Theodore's World: Obama Website Yanks 'Black Panthers' Plug

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March 21, 2008

Obama Website Yanks 'Black Panthers' Plug

Obama Website Yanks 'Black Panthers' Plug

wnd ....for complete article

'It's part of the game,' says anti-white, anti-Jew leader

The removal by the Barack Obama campaign from its official website of an endorsement from the black supremacist New Black Panther Party, or NBPP, was decided upon for "understandable political reasons," according to the party's national chairman.

"It's the game of politics," the NBPP's Malik Zulu Shabazz told WND. "The Obama camp's move to remove our blog doesn't mean much because I understand politics. We still completely support Obama as the best candidate."

Shabbaz, who has given scores of speeches condemning "white men" and Jews, said today Obama "is the best guy to bring the kinds of racial changes supported by our community at the New Black Panthers."

The NBPP, which inherited its name from the Black Panther Party of the 1960s, is a controversial black extremist party whose leaders are notorious for their racist statements and anti-white activism. The organization's own website also was taken down today too.

And from Fox News

Fox News

Obama Camp Rejects New Black Panther Party Endorsement After Removing Web Posting

Barack Obama’s campaign has rejected the support of the New Black Panther Party, after removing an endorsement by the group from its Web site Wednesday.

Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor issued a statement rejecting the Panther backing, and told “The page in question has been removed from our campaign Web site. It’s our policy with any content generated by a group that advocates violence.”

The blogosphere was buzzing Wednesday about whether his campaign planned to remove the Panther posting, just one day after the Illinois senator delivered a speech calling for improved race relations in America.

Malik Zulu Shabazz, who has led the group since 2001, told FOX News the Obama campaign’s reaction to the endorsement was understandable.

The NBPP is identified as an extremist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a tolerance education organization. The Anti-Defamation League calls NBPP “the largest organized anti-Semitic black militant group in America. … Under Shabazz, the group continues to organize demonstrations across the country that blend inflammatory bigotry with calls for black empowerment and civil rights.”

After the death of Black Panther Party's former leader Dr. Khallid Muhammad in February 2001, Malik Zulu Shabazz, a Washington D.C.-based attorney, took over leadership of the group.

Here is a video of Dr. Khallid Muhammad, the man that the new leader Malik Zulu Shabazz said at the Dr.'s funeral was "one of the greatest Black leaders to ever live."

ALERT: This video contains the most extreme hate speech I ever knew existed in my life. I just want to make you aware of it if you decide to watch this. I had to watch part of it then try again to see the entire thing. It is very upsetting, very scary.


Wild Thing's comment........

The image at the top of this post was posted directly on the “Obama for America” website which is controlled by Obama’s campaign and if it was that easy to pull it off by the campaign then it had to have gone through the campaign in the first place to be posted.

Also notice the dates that I circled in red, this was put on his site back in January. Obama and his campaign team only now this last Wednesday decided to take it off the site. They were not noticed or at least ignored for 2+ months. Yep, the MSM is on top of their jobs. NOT!

All of this has been a real education for me. I guess I have lived a pretty protected life when it comes to how some groups feel. I know the terrorists hate us and want us dead. I knew about the Black Panthers and what they did a long time ago. But I never heard their words in your face kind of thing, like in the video.

Here is what I do not understand.

Obama wants to be President, he is not stupid or is he. He had to know that these people hate ALL white people. He knows to be President it means of all America not just President of the black communities. He had to know that he could not have connections to radical groups, hate groups, hate filled preachers screaming of their hate for the very country he ( Obama) wants to reside over as President.

And yet he has done just that, allowed their endorsement at his campaign website, stuck by his pastor until confronted by the LIBERAL media asking about it, and still he has not separated himself completely from any of this.

So my question is does he think the citizens of this country are stupid? He has to know he will not get elected if he only counts on the black vote. He has to know that even Democrats if enough hate the white guy is in their face even they will be offended sooner or later. The old time Democrats at least would be offended, the kind like Zell Miller etc. He has to know that the most racists white people in the USA have always been Democrats.

I just don't get it, maybe he is that stupid or maybe he is self destructive.

.... Thank you RAC for sending the link to the article and the video link to me.

Posted by Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 02:50 AM


If Hillary does not get the nomination, Obamna can kiss Florida and probably New York good bye, There will not be one Jew in this country that will vote for Obamna.

They have a huge lobby group and crap like this won't fly.

Even in his Philly speech Obamna all but blamed Israel for the Middle East problems, and not even mentioning the Terrorists activity brought by the palestinians, no its all the fault of the Jews. This rhetoric goes back to Hitler. In fact if you take a picture of Obamna and give him a Charlie Chapman mustache he could be a very good likeness of the Feuhrer himself.

