Theodore's World: Vietnam Veteran ( 59 ) Disarms Gunman

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June 27, 2007

Vietnam Veteran ( 59 ) Disarms Gunman

A Hero Emerges From Monday's Tragic Shooting

(KUTV) SALT LAKE CITY Monday's tragic events could have been much worse if it weren’t for a special customer inside a fast food restaurant.

Eric Fullerton may look small but he’s got a big heart and apparently some big muscles.

“I didn’t have time to think about being scared,” said Fullerton. “I wrestled the gun from him. I took the gun from him.”

When Curtis Allgier jumped out of a Ford Explorer and into the Arby’s at 1700 south and Redwood Road Eric Fullerton didn’t flinch.

He didn’t know police suspected Allgier of killing a corrections officer.

He just knew he wasn’t going to let him kill anybody else.

“I just instinctively did what needed to be done. He was going to kill that guy, and I wasn’t going to let him kill him,” says Fullerton.
“Everybody’s calling me a hero,” Fullerton said. “I’m not a hero; I just did what I had to do.”

The suspect, Curtis Allgier, is about three times bigger than Fullerton and he had a gun and a knife.

In fact Allgier actually cut Fullerton’s throat but that didn’t stop this Vietnam veteran from ending a deadly day.

“I can’t tell you how I did it or what I did,” Fullerton said. “I don’t know if it was adrenaline or if I had a guardian angel watching over me. I have no idea.”
He says, “I’m just glad the other guys alive and everybody got out safe.”

Wild Thing's comment..........

LOL, don't mess with a Vet! Let that be a lesson for all the punks.

Posted by Wild Thing at June 27, 2007 12:40 AM


That's right--don't mess with a vet. You probably won't like the outcome.
This kid is a pos.
Why would anyone want to be so racist in this world anymore?

Posted by: Lynn at June 27, 2007 06:11 AM

Thanks God the vet is OK. That punk needs a small dose of lead applied behind the ear.

Posted by: Jack at June 27, 2007 10:43 AM

Mr Fullerton must have had that guardian angel with him. What a great story.

And what a sorry, losing, low-life POS this Allgier pig is.

Posted by: TomR at June 27, 2007 12:04 PM

God bless our vets. They never stop defending us.

Posted by: raz0r at June 27, 2007 09:52 PM

Lynn that should be a bumber stricker, don't mess with a Vet!

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 28, 2007 12:36 AM

Jack it is such a scary story when I read it. Thank God the outcome was ok. God bless our Vets.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 28, 2007 12:37 AM

Tom, I would be terrifed to see that Allgier guy in a store.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 28, 2007 12:44 AM

razOr your right, they never stop defending us.

Posted by: Wild Thing at June 28, 2007 12:45 AM