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October 18, 2005

NYT Wants Touchie Feelie Trial for Saddam

Saddam was a brutal dictator, a head-of-state who waged war on his neighbors and his own people. He ruled over his people with an iron fist, using torture and murder. From 1979 until 2003, Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq. Saddam supported terrorism in Israel, paying the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. He provided safe haven for Abu Abbas and other international terrorists.

And now he is finally going to be on trial for his many crimes!

But wait.......something is wrong with this picture! But of course it is the lefties, one that I will mention now is the New York Times! They are concerned, wringing their hands at the water fountain, having sleepless nights, moaning and groaning in the hallways and why?....They are concencerned that Saddam will not get a fair trial.

On Wednesday, 22 months after he was dragged from his hiding place in an underground bunker, Saddam Hussein will appear in an Iraqi court to answer for the brutalities he inflicted on his fellow Iraqis. But what should be a moment of triumph for his victims is instead stirring concern about the fairness and competence of the court itself.

Read on my friends of truth and those like me that are fed up with PC!

...Western human rights groups and legal experts have warned that the former dictator is unlikely to get a fair trial, and that the probable outcome, a death sentence, will be what the tribunal's harshest critics have described as "victor's justice."

Hello-o-o-o-ooooo! He has had enough justice just being able to be alive as long as he has in his jail cell. Give me a break! True Justice for Saddam will be to put an end to his life!


Soldiers at a United States camp in Baghdad
passed by busts of Saddam Hussein Monday. The former
dictator will appear in court Wednesday.

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