This guy is a bigger detriment to the US than John Kerry ever was, and Hanoi John is supporting this little Hitler.

Posted by: Mark at March 21, 2008 09:16 AM

This video is a real eye opener, as are the Rev Wright videos. I think an Obama presidency could open up a race war in America. Far from being a uniter, I think Obama would be a divider as his ties to radical anti-American groups come to light.

Posted by: TomR at March 21, 2008 10:09 AM

I see the same threat of a race war coming, what disturbs me is there are a lot in the Jewish community who vote the Democrat Bloc no matter the who that candidate is or the impending danger to themselves personally. I look at Israel's making nice to the Palestinians all the while they are being murdered by the implaccable enemy. Yes Hussein is the divider, the question is who is the conquerer? Wake up America from that nap before it becomes a dirtnap. Marxism is only a philosophy, it's reality isn't any Utopia or Zion.
Thanks WT and RAC.

Posted by: Jack at March 21, 2008 12:25 PM

I doubt seriously if "Dr." Muhammad believes any of that crap he's spewing forth in this video. What's missing in this tape is the passing of the collection plate at the end. I noticed he didn't draw much of a crowd either. This is another example of Obama's lack of judgement. If Obama gets elected, WWIII will follow closely behind. And it may well be fought on N. American soil as well as abroad.

Posted by: jim warren at March 21, 2008 03:41 PM

James Bess was, unfortunately an amateur and a bad shot when he tried to kill the crazy like a fox fool Khalid *No Doctor* M.....too friggin bad.

His own people in, I think it was called the "Fruit of Islam" wanted him dead.

Mr. Obama claims to be the saviour of our Nation. Mr. Obama has absolutely no clue how the World really works.

Vote for Little Wollfie.

Damm, I'm in a foul mood.

Posted by: Wollf at March 21, 2008 06:52 PM

I stopped contributing to my college alumni association after their silence as the school allowed Dr. Khallid Muhammad to preach his racist venom on the campus. As we have seen this last week, this anti-white, anti-America, anti-Jew, and anti-Israel racist hatred is part of the mainstream black churches across this country and not just limited to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright at the Trinity United Church of Christ.

The fact that so many in the mainstream media and public still don't vehemently condemn Barack Obama for the racist that he is including exposing his two daughter's to this racial hatred that it shows how morally and ethically corrupt the country has become. Barack Obama chose for twenty years to be an active member of the Trinity United Church of Christ and disciple of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright that no amount of Clintonian revisionist history or denial can wipe the racism from his hands and soul.

Those who continue to support Obama are, at the worst, racists themselves, or, at the least, ignorant and stupid. G-d help the country if they end up putting this dangerous candidate in the White House as we all will be doomed.

Posted by: Les at March 21, 2008 08:07 PM

Mark, that speech oh wow you are so right, he really hates Israel and Jews. It comes through if only people would listen with their brains and not with some kind of agenda of the left.

LOL Your right abouto the Charlie Chapman mustache and Obama.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 11:28 PM

Tom I think so too, Obama is no uniter. He had a chance to do things and make a difference and instead he stayed stuck on things he had to know would offend people even many in his own party. And all the other things he and his wife have been saying and doing.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 11:38 PM

Jack, I sure hope people wake up. I will truly be amazed if all of this does not wake up many people.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 11:40 PM

Jim, yes I noticed that too about the size of the crowd and the collection plate. And Obama had such a great chance to show he has had good judgement and at every turn he has failed.

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 11:44 PM


"Obama has absolutely no clue how the World really works"......

Your so right, no clue at all. His idea of foreign policy is scary as heck for one thing. amazing

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 11:46 PM

Les, that had to be a big disappointment, I agree with you. I would have stopped contributing too.

Your so right Les, we are in grave danger if this Obama wins. He will not be a friend to America or Israel and only to the enemy that seeks to destroy.

Good to see you Les

Posted by: Wild Thing at March 21, 2008 11:50 PM

Scum like Doc Khalid need to be jailed under the same hate crime laws that the left attempt to use against neo-nazis and white bigots. Time for their ox to get gored.

Posted by: raz0r at March 22, 2008 03:06 PM

This "Dr." merely speaks what probably a lot of blacks think and feel. All I can say is if you want a war then start it. The result will be that 12% of the US population will be reduced to 0%. As far as Obama is concerned, he is a stealth black nationalist. Blacks also physically and verbally attack latinos and asians because they accuse them of taking what is "owed" them. There was one good thing though, I was glad to see that they shined Khalid up before having him appear on video.

Posted by: John at March 24, 2008 12:44 AM