties in both houses of Congress and the administration needed to come together to find a solution that would deserve the trust of the American people. And while there were attempts to do that, much of yesterday was spent fighting over who would get the credit for a deal and who would get the blame for failure. There was no deal or offer yesterday that had a majority of support in Congress. There was no deal yesterday that included adequate protections for the taxpayers. It is not enough to cut deals behind closed doors and then try to force it on the rest of Congress — especially when it amounts to thousands of dollars for every American family. The difference between Barack Obama and John McCain was apparent during the White House meeting yesterday where Barack Obama’s priority was political posturing in his opening monologue defending the package as it stands. John McCain listened to all sides so he could help focus the debate on finding a bipartisan resolution that is in the interest of taxpayers and homeowners. The Democratic interests stood together in opposition to an agreement that would accommodate additional taxpayer protections. Senator McCain has spent the morning talking to members of the Administration, members of the Senate, and members of the House. He is optimistic that there has been significant progress toward a bipartisan agreement now that there is a framework for all parties to be represented in negotiations, including Representative Blunt as a designated negotiator for House Republicans. The McCain campaign is resuming all activities and the Senator will travel to the debate this afternoon. Following the debate, he will return to Washington to ensure that all voices and interests are represented in the final agreement, especially those of taxpayers and homeowners.

Wild Thing's comment.........

Please Senator McCain, please, please, please, please expose these Rats for the lying, corrupt bastards that they are. PLEASE call them out on this on LIVE NAT’L TV! I beg you!

McCain exposed and then killed the backroom deal the Rat leadership tried to cut with some second eschelon neocon republicans that would saddle every man woman and child (legal or not) with over 3K of debt. Killing that left McCain in the catbird's seat.

The ball has been moved considerably closer on a deal that is better than what the rats were trying to back room deal and shove down the tax payers throats. McCain came across as presidential for doing what he did and it exposed Obama as the fool he is.

Personally it would have been good if McCain had raised the stakes and stayed in Washington. But I am no expert at things like this. The fact that Obama made a fool of himself is something McCain can use and I hope he does.

If they are nto moving fast enough in Washington then McCain might as well do the debate since this is a subject he knows a lot about. That is another way to look at this too.

I am not trying to cover both sides of this but trying to understand it. hahaha One thing it very well could mean is that some kind of deal has been reached in Washington and the clean up is what is going on now with the conservatiuve Republicans and the evil democarts. We will have to wait and see.

I just hope McCain wipes the floor with HO-bama tonight in the debate!!!!!

Other then that good Lord this is the craziset time to be living in, but thank God we are all living in it even if we shake our heads and our blood is boiling most of the time.

Posted by Wild Thing at September 26, 2008 03:48 PM


A capital gains tax cut was suggested by the repubs but the dems rejected that because they would lose some of their control and it would, to a point, let the market handle itself. That is the last thing the dems want is any independance for the American people.

Posted by: Mark at September 26, 2008 07:15 PM

Mark thank you, I cannot tell you how much I have learned this last week and yet still feel like I konw absolutely nothing. hahaa This has so many tangents it is like a maze of corruption and lies and so many bad things.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 26, 2008 07:31 PM

Dizzy? My head is spinning.

McCain has the ammunition in truth on his side and he should shove it down Obama's throat as he tries to demagogue this financial situation. The Democrat Clinton years brought us the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac disaster as well as the Enron mess. McCain and Bush tried a legislative solution to the problem and the Dems said no way. What is the Democratic controlled Congress covering up by not having open hearings on the root cause of the problem and discussion on how best to fix it?

Barack Hussein Obama is MILA (Mising In Legislative Action) yet again. Something that you would expect of a full-time professional campaigner who is AWOL when it comes to doing what he is paid to do "legislate" and accomplish something.

If McCain really wants to "psych" out Obama he should come out in a Sarah Palin wig and glasses.

Posted by: Les at September 26, 2008 07:40 PM

Les, hahaha yes just like that.

Posted by: Wild Thing at September 27, 2008 06:15 AM